Sister of Solace

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The Planet Elephim VI was a rare jewel in the otherwise backwards Madrigal Sector. One of several worlds that danced elaborately through timeless space, the Elephim Star was rare for giving off blue light, which bathed the surface of the mostly aqueous planet with a faint hue.

Perhaps as a result of this strange star's unusual solar radiation, or perhaps for another, more sinister reason, the Elephim had an unusual abundance of mutation amongst its population. To add further complications, it tended to manifest itself in one, great, shuddering change around the time of puberty. To prevent the spread of this dangerous taint, all suspected of carrying the mutation gene are quarantined from birth in large, gender-segregated covenants, watched over by the divine Ecclesiarchy and the Sisters of Battle.

Those who successfully reach their 18th Birthday(standard calendar) with no sign of mutation or blemish are often inducted into the Sisters of Battle, their purity unquestioned. Those that choose not to follow such a life are guaranteed, by the goodness of the Lord-Governor General, a fine education at the City's many universities, which are the source of the planet's main export, art, music, and various holo-media to uplift the spirit...and titillate the flesh, if one was so inclined, all for the glory of the God-Emperor of course.

But there are rumours that had reached Inquisitor Arken's ears that this taint...had begun to manifest itself outside the covenant walls. Rumours of corruption, of rogue traders and local businessmen coming to purchase young children even before they have turned, and some after it, for inscrutable purposes.

All of it was dangerously heretical, of course. And it was Inquisitor Arken's job to find and punish the heresy, by any means necessary.

Lord Arken's shuttle landed, his eye's adjusting to the planet's unusual light. He was assured by his faithful Savant that it would be normal inside the large fortified covenant. St.Jezebel the Magnificent had founded this great institution, as a refuge and as a school, some millennia ago. Her great statue was clearly visible, complete with the...assets that had earned her the name the Magnificent, and inspired the armies of the 112th Madrigal to overcome the Ork Waagh that had menaced this sector so long ago. Arken had to admit that her breasts were large enough to crush a few orcs by themselves.

"Welcome to our Covenant, Honoured Lord-Inquisitor. How might we humble Sisters serve you?" The Matron asked. She was not formally a Sister of Battle, but an elder tasked with shepherding these young ladies through their time of change, and guiding them towards their new lives once free of the cloistering.

"Thank you, Matron...?" "Rusdeena, Lord. I am trained to serve the Emperor by whatever means He might call me." She too seemed to resemble the legendary St Jezebel, her mighty breasts obvious even beneath her nunlike habit.

"Thank you, Rusdeena. It is an honour to be here. I would like to conduct a full inspection of your residents. I must be utterly satisfied there is no taint."

"Of course, my Lord." This way. The Matron turned, concealing her smirk. The Inquisitor would find more than he could imagine here, all right...

Rusdeena led the Inquisitor into the smooth stone hallways of the great covenant, tinted glass windows adorning the walls. All was hushed, reverent silent, though he could hear the gentle hubbub of bustling young women in the distance. This place was as much a School and a Hospital as it was a place of spiritual contemplation and purifying.

"Tell me, Rusdeena, what sort of women do you get here?" "All sorts your Lordship. The poor, the wealthy, the aristocratic. Even some offworlders, from time to time. We look after all those who are unwanted or unsafe, tainted or no." Arken frowned, wondering if it was entirely wise mixing off-world blood with those potentially tainted. If the mutation was chaotic in nature, it could easily prove infectious. He'd have to check with his Savant, conduct a full scan.

"What sort of Education do you give the women here?"

Rusdeena smiled, enigmatically. "The Finest Kind, your Lordship. Would you care to see some of the Lessons?"

Arken frowned, suspiciously. "Yes. It is best If I see the girls in their natural element, as it were."

The Class rooms were as you might expect, austere, large wooden-paneled rooms with large holo-blackboards adorning the front. Long, wooden pew-like communal desks were lined up in front, where an average of thirty or so young girls were sat, all in formal grey robes, data-tablets in front of them.

"And thus concludes our Lesson in the History of the Sisters of Solace, who provided comfort and enervation to over a hundred thousand men in one night, a feat yet unbeaten by those dedicated to the Path of Imperial Solicitation.

I expect all of you to complete your assignments on time. Rebecca, since you have proficient in your free-time at practicing self-Solace, perhaps you will be so kind as to give the class demonstrations next time?"

