Silver Templars

Silver Templars
Silver Templars Armorial.png
Battle Cry Focus and Fury!
Founding Ultima Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Akilios Zanaris
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Novaris
Strength Unknown
Specialty Duelling
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Silver, black, and yellow

The Silver Templars are yet another Ultramarines Primaris successor chapter. Though this one stands apart a bit more as they are more inclined towards duelling and daring, rather than tactics and discipline. One of their strike cruisers had a run-in with Mad Dok Grotsnik and his warband, and the dok captured some the marines alive for... something.

Also a great mystery is why a Smurfs successor has a name, color scheme and culture more fitting of a Imperial Fists one. Did some memos got switched at GW?

Silver Templars SourcebookEdit

The Silver Templars received a rather disappointing "sourcebook". It took the form of a forty-eight page, hardcover artbook, which was automatically included in a subscriber's monthly subscription of the "Warhammer: Conquest" painting line for an additional £20 (about $24 in USD) -- i.e. a subscriber had to call and cancel if they didn't want to be charged for the additional content. Shady business practices aside, the book contained generic lore for the chapter and examples of the chapter's structuring and paint-scheme but no solid rules or datasheets to differentiate them from their Ultramarine forebears, meaning anyone with an internet connection and a half-way decent understanding of the Google search function could save themselves the £20. Fortunately the people in charge of the whole debacle allowed those who felt duped by the obvious cash grab to apply for a refund.


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