Smut for the Smut Throne

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You wanted it /tg/, so here it is. Khorne and Slaanesh finally get a room. Contains /ss/, heavy BDSM, and the kind of fucking that blows mortals minds just reading it. (Or it will, once this is done, anyways)

You need to read this- it's soooooo exciting. I promise you won't regret it... -or so says Slaanesh, at least.



Awareness crept back to Khorne as he took in his surroundings. A spotlight overhead punctuated an otherwise bleak darkness, full of soft groans and cries of delight which seemed to be coming from below him. The light was focused on a cold, stone table, to which the chaos god appeared to be bound spread eagle on. His clothing was still present, but the fact that something had eluded his consciousness troubled Khorne.

The last thing he remembered was playing cards in the Formless Wastes with the other major warp entities. Which meant only one thing: one of them had captured him, and based on the ambient sounds he had a fairly good idea which one. Roaring in rage, the Blood God strained against his bonds, only to become dismayed(and even angrier) when they did not simply break from his strength.

“Oh, I’m afraid you won’t be leaving that easy…” purred a voice, growing ever louder. “You see, those manacles were made in the Forge of Souls, specifically to restrain and torture my more…naughty servants.”


“True, true. That is why you are only restrained, and not a babbling mess…for now.”


A sensual moan emitted from the darkness as a woman’s head came into view. Seemingly sculpted from an image of pure beauty, her face was the vision of perfection. Violet eyes peered out from behind locks of golden hair, which were punctuated with multiple, curved horns and pointed ears.

“That sounds *delightful*” groaned Slaanesh, as she slowly stepped into the spotlight. Yet again, her body was maddeningly perfect in every aspect. The dangerous curves were covered by a corset, garter belt, stockings, and gloves. The dark, airy fabric clung to her slightly tanned flesh, bringing further definition to her form. As she stepped further into the spotlight, hands of her servants reached out in a attempt to keep a grasp on the Lady of Excess for as long as possible. She, of course, moved on as if they didn't exist. And to her, they didn't. There was only one thing on Slaanesh's mind.

"Hello, my dearest."




Chuckling, Slaanesh interrupted Khorne’s diatribe by stuffing a ball-gag into his mouth. Made of the same material as the manacles, it was something that could not be simply dismissed away or torn. Still, his anger could only be contained so much, froth beginning to seep from the edges of his mouth. Slaanesh simply used a slender finger to transfer said saliva from Khorne's mouth to hers, before continuing.

“Oh I know. I know. You want nothing more than to eviscerate me and drink my blood. But that all can come later. First, I’m going to do something I haven’t done in quite some time.”

She leaned in, nipping the chaos god’s ear. Whispering, she giggled, “I’m going to actually enjoy myself. How? By fucking you…over and over and over…”

Chapter OneEdit

NOTE: This section is written by a totally different Newfag, as the old one quit this project (see Discussion page). Improve, and let me know. I'm just starting out, so this may require bettering. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Now, let's be clear here. Chaos Gods are super-powerful in their own right, but as with any god, that's not to say their physical bodies can't be injured/twisted/you get the idea. And, really, even for a Chaos God, being stuck deep in your mortal enemy's territory, with them at the height of their strength, and you at the bottom of yours, being drained every second by the realm itself- it's not a situation it's that easy to get out of. This was why, as anger flooded Khorne's body and clouded his mind, he 'felt' something else creep in, unbidden- a softening of his fury. Remember, Khorne was stuck deep in Slaanesh's domain, and as Slaanesh licked her lips with a long, serpentine and moist tongue, and began running her hands up and down his body- well, there's only so long even the Lord of Battles can last. Yes, there was no mistaking it- Khorne's rage was evaporating like blood off a hot axe, but sooooooo veeeeeeery slooooooowly. As Slaanesh patiently waited, comfortably settled on top of a struggling Khorne, she began to engage in a bit of mental back patting.

Chapter TwoEdit

"NOTE: The following is written by a totally different different User: I-Don't-Even-Know, as the other guy...quit I guess? Same stuff from previous guys note applies. YOU DONE BEEN WARNED, SON.

How long had Slaanesh been planning this? Actual planning, that is. Five millennium? Ten? It may or may not have been delayed due to taking attention away from the required time at the drawing board. And this wasn't like the run-of-the-mill bondage sessions of her numerous followers, oh no. This would be the first time where Slaanesh would walk/crawl/some-form-of-movement away from truly satisfied.

But why Khorne and not the other two? Well first of all, Slaanesh still hated Nurgle for two main reasons. The first, obviously, was the theft of Isha. The second was the corruption of her former favorite champion on Terra, Charlie Sheen, with HIV. Damn you, you fat amoeba. And Tzeentch was pissed at Slaanesh for being born. He had some sort of master plan, as he always does, for the Eldar before Slaanesh was murderfucked into existence. But that still resulted in the Dark Eldar, which Tzeentch began to continually manipulate. Just As Planned. But still not cool, Slaanesh.

But back to Khorne. Why him? Why does Slaanesh want to fuck Khorne so bad that she went through all that trouble, besides her massive sex drive? Well, she is attracted to/has an animalistic want to fuck him for a number of reasons. Firstly, as mind numbingly clichéd as it sounds, it started when the two first met. It was after Slaanesh had finished...playing with the remaining Eldar in and around the Eye of Terror. The other three Chaos Gods showed up to check out WTF was going on. Slaanesh, hoping the newcomers were a way to continue her murder-high, attacked. To which Khorne used the drive chain from his motorcycle, which was in the shop after he lent it to a certain cokehead for a spin, and tied Slaanesh up. She of course got off on this and became interested in the loud one, because he seemed the most physical and rough.

This started the long and "unique" relationship of the two Chaos Gods. At first, Slaanesh only played around with Khorne because it was fun and thrilling. Also easy, exceedingly so. It was like using a leaf blower to knock down a house of cards. After a while, it was because he was the only one who could still make her feel anything. A slight bit of fear, a rush of pride whenever she heard him rage over her pranks. Then, the fantasies that were once sparse started to become commonplace. She found herself thinking about Khorne more and more, what she wanted to do to him and him to do to her. Soon after the fantasies turned into an actual drive, a sense of affection and possession that would be impossible for anyone other than a Chaos being to understand. Now Slaanesh is all for sharing when it comes to sex, but if she could pull this off, this would be the one exception. And so she began planning to make the Chaos God of Blood/War/Slaughter/Etc her permanent lover.

But to Khorne, it always seemed like Slaanesh only existed to infuriate him. Skulls from his throne stolen, replaced with notes containing smutty images and suggestions. There was the fact that warriors no longer paid him tribute by default, and now had a 50% chance of giving it to Slaanesh depending on the reason for killing. That's 50% too much for Khorne. This nearly always culminated in Khorne chasing Slaanesh, while shouting threats and curses, whenever they happened to be within sight of each other.