Rebecca, a young scrawny sister with reddish-hair that covered one eye, blushed furiously. "Y-Y-yes, Sister." She scooped up her data tablet and quickly joined the other girls leaving class.

Arken turned his gaze, wondering what this was all about. Surely it wasn't..? He shook his head of such impure thoughts.

"Sister Thelessa, this is Inquisitor Arken. He has come to preform a full Inspection, and would like to be shown the sort of Education we give the women here."

Thelessa was a thin, scrawny woman, gaunt but not unattractively so, with a shock of messy black hair. She regarded the Inquisitor approvingly.

"Truly, my Lordship? I dare say you could educate us." Thelessa smiled wolfishly, causing Arken to blush. What? No, she couldn't mean that.

"You mentioned the Sisters of Solace, Sister Thelessa. I admit my Imperial history is rusty, and I have not heard of them or their ability to inspire the men of the Imperium. What techniques are these?"

Rusdeena and Thelessa both grinned. "Truly? But they are what the Madgrial Sector is most famed for. Elephim VI may be a small world, but we are proud in how our men and women are able to use their natural talents to inspire the Imperium to yet greater victories, greater achievements, through our unique abilities."

Arken frowned, wondering if they could not..

Thelessa piped up. "Perhaps my Lord would care for a Demonstration of how we best... inspire the Emperor's Servants?"

Arken nodded. "Yes. It is critical I understand what you are teaching these girls, and whether it might be effecting these rumours of taint."

"Shall I demonstrate, or call one of the girls to show what they have learned? A New class of the older girls will be arriving, and you can see for yourselves."

Rusdeena interrupted. "His Lordship might also desire assurance that the purity of the younger girls is uncompromised, Sister. We can happily provide you either."

Arken nodded. "It is best if I see at every level. The taint could be beginning at younger ages too aswell. Very well, I would like to see what you have taught girls and young women alike, here."

Arken began to suspect that he had some idea what this Solace entailed...

Sister Rusdeena nodded to Thelessa. “Let us show our mastery to the good Inquisitor, so that he will know to what end our teachings work.” Without further ado, Sister Thelessa flipped the holo-blackboard down, revealing a plump, pink bed, its thick sheets starched clean from many years of hard-use. “What is this-“ Before Arken knew what was going on, Rusdeena had begun to strip herself of her robes, revealing lacy underwear and suspenders of a kind illegal in a hundred other star systems. They were adorned with a rose and Aquila motif, but Arken struggled to observe such minutiae when faced with the heaving Earthshaker Cannons that were her breasts, rippling beneath barely concealing lace. Thelessa followed suit, revealing her slender frame, her breasts more like the small, round helms of the Emperor’s finest. Her underwear was a gauzy black, matching her teaching robes, now discarded on the bed. “Observe us. Great Inquisitor.” The two Nuns began to writhe and undulate around each other sensually, like two great serpents entwining. Their hands moved like water over each other, their lips seeking each other’s out, tongues darting forth in quick nips, before turning into long, languorous kisses.

Arken loosened his belt, feeling the pressure building below, but not yet close to full readiness. Using her teeth and tongue, Rusdeena skilfully unhooked Thelessa’s brasserie, revealing her pale, tight flesh and smooth, lunar orbs, peaked by tiny, rose-coloured nipples and areolae. Thelessa quietly sighed in suppressed pleasure, as Rusdeena gently bit on her nipples, her tongue caressing her , hands moving along her stomach and thighs, converging on the central point of pleasure, eliciting a gasp of delight.

Thelessa’s own hands were not idle, as she pushed up and under the great bra of the Matron, revealing the full weight of her mighty cannons, their dark nozzle-like nipples standing proudly to erect attention.

Arken found himself just as rigid, finding it difficult to resist the urge to move his own hands down below. Sweat began to bead on his brow, as he tried to remember his years of Inquisitorial training. Damnit, I should of brought the Savant..he always knows the best techniques.

With a snarl of mock-ferocity, Rusdeena dived onto Thelessa's writhing, moaning form, her teeth nipping at her buds, her tongue now licking all over. Thelessa cried out, imploring Rusdeena to proceed to final Solace.

