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Every once in a while, something so fucking hilariously silly comes up that it gives everyone looking at it pause. Something so stupid, so ridiculous, so insane, that it swings all the way around the bar and winds up becoming fucking awesome.

Snowflame is one prime example of this.

Who Is HeEdit

Snowflame is a comic villain from DC's ill-starred New Guardians series, whose entire schtick is that he snorts cocaine and it gives him superpowers, like some sort of comic-version of Doomrider, sans motorcycle and rape-urges. He claims to be the high priest of the church of Cocaine, and that it is his god - and that he is the living embodiment of its will. Naturally, he runs a drug cartel. Depending on who you ask he's either the stupidest villain in sequential storytelling history, or the fucking awesomest. There is no middle ground. ('Both' doesn't count as middle ground.) Gifted with pyrokinetic abilities, he also gains super-human strength, speed, and pain resistance from cocaine use and anyone even touching him runs the risk of get a contact high! And Snowflame's powers only grow stronger the more cocaine he uses.

Suffice to say, players of GURPS and BESM set about making their own Snowflame-analogues within 40 seconds of reading about him.

The story of his glory was continued for a time, and in excellent style as well, at, but it abruptly ceased in 2013 after a two year run...