Silver Blades

Silver Blades
Silver Blade, Crusade-Era (Mk.III).png
Battle Cry "¡A Sangre Y Fuego!"
Number IV
Founding First Founding
Successor Chapters Divine Crusaders, Sons of the Blade
Primarch Linares the Lord of Ale
Homeworld Kadir
Strength 130,000
Specialty Swordfighting, massed drop pods assaults
Allegiance Loyalist
Colours Silver

This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Silver Blades are one of the original Astartes Legions created for the Great Crusade by the Emperor of Mankind. Loud, reckless and masters of swordplay, the Legion was always leading the charge, either when taking an objective, or to defending one. Loyal to the end, the Silver Blades engaged Traitors and Separatists alike during the Brotherwar, fighting with a bitterness worthy of brothers betrayed by their beloved siblings. After the Brotherwar, the severely crippled Legion barely managed to fill its own ranks, and started a slow and methodical process to recover its sustained losses, further aggravated by the siege of their homeworld Kadir during the Brotherwar.



Pre-Primarch History & ReunionEdit

The Silver Blades were known as the IVth Legion before their reunion with their Primarch. They fought dutifully in the Great Crusade, and many worlds were brought to compliance thanks to them. The Legion was stubborn and had a balanced approach to war, but always preferred melee to ranged combat. Their most famous campaign in their early history is the Compliance of Retuh.

On Retuh, 806.M30, the Legion fought against a numerically superior, but poorly trained, under-equipped and disorganized force of militias. The Legion had fielded most of its Astartes and was supported by a number of Super-Heavy tanks and orbital vessels. The massed orbital assault crushed the defenses at first, but, while the tanks and heavy material were being deployed, the militias attacked with overwhelming numbers, nearly 15:1, and payed for their lives dearly. The Legion suffered heavy losses during the first assault, and many further attack would follow. When the campaign seemed won, the militias attacked with weapons scavenged from downed Mechanicum ships and destroyed a large chunk of the Legion’s vehicles. The fights were bloody melees, as the militias didn’t have many weapons capable of penetrating the Legionaries power armor. At the end of the Compliance, the Legion had lost much of its infantry and light armor, while the super-heavies were immobilised. Nevertheless the planet was under Imperial control. The Legion retreated to a planet nearby, and started its recovery.

After Linares was reunited with his Legion, he molded them like clay around his own ideals of warfare and the culture of his homeworld. As the Legion was already inclined towards melee fighting, it wasn't very difficult for them to accept it, but the more radical changes, like the complete removal of any vehicle heavier than a Land Raider from the legion's arsenal and the divisional reorganization was met with more resistance. Ultimately the Primarch and his legion came together and formed a strong bond, only further improved by the Legion's new stream Kadirian recruits.

The Great CrusadeEdit

During the Great Crusade, the Silver Blades fought all over the newly formed Imperium, always in the front as a speartip. They fought alongside the Loxodontii, Titan Marchers and Chosen of Hecate primarily, creating strong bonds between them and the latter two Legions. Some of which would eventually be broken during the Brotherwar.


During the Brotherwar, the Silver Blades continued in their usual position at the front of the Loyalist forces. From the very start to the end of the Brotherwar and even after its conclusion, the Silver Blades waged war against the Traitor Forces. The most important moments of the War for them were the Siege of Terra and the subsequent Scouring. At the Siege, the Silver Blades fought a mobile defense based on counter-attacks and preemptive strikes, suffering heavy casualties that brought them to minimal strength, but succeeding in their duty. The number of Astartes fallen was further increased during the Scouring, when their prefered tactic of engaging the enemy in face to face, melee combat costed them hundreds of Astartes. When they had finally taken the last Traitor position in their side of the Galaxy, their very Primarch, Linares, left with half of the remaining Legion to continue his vengeance on the Traitors own turf. And no one knew anymore of them.


Overview of their journey towards 40k



A far-flung tech-feudal world of the Eastern Fringe called Kadir. Pretty big planet, full of plains with beautiful hills, high mountains and stormy oceans. It has two moons, called Orfide and Erifide, that orbit with simmilar period and angle around the planet. The people of Kadir lives in different cities and villages, that fall under the domains of a certain Lord. These Lords have their own states, and frequently wage war against each other and against some ork tribes living in the mountains. Kadirians are natural warriors who master the use of swords and other melee weapons. Usually, children start training at the age of 12, and at the age of 18 they may join their Lord's armies. Men and women fight along each other against the ork menace or the other lord's armies. Technology in the planet, pre-Emperor arrival, is estimated as being similar to 000’s.M3 and 010’s.M3, but with a lot less industry. The weapons used are, mainly, autoguns and swords, depending on the proficency/training/likes of the individual. Almost all of them are hand-crafted in different blacksmiths and workshops. The cities tend to be big and populated, although scarce, while the villages are many, small and with no more than several hundreds of inhabitants. Interestingly, the general look of both cities and villages is that of 050’s.M2 to 450’s.M2, but with a lot of technology in them. Nuclear reactors power streetlamps hanging over mud streets, where horses and chariots move. People are religious, following an ancient religion of the colonization era, but adopted the Imperial Truth when the Emperor arrived. The planet’s surface is full of monasteries and abbeys, where monks and priests work preserving ancient texts and praying. Sometimes, they are needed as warriors, too.