Rusdeena complied, her tongue slithering its way down her body, her hand neatly ripping away her undergarments. Soon her mouth was buried in Thelessa's smooth, neatly shaven honeypot, the smell of sex and sweat beginning to pervade the air, arousing the watching Inquisitor further. Unable to control himself any longer, he whipped his "boltpistol" out, stroking the shaft firmly and tightly, racking the slide to the sight of these two experienced women putting their obvious training to good use.

Thelessa gave rapturous moans, Rusdeena's breasts heaving up as she worked at the Sister's sweet cunt, her folds being parted and teased with a gentle ferocity, bringing her ever closer to the Final Solace.

As Arken felt his own pleasure building, Rusdeena flipped herself, her own cunt now in Thelessa's face, her lace-panties moist. With only a second's pause for breath, Rusdeena resumed her deep exploration of Thelessa's pleasure-well, with the teacher tearing away the matron's panties with her teeth, before beginning to gently and firmly lap the larger woman's tight snatch, like a cat with cream.

Rusdeena herself began to moan, her breasts beginning to bounce rhythmically. The Inquisitor found himself mesmerised, and the pressure within him building, to discharge, to fire.

With an ecstatic cry, Thelessa shuddered and spasmed with joy, flooding Rusdeena's mouth and tongue with the tang of her sex, the Sister now flopping back, panting and heaving, every muscle shuddering. Rusdeena withdrew, her own skin still flushed, her heaving breasts bouncing.

"It seems I overestimated my ability, Lord Inquisitor. I assure you Thelessa normally has excellent control, but.." Rusdeena licked her lips suggestively. "I earned my place as Matron of this Covenant, after all. Even the Teacher must defer to my mastery."

She crawled towards the Inquisitor, whose erect member still stood unfired, a straining column begging for release.

"Perhaps I could, Final Solace?" she whispered, bringing her breasts into the Inquisitor's face.

Just at that moment, the next class began to file in, chattering and bustling as young teenagers are want to. They were all between the ages of 17 and 18 standard age, about thirty of them, clearly here for Sister Thelessa's next class. They came up to a halt, their chatter dying to a shocked halt.

Arken gulped, feeling his member begin to sink in shame. How could he, a sacred Inquisitor, be reduced to this...

Rusdeena stood up from the bed proudly, naked, her breasts jutting forth, her authority undiminished by the scent of sex still clinging to her.

"What are you staring at, Novices? You've seen Special Solace before. Whatever your schedule was for today, you can help us. Lord Inquisitor Arken here requested a special demonstration of our skills, and I want all of you to do me and this school proud."

Arken turned, and saw the Novices, who had been halfway to filing to their desks, instead obediently filing down in a line, all 30 of them.

"Do you have any preferences, Inquisitor? All of them should be trained enough to provide some measure of the Solace we practice." Arken found himself briefly disappointed that he would not get to feel the Matron's lips around his hard member...yet... but found as he surveyed the awkward, shuffling girls that the variety available was not unpleasing.

Whilst all being on the cusp of womanhood and the possible manifestation of Taint, they were a diverse group of young women, some tall, some short, some chubby, some skinny, some with freckles, some with redhair, some with dark-skin, some with albino skin.

Arken focused, allowing his inquisitor training to analyze the girls, and guide his lust towards a productive end. His intuition told him that he would be most satisfied with a demonstration from the busty, brown-skinned girl at the end, and the skinny, pale redhead with long-hair.

He then spied a girl, shyly trying to hide at the back, whose skin was dark as the night. He pointed her out too, causing her to blush harder.

"Herra, Sianine and Odine. Come forwards, and demonstrate for us the First Rites of Solace."

The three girls came forward, approaching the front of the class, where the Inquisitor was sat. Thelessa sat up, cleaning herself off with a towel that seemed to be there for just such a purpose, and watching silently, her pale nude body a background image.

The brown girl, Herra, divested her robes with the same confidence and purpose that the teachers had, revealing tight red underwear, which stood out against her dusky skin. She licked her pink lips, and strode purposefully, as if down a catwalk, to kneel before the Inquisitor. her green eyes smoking lustily up at him as she knelt before him. The redhead, Sianine, was more stiff and uncertain, shedding her robes a little reluctantly, revealing that she wore white underwear. Thelessa tutted quietly. "You knew we might be practicing First Rites today, Sianine, and you wore your white underwear anyway?" Sianine simply blushed, her red hue almost matching her fiery hair.

