Slaves to Darkness

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Slaves to Darkness

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General Tactics

It took a while but now the Age of Sigmar has its own brand of marauding Chaos worshippers. The Slaves to Darkness is a collective term used by the forces of Order to describe the myriad of rabid warbands and violent tribes that fell under the influence of the Ruinous Powers following the Age of Chaos.

Origins and Why They FellEdit

Generally speaking, the STD fall into two groups in regards to how they were formed.

The first of which is much in line with Fantasy Battle’s Norsca; primitive societies who willingly or unknowingly worship the Dark Gods. During the Age of Myth, there were many tribal cultures lay scattered about the Mortal Realms. They weren’t under the authoritarian thumb of Sigmar and thus allowed to spread out and create their own religions and beliefs. Usually these cultures had simple traditions and gods that inadvertently fell in line with Chaos (I.e. a warrior culture revering a god of war for his honor and martial prowess fuels Khorne). When the Age of Chaos rolled around, these tribes were either press ganged into servitude by the hordes of daemons, willingly followed them as loyal servants, or were slowly corrupted and fell to Chaos out of desperation.

The second is a bit more tragic. When Sigmar closed off the gates to Azyr, he left entire continents and civilizations to fend for themselves against the swaths of Chaos. These people feel expectedly betrayed and outraged by the Storm God abandoning them and would either turn to the Dark Gods to spite Sigmar or became twisted by the machinations of Chaos.

Types of Chaos WarbandsEdit

There are four broad classifications for types of hordes.

  • Ravagers: The most numerous and largest of the hordes. These groups are led by rival champions of the Dark Gods, always in competition with each other to earn more favor from their masters. Usually these groups are comprised of many smaller tribes and other cultures, which in turn makes them prone to fracturing and creating more warbands.
  • Cabalists: Always centered around a powerful Chaos Sorcerer or maybe a coven of them. Their warriors are little more than thralls for the magic users to draw magic from and sacrifice for their dark rituals. The number of Cabalist warbands has recently spiked when Nagash’s Necroquake completely flipped the way magic functioned in the Mortal Realms.
  • Despoilers: The rarest kind of warband and often regarded as the most dangerous. Each one is led by a Daemon Prince who has returned from the Realm of Chaos to his original tribe and claimed leadership. Their arrival brings many warped monsters and twisted Magic’s to the Realms as well.
  • Host of the Everchosen: Archaon’s personal army of lackeys and worshippers who follow the Everchosen like a god among men. His mere presence amidst the Slaves to Darkness has a magnetic effect that draws all other tribes and cults towards him. Additionally, there is a subset of this group called the Knights of the Empty Throne, who are tasked with defending the Eightpoints whilst daddy is away trying to cave in Nagash’s skull...again.
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