Species XR17, aka Synapse Sliver. An average Dominarian Sliver aside from a claw-like appendage at the end of its talon.

The Slivers are a race of creatures in Magic: The Gathering. Renowned for their adaptability, fast breeding and hive-like social structure, they are a menace to deal with both in the fluff and crunch. Slivers have serpentine bodies approximately five meters long and wedge-like heads that aside from their mouths are featureless. A Sliver's tail is forked, where this fork begins differs depending on the individual species of Sliver and can be any length between the last 10% to two-thirds of its body. The bodies themselves are little more than sinew and chitin for the hard parts, combined with a powerful digestive tract to quickly devour anything they encounter, returning this mass to the Hive to strengthen it and grow new Slivers, much like the Tyranids.

The most notable feature of the Slivers is how they convey their abilities onto nearby Slivers. So when a Sliver with wings or an enhanced carapace joins a group that doesn't have these traits they will quickly grow these traits of their own. This means that even a small group of Slivers with a diverse number of traits can rapidly become a force to be reckoned with, each being a sum of the brood's abilities.

The obvious downside (and blessing, depending on who you ask) is that if you kill a Sliver those around it lose whatever trait it bestowed on its allies. So by eliminating specific Slivers within a brood the others become less and less dangerous with every death until they are easily overcome.

In-game, Slivers appear evenly in all colors, mostly granting abilities that fall within the various parts of the color pie. They have low casting costs (many are only 4 or less CMC) and the vast majority of them only require one colour, increasing their ability to be flexible.



Thus far, the Slivers appeared in four different blocks. The first three times they appeared spread out over the blocks, the fourth time they appeared in a Core set (pretty great because it makes them more accessible to new players.)

Tempest CycleEdit

In the Tempest Cycle the Slivers appeared for the first time, spread over the first two blocks. In Tempest there were eleven Slivers: five common 1/1s with a CMC of 2 and five uncommon 2/2s with a CMC of 3, one for each color. Five of these Slivers have passive abilities, five have activated abilities that cost 2. The eleventh Sliver is Metallic Sliver, a 1/1 artifact creature for 1.

Stronghold had the other six Slivers in the cycle: five uncommon two-colored 2/2s for 2. The sixth is the Sliver Queen, one of three Legendary Slivers, and the honorary first five color creature. She can generate 1/1 Sliver tokens for 2, TLDR: she is a combo monstrosity.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana Colorless.png
Talon Sliver.jpg Winged Sliver.jpg Clot Sliver.jpg Heart Sliver.jpg Muscle Sliver.jpg Metallic Sliver.jpg
Armor Sliver.jpg Mnemonic Sliver.jpg Mindwhip Sliver.jpg Barbed Sliver.jpg Horned Sliver.jpg Mana White.pngMana Blue.pngMana Black.pngMana Red.pngMana Green.png
Multi Crystalline Sliver.jpg Hibernation Sliver.jpg Acidic Sliver.jpg Spined Sliver.jpg Victual Sliver.jpg Sliver Queen.jpg

Onslaught CycleEdit

Returning in Onslaught Cycle, there are sixteen Slivers. The first fifteen appear in Legions: five common 1/1s, five uncommon 2/2s and five rare 3/3s, one for each color. Some of the most powerful Slivers are in this batch; Shifting Sliver, Toxin Sliver and Ward Sliver are all but obligations for decks that can use them.

The sixteenth Sliver is in Scourge: and by far is the most terrifying sliver legendary of all time. Known as Sliver Overlord, it has the ability to Search your library for slivers, reveal them, and add them to your hand, and steals opposing slivers. Especially powerful when combined with Amoeboid Changeling.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana White.pngMana Blue.pngMana Black.pngMana Red.pngMana Green.png
Plated Sliver.jpg Mistform Sliver.jpg Crypt Sliver.jpg Hunter Sliver.jpg Quick Sliver.jpg Sliver Overlord.jpg
Ward Sliver.jpg Shifting Sliver.jpg Spectral Sliver.jpg Blade Sliver.jpg Root Sliver.jpg
Essence Sliver.jpg Synapse Sliver.jpg Toxin Sliver.jpg Magma Sliver.jpg Brood Sliver.jpg