Nonetheless, she continued, though more awkwardly than Herra, and came down to kneel at his feet in a rush, clumsily undoing the bands on her hair, allowing it to cascade down like a fiery rain.

Finally, there was Odine, the shy black girl, who sighed, shaking, removing her robes, revealing heavy grey underpants, like those an old woman might wear, obscuring her small curves completely. There was a sharp intake of breath.

"That is an insult to our order, Odine! Remove those ugly undergarments immediately, or I will discipline you in Front of the Inquisitor!"

Odine sighed, closing her eyes, shaking in shame, as she removed her underwear, revealing her barely-developed body, a uniform black colour. She tried to cover her dark perky nipples, but a sharp-intake of breath saw her drop her hands to her side instead. She slunk down the aisle to join her two classmates.

Herra went first, her confidence born of being the teacher's favorite. Flexing her toned body, and proud of her early maturity, she cupped her swelling bust, sizable for her age though not yet to the saintly size of the Matron, and began to gently rub the lace-covered orbs around the Inquisitor's bare shaft, once again bringing him to full attention.

Not to be outdone, Sianine, her long red hair cascading down around her piercing-blue eyes, put her strawberry-pink lips on the tip of the lengthening shaft, teasing it with gentle kisses, before slowly expanding to take the whole bell into her mouth, gently allowing her saliva to run down him.

Odine sighed, her dark-brown eyes betraying her discomfort, and she stretched herself out before the Inquisitor, lying uncomfortably on the wooden-paneled floor, revealing her dark, scrub-brushlike vagina, hair already sprouting around her pink-like folds. She licked her two fingers, and began to spread her interior, revealing her tight, tight interior, and she began to tease and toy with herself, giving forth little gasps as she did so.

Arken licked his lips in anticipation, feeling the joy building deep within him again, as the cumulative effect began to work on him.

Rusdeena strutted up the class, her mighty breasts bouncing, before coming to stand behind the line of watching girls, resting her bosom in her arms as she leaned back against a pew.

"Good, good. Work yourself harder, Odine. Expiate the shame of your deficient underwear. Moisten those lower lips, and display fully your honeypot."

Arken moaned with righteous pleasure, despite himself, as Herra's bust burst forth from her bra and began to really work him, massaging him firmly and steadily. Sianine began to work his shaft with greater intensity, her tongue swirling him and coiling around him. Although her technique was a little sloppy, she made up for it with determination, and Arken could tell that they knew their stuff here. His Savant would have to take notes, he thought.

Odine began to shlick herself with ferocity, her face twisted with concentration and determination, as if she was shutting all other distractions out, determined to enjoy herself despite the circumstances. Thelessa observed disapprovingly, and she began to unlock a catch beneath her desk, bringing out an assortment of corporal devices.

"Would you like me to correct this wayward girl, Inquisitor? Perhaps such discipline would provide you comfort and Solace?"

Arken sighed, unsure if he wanted such a sight yet, enjoying as he was Herra's lovely breasts wrapped around his shaft, and Sianine's lips. He extended a hand gently, lifting up Sianine's head, gazing into her piercing eyes, as she sucked at him ever harder. He shuddered, feeling his seed beginning to bloom, ready for release.

Herra bit her lip, and moaned a little, a low girlish moan of pleasure calculated to excite him still further. She really did have the makings of a fine Sister, he thought.

Odine cried, loudly, her juices running between her fingers, as she worked herself into a frenzy, running down between her legs.

Your voice has been heard. The Emperor Delivers.

Arken tutted fiercely, her loud orgasm almost throwing him off of his stride. "Sister Thelessa, if you would be so good, please discpline this unruly girl as you best see fit."

Thelessa's eyes lit up with glee. "It would be a pleasure, my Lord Inquisitor." She produced a long, thin whip of a black leather-like material, and two nipple-clamps of surprising sophistication. On the table also lay a paddle and an automatic dildo. Arken nodded in approval. Clearly no expense was spared at this Covenant when it came to disciplinary material. He would be sure to mention this in his report.

"Odine! Present yourself for discipline!" "Yes, Sister." She meekly replied, bracing herself,coming over to lie across the Sister's lap, her young, plump ass facing Arken. Thelessa began with the paddle, firmly but not fiercely spanking the young novice, her shapely black bottom reddening from the blows. Odine cried out a little, fighting back tears.