Legion CharacteristicsEdit


The Silver Blades are a very melee-oriented Legion. Each Legionnaire has been trained to excel at close combat with most of the melee weapons that the Imperium of Man can provide, although they are most proficient with swords and derivatives. It is said that rank-and-file Silver Blades cannot be beaten in close combat by their cousins in other Legions by sheer skill alone. They usually charge towards the enemy as soon as they can, if the situation allows it. The extreme focus on melee fighting makes the Silver Blades mediocre gunners at best, surpassed by pretty much every other Legion, but still leagues above the average Imperial soldier.

One of their favorite tactics is massed deployment by drop-pod right into the enemy lines. This means that everything that cannot be drop-podded into the battlefield sees little use in the initial phases of the engagement, and is usually relegated to a second or third wave. Their orbital assault method includes a variety of Deathstorm drop-pods, sent first in the "Wave 0", right into the enemy's center. This strikes chaos and fear this in the enemy ranks, as the pods that were supposed to deliver the Astartes suddenly open fire with assault cannons and missile launchers, wreaking havoc and disorganizing the lines before the bulk of the Legion deploys. Sometimes, drop-pods are used as artillery shells by modifying the landing cogitators, so that they try to land right on top of enemy soldiers, to then disembark their deadly payload of fiery Astartes.

The Legion lacks heavy support options. They won't field anything heavier than a Land Raider because the Legion would become sluggish otherwise. They have a below-average number of battle tanks, relying mostly on Dreadnoughts and Devastator squads to provide heavy support.

Culture & PersonalityEdit

The Silver Blades are known for being loud, impulsive and generally friendly, traits found in most of the Kadirian population. They are open to the normal people, treating them with respect and sometimes, like equals, because Astartes are humans after all. Beefed-up soldiers, but still human. Their bases and training grounds are usually filled with laughter and excessively loud chatter, and it is very common for them to drop by the closest cantina in their free time, and drown themselves in beer while playing cards, eating whatever they can get served, or just conversating between them. Rarer are the cases of Legionnaires pranking each other, mainly because past pranks ended up really badly, which resulted in an increase in the severity of the punishments. Some Legionnaires prefer to brew their own beers in their free time, take care of their wargear, or customize it. For most of the other Legions, this is a sign of lack of discipline and procastination, but it's not the case of the Silver Blades. The Legion keeps the Kadirian culture of its recruits while maintaining discipline and diligence.

The Great JoustsEdit


When the Legion left Kadir for the first time after reuniting with Linares, it was divided in 3 Tercios of the same size and the same capabilities. Each Tercio was further divided in Chapters and Companies, following the usual Legion organization. The Legion Vehicles were distributed evenly among the Chapters. This organization aimed to deploy great numbers of Astartes in a certain sector, operating as a mostly unified unit. This prevented them from covering big amounts of space, but allowed them to focus their strenght and exploit their shock tactics as much as possible. After all, a rain of Drop Pods deploying thousands of superhuman soldiers right into your lines is just another way to shock the enemy.

Special unitsEdit

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Special equipmentEdit

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The Silver Blades' gene-seed is pretty unstable, usually mutating if replicated incorrectly. This was unknown to the Emperor. He raised the Legion using this faulty Gene-seed, but the gene-seed proved so impure that it hardly created functional organs. Sus-An membranes malfunctioned , Ossmodulas overworked themselves, marines grew much larger than usual, Larraman's Organs could be missing entirely, Catalepsean nodes did not work properly, Preomnor and Oolitic kidneys ignored lesser venoms and toxins such as alcohol, Lyman's ear did not work at all and Betcher's gland was often missing. At first, recruits received this gene-seed, but in time the Emperor forbade them from recruiting more until a solution was found. The lack of recruits, the casualties during the Compliance of Retuh, and the lack of a proper solution, lead to the Emperor setting an ultimatum for the IVth Legion's Apothecarion: Fix the gene-seed, or be terminated. Once Linares was reunited with his sons shortly after, he immediately began working with the Apothecarion to find the needed solution. The next few months were overwhelming for the Apothecarion. On their shoulders rested the lives of the entire Silver Blades Legion. When the ultimatum was about to expire, Linares, along with his Apothecaries, presented the now functional gene-seed and new replication process to avoid future mishaps.

Some organs could not be fixed. The Ossmodula and the Biscopea were left untouched, as being big even for an Astartes wasn't considered a flaw worth fixing. Instead it became a famous trait of the Legion. The kidneys organs were mostly fixed, but were still susceptible to the effects of alcohol.

The gene-seed of the Silver Blades would forever be damaged and relatively unstable, but it was now in a state where it could be effectively used in order to build a strong IVth legion. In the wake of the Brotherwar and the ten thousands years leading up to the 41st millenium, many attempts would be made to fix the gene-seed, particularly upon the creation of new successors. With mixed results.

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Notable MembersEdit

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