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Sheoldred is the black aligned Praetors of New Phyrexia, one of the 7 thanes, and one of /tg/'s waifus. She's big believer in knowledge is power. And by knowledge we mean she focuses on blackmail, knowing what her enemies are up to, ect... She also focuses on denying her enemies knowledge. One of the responsibilities of her elite forces, the Exarchs, is to find information, and then destroy evidence so only Sheoldred knows it. There isn't any emphasis on science knowledge (that naturally belongs to the Blue Praetor, Jin-Gitaxias). Elesh Norn invaded her domain and destroyed her forces. Sheoldred's fate is unknown.

Factions and Praetors in New Phyrexia
Phyrexia Symbol.png Factions:
Mana White.pngThe Machine OrthodoxyMana White.png
Mana Blue.pngThe Progress EngineMana Blue.png
Mana Black.pngThe Seven Steel ThanesMana Black.png
Mana Red.pngThe Quiet FurnaceMana Red.png
Mana Green.pngThe Vicious SwarmMana Green.png
Mana White.pngElesh NornMana White.png
Mana Blue.pngJin-GitaxiasMana Blue.png
Mana Black.pngSheoldredMana Black.png
Mana Red.pngUrabraskMana Red.png
Mana Green.pngVorinclexMana Green.png
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The Seven Thanes of New Phyrexia
Azax-Azog - Geth - Kraynox - Roxith - Sheoldred - Thrissik - Vraan