"Dear me! You can barely handle even a little punishment! I wonder how you will respond to more stringent measures!"

Thelessa took the girl, who was meek and compliant, and tied her up by her hands on a hook that protruded from above where the blackboard was The short girl Odine was raised up on her tiptoes, exposing her nude, chocolate body fully to Arken's watchful eyes. Thelessa cracked her whip in the air, testing its firmness, before beginning a light, experimental lashing of the young girl's red ass, bringing yet more tears and a cry of pain.

"This is most unsatisfactory. I apologize, Lord Inquisitor." Thelessa reached for the nipple-clamps, slowly and delicately applying them to the young novice's perky ripening buds.

Odine at first yelled loudly, but as the clamps tightened they became low guttural moans. It seemed the young novice had learned to enjoy the pain, after all.

"Good, finally. Remembered the First Rule of our Order. All Pain Can Become Pleasure, When Thought is Turned Towards It." She nodded approvingly, easing up the nipple-clamps a little, and moving to get the Dildo, a copper device of smooth sophistication, clearly blessed by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Arken found himself on the cusp of an explosion, as Sianine continued to work him with frenzy. Herra eased up on her breast massage, instead falling back, her tits bouncing, and exposing her own hairy mound, beginning to play with it in a similar manner to Odine's display, but with much more refinement and a sultry playfulness.

"Ahhh, yes." He sighed, closing his eyes, drawing on all his mental reserves to harbour his orgasm and draw it out. Sensing his closeness, Sianine slowed, a loud shlurp noise as she dragged herself off, a trail of saliva from her moist strawberry-lips connected to the Inquisitor's soaked cock. She pulled her bra down, revealing her perky pink nipples, breasts like delicious apples ripe for the picking.

"Bless me with your Seed, Great Inquisitor." She pouted, shaking her long red-hair from side to side in cascades of scarlet gold.

Herra dipped her fingers deeper into her well, before licking her own dripping-juices from them, and continuing to jill herself with vigour.

Odine moaned, as Thelessa began to gently whip her breasts and bare ass, the dildo slowly being inserted deep into her tight vagina, waves of shuddering joy-agony coursing through the Novice's thin body.

"Good! Channel the Pain and Maximise the Pleasure! Show the Inquisitor what true Solace is!"

As Odine shuddered and bucked, the dildo drilling itself now into her tiny pussy, her wet juices running down her ebony legs in a torrent, Thelessa's whipping slowed in tempo, the thin welts across the young girls' body fading.

Arken roared with ecstasy, his divine exterminatus unleashed, a torrent of holy seed spraying across Sianine's perky young chest, running down between her soft cherry-nubs and onto her tight pale belly. He cried out again, a second surge coming, Herra deftly moving into the way, her breasts taking his second dousing, white-seed dripping along her delicious dusky melons.

Odine cried out, a scream of pure ecstasy that shook the rafters. She fell to the floor, panting in total exhaustion, the ropes around her wrists loosened by the Sister.

Arken sat there, panting, as Herra took some of his lordly jizz and licked it off her fingers, sucking them deep. Sianine looked at the coating of her breasts, and rubbed into her pale flesh all over, sighing in delight.

"I trust you found our demonstration satisfactory, Inquisitor?"

"Indeed, Indeed. Most satisfactory." He gasped, feeling his body drained of energy.

Suddenly, Odine's eyes flicked open, and she began to scream. Her body bucked and contorted, as her skin turned from black to a deep, pale blue, her pupils dilating and shrinking to points, her eyes becoming almost-jet black.

Arken gazed in surprise, as such a clear manifestation of taint began to make itself known...

Indeed they have. Let the transformation commence....

Odine's frame began to expand, her flesh inflating as if from some unnatural pump, her tiny breasts swelling, to apples, to balls, to melons, to large cannon-balls. Her bones made a snapping sound as they stretched, her height growing, her skin turning to a deep shade of crimson pink. Horns burst forth from her head, rising and then curling, her eyes now black with pin-prick white irises.

A strong scent of cum and wet-vagina filled the air, as Odine writhed and pulsed. The other girls began to sigh and moan, tearing their robes from their body, revealing minor stigmata and tattoos manifesting along their pert bodies. Sianine shrieked in horror, and ran, the inquisitor's cum still dripping from her body.

Herra simply lolled back, exposing her nude body, begging to be ravaged, raped by the servants of the Lord of Blood.

