Sons of Ether

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The Sons of Ether, rebranded as the Society of Ether in the 20th Anniversary edition, are one of the Nine Traditions in Mage: The Ascension. Their Reality Paradigm is one of Gaslamp Fantasy; viewing the world through a lens in which discredited historical scientific theories are objective truth, allowing them to produce Steampunk (or theoretically Dieselpunk or Clockpunk or Atompunk, but the Sons have pretty much solidified around a Victoriana motif) "super science" to do their will.

They were originally part of the Technocracy, but left it in an outrage after one of their most beloved pet theories, the Luminiferous Ether, was ousted from the Technocracy's Reality Paradigm, thus rendering them powerless and infuriating the former Electrodyne Engineers, who felt that this was making science "duller" (not to mentionmaking wireless energy transmission impossible). Considering that the Technocracy wound up creating a world so banal that their own magic is now struggling to work any better than that of the Nine Traditions, the Etherites had a point.

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