Time SpiralEdit

The Time Spiral block contains by far the most Slivers. The first set, Time Spiral, contains 26 Slivers. There are two commons, one uncommon and one rare per color, a cycle of allied-color uncommons and an overpriced artifact creature who is 5 for a 3/3. Of the commons one set of them have abilities that call back to older cards and static abilities while the others do not.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana Colorless.png
Retro Sidewinder Sliver.jpg Shadow Sliver.jpg Basal Sliver.jpg Two-Headed Sliver.jpg Gemhide Sliver.jpg Venser's Sliver.jpg
Watcher Sliver.jpg Screeching Sliver.jpg Mindlash Sliver.jpg Bonesplitter Sliver.jpg Spinneret Sliver.jpg
Multi Opaline Sliver.jpg Dementia Sliver.jpg Ghostflame Sliver.jpg Firewake Sliver.jpg Harmonic Sliver.jpg
Quilled Sliver.jpg Telekinetic Sliver.jpg Vampiric Sliver.jpg Fury Sliver.jpg Might Sliver.jpg
Pulmonic Sliver.jpg Psionic Sliver.jpg Plague Sliver.jpg Sedge Sliver.jpg Fungus Sliver.jpg

The Slivers from Planar Chaos are... weird. Eleven Slivers this time around: five overcosted common monocolored Slivers with abilities outside of the Color Pie, five uncommon enemy-colored two-colored 2/2s and a White time-shifted Sliver that grants +1/+1 to your Slivers.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana White.png
Poultice Sliver.jpg Synchronous Sliver.jpg Spitting Sliver.jpg Battering Sliver.jpg Reflex Sliver.jpg Sinew Sliver.jpg
Necrotic Sliver.jpg Frenetic Sliver.jpg Darkheart Sliver.jpg Cautery Sliver.jpg Dormant Sliver.jpg

Future Sight introduced six more Slivers: five common Future Shifted cards with then-unseen abilities and the third rare Legendary Sliver: the Sliver Legion who buffs every Sliver on the battlefield by giving them +1/+1 for every Sliver on the battlefield.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana White.pngMana Blue.pngMana Black.pngMana Red.pngMana Green.png
Lymph Sliver.jpg Mesmeric Sliver.jpg Frenzy Sliver.jpg Homing Sliver.jpg Virulent Sliver.jpg Sliver Legion.jpg

Magic 2014Edit

Predatory Sliver, one of the new Slivers.

A new breed of Slivers appeared on the plane of Shandalar. They have gone to a bipedal form with long head-tentacles, clawed arms with sometimes the old-school talons, legs with three joints and chitinous bodies. While the design itself is not bad, most people are pretty damn pissed off that they arent the classic beaked design. The reason for this is that there aren't any more variations Wizards can do on a one-appendaged beaked worm-like creature, because they've already done just about every possible variation. Also, they are SHANDALAR SLIVERS NOT DOMINARIA ONES THEY EVOLVED DIFFERENTLY DUE TO THE HIVELORD. Not a lot of new things are added to the table: most are reprints of previous Slivers, albeit with a different cost. Unlike previous iterations, M14 slivers grant their abilities only to slivers with the same controller as themselves, rather than to all Slivers. Another thing that upset a number of people is that the Slivers don't form a series of full sets across the colors: there are four Red and four Green Slivers, three White and one each for Blue and Black. And an artifact creature as well.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana Colorless.png
Sentinel Sliver.jpg Blur Sliver.jpg
Striking Sliver.jpg
Groundshaker Sliver.jpg
Predatory Sliver.jpg
Sliver Construct.jpg
Steelform Sliver.jpg Battle Sliver.jpg Manaweft Sliver.jpg
Bonescythe Sliver.jpg Galerider Sliver.jpg Syphon Sliver.jpg Thorncaster Sliver.jpg Megantic Sliver.jpg

Magic 2015Edit

A cycle of uncommon Slivers was introduced in M15, and, as is tradition when Slivers are printed, they need a powerful 5 color legendary to lead them. That legendary was Sliver Hivelord, which gives your Slivers indestructible at the cost of it being only a 5/5 compared to each other Sliver legendary being a 7/7. This didn't break the Standard format and have Slivers run absolutely rampant which is what was supposed to happen due to control being so strong in that meta. Commander players however were in for a absolute ass raping of a magnitude not seen for quite some time due to Sliver Commanders even more auto includes! its no wonder people who hate the tribe claim "the deck builds itself" as for having less than 100 creatures in its total, its spoilt for powerful includes.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana White.pngMana Blue.pngMana Black.pngMana Red.pngMana Green.png
Constricting Sliver.jpg Diffusion Sliver.jpg Leeching Sliver.jpg Belligerent Sliver.jpg Venom Sliver.jpg Sliver Hivelord.jpg

Modern HorizonsEdit

Slivers returned to Magic after being notably absent from the Dominaria set. They decided to stay with a more traditionally designed sliver this time, as the set was sort of designed as second Time Spiral. As a Modern only set, these slivers never got a chance to see Standard play, and even in Modern, they rarely see play. Slivers were the Red White draft build around of the set, with two signpost Red and White rare slivers. However, as per tradition, there was a cycle of slivers in all 5 colors and a big bad boss monster Sliver, known as the First Sliver. The First Sliver has Cascade, and gives all your other Slivers Cascade as well, allowing you to flood the board extremely quickly! As of this writing, the First Sliver is the most budget-friendly Sliver for EDH, costing only 5 dollars.