Arken quickly psy-pulsed his Savant. "It's worse than we thought. Chaos taint. Send the Raid Squad. Now. I'm paralysed-" Firm arms grabbed him from behind, as Thelessa hefted his sex-drained body up.

"A shame you had to find out our little secret like this, Lord Inquisitor. We can't let you leave."

Thelessa had developed inhuman strength beyond her scrawny frame, as she threw the Inquisitor against the wall. As he staggered to rise, Odine came bounding over, her muscular, red thighs pinning him down, her long tongue snaking out.

"Good girl, Odine. Let us Punish this devotee of the False Giver of Solace."

Redeena's seemed flush and exultant, as she herded the novices out of the way, where they began to quietly masturbate to themselves, all discipline lost as the aura of arousal overwhelmed them, and they began to suck, lick, kiss, and explore each other with increasing abandon.

Herra begged Odine to rape her. "Let me be first, please. I want to receive his Blessing too..."

The towering Daemonette turned to regard the moaning and writhing chocolate girl, the young woman who had been the teacher's pet, the favoured one. Her chief rival, the one who in her human-form had tormented her and taunted her for being so unskilled in the ways of solace.

She leapt from the Inquisitor without a thought, slamming fully into the moaning, writhing girl, pinning her down, and violently fistfucking her, ripping her hymen without any pretense.

Arken made to draw his real bolt-pistol, but Thelessa's whip cracked, snapping it out of his hand and sending it flying. "Tsk, tsk. Inquisitor. That was very naughty. I shall have to discipline you, it seems." She began to chant dark words, and the ropes snaked down and coiled themselves tightly around his wrists, lifting him up into the air.

"Bitch. You won't get away with this." He snarled. "Oh, but I think we already have." She nudged his dripping member with her whip, and then ripped his fine shirt and armour from his chest, stripping him to his waist.

"You see, Inquisitor, we have been keeping all of the girls who manifest this taint. They are the true heroes of this institute, those whose sexual breakthroughs is so great they invite possession and transformation! We have an army of sexually-experienced daemonettes in the cellars below, waiting to be unleashed on the planet above."

Arken spat. "You underestimate the power of the Inquisition."

"We shall see. Now you have been talking entirely too long, my Lord Inquisitor." Thelessa stuffed a ball-gag into his mouth, before flexing her whip.

"It's time for you to really understand Pain."

Sianine ran through the grey tunnels, her eyes wild with terror, pushing past other quizzical grey-robed students, oblivious to the events in the classroom she had seen. Dripping and naked, she ran right into the Ablat-plated Stormtroopers which were Arken's Raid Squad.

"Easy young girl. We're the Emperor's Finest. Which way?" barked the lead soldier, his hellgun clutched close. "T-They're that way!" she pointed frantically.

The Stormtroopers formed into a phalanx, and began to advance down the hall, only for the bestial growls of daemonettes to be heard. Rusdeena had unleashed the Covenant's forces.

"Oh, feth-"

The battle had begun.


Arken winced as Thelessa's whip dug into him, welts appearing along his tanned, muscled flesh. "You will learn to Enjoy this, as our girls have. As everyone will. Such is the Will of Chaos." She cackled.

In the corner of Arken's eye, he could see the Daemonette raping Herra, who was now screaming with painful ecstasy. Her eyes too began to blaze, and her skin turned from his dusky-chocolate colour to a deep blood-red, as the warp began to overtake her as well, Odine's savage fist-fucking and razortongue-licking all over driving her into heretical orgasm.

"See how much they Enjoy the Dark Gift, Inquisitor? Embrace the Pain. Embrace the pleasure."

Against his will, Arken found himself hardening, his cock a treacherous rod of erectness. Dark thoughts began to fill his mind. He would exact the Emperor's divine vengeance on this bitch.

Even as Thelessa's blows assailed him, he felt her drawing closer, her long tongue licking at his neck, her teeth, now pointed fangs, brushing against his leathered skin. "I can show you so much more. Give in. Submit." She whispered, her ivory hands rubbing up and down his scarred chest, her small breasts rubbing against his back, her nipples hard and pointy.

