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A setting created in response to a post with an ancient d20. Upon seeing a 20-sided die hewn by the Romans, /tg/ began to consider what the Romans ever did for tabletop gaming. The first few thoughts were gladiators roleplaying normal lives:

"I imagine a log of that game would be one of the most depressing things ever conceived.

-Brutus, make your roll to barter with the merchant for fresh corn for your store.

-I got a 13, plus five for my mercantile bonus

-Okay, that means you get a new deal for your grain. Looks like you're going to get almost double the profit from this year's harvest.

-Great, I return home to my wife Julia, pat her swollen belly and tell little Julius about my day. Oh, bugger, I'm up next, We'll finish this part of the campaign off tomorrow, ok?

-Sure thing.

That was the final entry." - Anonymous.

Then came a suggestion that the Romans would use Slavepunk as their future setting, seeing as slaves made up the bulk of their "technology". Slavepunk then expanded, as the Gods and divine oracles became AI and Hackers in the Roman "Future" setting. Everyone had a degree of oracular ability, leading to a shared vision powered by belief. This allowed people to erase their armies of mentally conditioned slaves from sight. The very best Oracles, the PCs, could actually bend reality simply by making themselves predict it, and their armies of slaves would act like vast computer components powering this.

Slavepunk – combat and utility spell concepts.

The human body is comprised of nodes. Each human starts with four nodes unless younger than 12. A person gains one node for every four years of growth.

With bodybuilding a human can gain nodes, but slowly. However, each mage can train themselves to superhuman levels of nodes, making combat spells possible. (As well as the smallest utility spells possible from the mages pool of nodes itself.) However for most, you will need slaves who can be used in batches of up to thousands for the largest of spells (via the collection of nodes from slaves equally until some are exhausted – the continuously equally as the pool of living slaves grows smaller.)

A example is a 3000 node superspell. No mage can attempt it alone. However, each mage can gather together a number of slaves who although only containing 4 nodes each, can power the spell. Ex: A thousand slaves who have not been trained to contain more nodes that normal would be 3/4ths drained after a 3000 node spell has been cast. Recharging a smaller node pool completely is possible with a good night's sleep. (I assume you have slaves to help your slaves into their mass-quarters.)

Extinguishing a Human vs. Exhausting a Human.

If required, a slave can be 'exhausted' by using all but one of it's nodes, while using all it's nodes will kill the slave. (In fact, there should be a rule preventing extinguishing a life and forcing the spell to attempt to take another's nodes instead.)

23:11 <+Mopeyennui> Anyways, , , yea. Plus you know, any African American can always pick the 'escaped slave' or the 'Nubian' factions in character creation. 23:11 <+Mopeyennui> (And just have the goal of 'punishing the European'.