Rarity Mana White.png Mana Blue.png Mana Black.png Mana Red.png Mana Green.png Mana White.pngMana Red.png Mana White.pngMana Blue.pngMana Black.pngMana Red.pngMana Green.png
Enduring Sliver.jpg
Lancer Sliver.jpg
Bladeback Sliver.jpg
Cleaving Sliver.jpg
First Sliver's Chosen.jpg Scuttling Sliver.jpg Dregscape Sliver.jpg Hollowhead Sliver.jpg Tempered Sliver.jpg Lavabelly Sliver.jpg
Spiteful Sliver.jpg Cloudshredder Sliver.jpg The First Sliver.jpg

In GameEdit

Slivers... where to even begin on this monster of a deck?

Alright, so first off, if you're building a Sliver deck, be prepared for people to hate you. A lot. Though they may not seem like much at first, usually being about 3 Mana or less and having fairly standard stats, the strength of the Slivers is in the whole, not the parts (EVERYTHING IS A LORD THAT IS USUALLY 3CMC OR LESS, OH GOD I CAN TASTE THE VALUE GIVE ME MORE WIZARDS SENPAI!). With enough optimization you will have a nigh unkillable board of gigantic unblockable creatures with a Staggering number of abilities. The more modern Slivers aren't quite as powerful, so you can build a very fair deck if you stay more recent, but the further you go back the more broken shit you can pull off.

As such be prepared to shell out some cash for a stronger Sliver deck. Not only are these cards older, they are also iconic and quite popular. If building the EDH/Commander version you're going to be paying a lot more for total optimization (but who makes a competitive EDH deck? You do, you filthy Sliver mage! The hive feeds on the tears of its victims).

when picking a sliver commander, we recommend STRONGLY that you go with overlord. he is the strongest due to him HAVING A BUILT IN SLIVER TUTOR, and stealing other slivers. making him the single commander that is feared by every other deck in the format, including itself.

When building your deck, after deciding how far you're going to take them, set the slivers into 5 categories:

  • Auto includes (gemhide, manaweft, the sliver legendaries that arent your commander, galerider/winged, and homing sliver)
  • Key Slivers (predatory, muscle, sinew, Crystalline. essentially slivers that will buff your slivers power/toughness to ensure they stick around and can swing in harder.)
  • Sliver Bombs (the REALLY scary shit like harmonic Which is literally sliver equivalent of aura Shards, necrotic to make all your slivers into Vindicate, shifting (while expensive it makes them UNBLOCKABLE. Sliver legion/Virulent.enough said) psionic (which is very useful with venom and Hivelord so your slivers dont trade if their toughness 3 or less.) and virulent (psuedo infect. we have yet to see a actual infect sliver. and many people will be dreading and excitedly waiting for that day.)
  • defensive slivers (mesmeric for scrying your opponents library, dormant for the card draw, pulmonic for saving your slivers from death, root to stop counterspells when its the one time you're not running them, and slivers that regenerate etc...)
  • offensive Slivers (get slivers that give you combat relevant keywords like syphon, bonescythe, striking, heart, and brood sliver (Brood is insane if you have a double strike enabler AND sliver legion out.)
  • emergency stuff (stuff that allows you to sacrifice slivers for life, mana or emergency regen or bouncing, which is vital to you if things arent going your way.)

then get utility spells, the plan is simple: ramp into slivers and ramp into more slivers. get some removal, some powerful enchantments, some ramp spells, mana rocks etc and you have the beginning shell. (or you can just watch this )

when you're making a sliver deck built around combing out, your focus is going to usually be powering out either Sliver Overlord or some other game-ending combination, usually requiring a ton of mana (might i suggest involving sliver queen?) This is more viable in EDH but can be moderately effective in 60 card decks. Keep the same process in mind as the aggro plan: a solid focused core with supporting utility. In this case you'll also be looking for cards to keep your combo safe.

For those seeking an infinite combo, you're in luck: Sliver Queen, Ashnod's Altar, Heartstone. (Or just use Mana Echoes, if you want fewer moving parts) There, now you have infinite mana, so feel free to shit out infinite sliver tokens (hopefully with haste), gain infinite life, deal infinite damage, whatever rocks your proverbial socks.