Rasdeena came round, her mighty breasts no longer seeming so saintly, her eyes with a darker air of seduction to them. "You are a mighty one, aren't you, Inquisitor? But not even you can resist my Gift." She knelt before him, taking his erect-again cock in her mouth, and immediately a surge of arousal flowed through Arken, breaking his concentration. Thelessa slunk round, her breasts rubbing against his chest, her dark, sultry eyes gazing up into his. "Cum for us, Inquisitor. Arken. Bless us with -your- seed."

As Rasdeena's tongue swirled and sucked, he felt his concentration falling away... He shook his head. He needed more time. "No. I want to feel more than your tongue, Matron- Rasdeena. Let me feel you." He said, stalling for time. He had to trust his Raid Squad would arrive, and allow him to exact his vengeance on these harlot witches.

Rasdeena's eyes flashed with pride. "I told you Thelessa, I am the master." Thelessa pouted, and simply leaned in and kissed Arken, her musky deep scent filling his nostrils.

Rasdeena bent over, presenting her deep, moist gash, easing herself onto his throbbing hard weapon, milking him with her expertly-trained vaginal muscles, applying the right amount of pressure and consistency to bring him ever closer to a resounding climax...

As the two newly turned Daemonettes finished their mutual orgasm, their dripping pussies soaking the hard-wooden paneling, they turned their black gazes on their former classmates, who were huddled, lost in arousal, in the corner, and they began to lick their lips. A huge, razor-tipped phallus sprouted forth from within the Herra-Daemonette's moist folds, and a smaller tentacle emerged from the Odine-Daemonette's.

They advanced on the novices, their hunger for rape unsated...

Arken found himself awash with pleasure, as Rusdeena bounced up and down on him hard, her wet corridor closing and opening, driving him insane. He bit his lip, but the pain only excited him more, and Thelessa moaned, gripping her breasts tightly, as she applied the nipple-clamps to her own breasts, getting herself off with the pain. She began to flagellate herself, whipping her scrawny, pale back. "Yes! See what heights we can reach together, Inquisitor! Embrace the Pain!" she screamed, her own orgasm building.

Arken found himself unable to resist, and he burst forth with a second torrent of holy seed, spraying into Rusdeena's wet pussy, soaking the ex-Sororitas, who turned around and immediately began greedily slurping and sucking all the jizz off of him.

He sighed, relaxing into it, feeling so weak...

a psy-pulse pinged him. The Savant had activated his Sanctioned Psyker, to help out the Raid Squad. Ennervated, Arken bucked up, slamming his penis hard into Rusdeena's throat, gagging her, as he wrapped his legs around her neck, twisting and slamming her into the floor. Thelessa was lost in her own world of pain and sex, and seemed unable to help. Arken smashed her free, letting Rusdeena drop, as he swung up and ripped the ropes free from the ceiling with force. Dropping down, he rolled for his bolt-pistol.

The Daemonettes had been violently gang-raping the other sisters, who were writhing and begging for more, their hymens torn, blood flowing freely with vaginal juices as they writhed in the auras of arousal. One young girl happily gagged on the razor-cock sucking the Daemonette off to a bestial howl of climax.

Arken shot both the Daemonettes clean through the head as they roared with orgasm, his sacred-metal bullets piercing clean through their newborn daemonflesh, vaporizing their brains.

He turned to Thelessa, who was now moaning, exhausted, having whipped herself into an orgiastic fury.

Suddenly, the doors flew open, the Raid Squad covering the room with their hellguns. Their armour dripped with bloody ichor, their gun-barrels blazed hot. They had fought hard to get here, and even the aid of the Psyker had barely been sufficient.

"My Lord Inquisitor! Perimeter is secure!"

Arken hauled the moaning Sister up, and tied her own whip tightly around her wrists as make-shift handcuffs.

"Excellent work, Sergeant. We have some prisoners, here, which I will need to interrogate at length later." He paused, tucking his soaked penis back inside his pants self-consciously. "I trust the Psyker did not strain herself unduly?"

A young girl with large blonde curls and bright eyes entered the room,wearing the tight white robes of a Sanctioned Psyker, a thick collar around her delicate young neck, the inquisitorial I stamped firmly on it. "All Daemonettes accounted for, Lord Arken sir!" she chirped brightly.

Arken felt himself harden again, and blinked such thoughts away. No, any such pleasures would have to wait for another day.

"Good. I think it will be you who will learn a Lesson in Pain, Thelessa. The Emperor's pain." He smiled wickedly.

It had been a very satisfactory Inspection.