Soiled Doves

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Soiled Doves is a short RPG about prostitutes struggling to make enough money to eat aboard an airship the size of the Titanic while a Jack the Ripper-style cannibal stalks and kills them. It is kind of dark.

A player character, referred to as a Dove, is defined by three aspects:

  • Youth vs. Experience
  • Discretion vs. Wantonness
  • Valor vs. Selfishness

It uses a dice pool mechanic that divides 8 dice into each side of an aspect. The dice on one side of an aspect are d4s and the dice on the other side are d8s (so a character could have 6d8 Youth and 2d4 Experience, or 1d4 Youth and 7d8 Experience, or whatever). The die values for one side of an aspect don't affect the other aspects, so you could have d4s in Youth, d8s in Discretion, and d4s in Valor, or whatever.

The game is currently undergoing playtest revision. The copy linked from this page is probably up-to-date.

External LinksEdit

  • The Soiled Dove Plea, the closing argument from a prostitute's trial which convinced the (all-male, 1800's) jury to acquit her, in spite of her obvious guilt, by explaining the tragedy of her existence.