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The following page(s) will be set as a continuing project and discussion on the rules and tactics of the setting of Brighthammer 40,000 (all editions currently) and connected fluff to said rules therein.

So far the page will begin as a skub and expand outward as ideas and time progress so please be patient for now.

Why is it called basic?Edit

This will be a "basic" or starter ruleset for those who not are only new to this setting but to 40k in general. And will also give a basic run-through of the game as far as parties/armies are detailed and base type campaigns as this game will be more rpg campaign driven than Canon 40k.

1st Edition RulesetEdit

Adventuring Party Creation/StructureEdit

The base ruleset that was given was based on Dark Heresy (first edition) and while that (for the time) was pretty much the only rpg rule/small group setting for 40k for brighthammer 40k it's............ OK, kinda but it's somewhat restricted as most (if not all) of the campaigns revolve around a Inquistitor either asking or more commonly ordering a group of randomly selected to Purge, Find or steal a thing that really only is for the benefit of either the said inquistitor or the Inquisition as a general whole.

That being said Brighthammer groups/parties should be based more on a group of adventurers deciding for themselves to go on a quest/skirmish or (mainly for larger battle or "all important mcguffin" scenarios) the group can be sent by orders of the imperium (or their characters representive government) directly (however it should be noted that this should be mainly used in Kill Team scenarios more directly.

Base Group/PartyEdit

Just as with all of the other 40k rpg games groups go in accordance to role/class/career and skill set as is or would be needed according to adventure/quest/mission for a starter set the base party should be as thus.

  • Tactical-Your basic shooty/grunt/boot on the ground he/she is there to add base fire (or suppressing/cover fire) for your other members/characters.
  • Technical/Engineer-Tech-Priest/Priestess unlike Canon 40k this won't act as the groups mage, they are there to do as their title indicates to maintain and repair armor, weapons and vehicles as since in this setting the arcane superstitions surrounding machinery wouldn't either exist or wouldn't be as to a fanatical extreme as it is in Canon their abilities to repair/craft would be immensely faster and broader for more equipment/materials. Also this class adds a descent amount of Dakka as some would be equipped with heavy energy weapons.
  • Psyker-This is the base mage as they utilize most of not only psyonic abilities but also have access to other factions abilities talents as well (heromancy (blood magic) from Blood Angels/Drinkers, Gunmage from Orks, Genetic manipulation from Tyranids..etc) and will act as the groups both offensive/defensive mage (so both lightning with psy shields).
  • Medic/Hospitalier-Even in the Noblebright future your gonna get owwies from time to time so your party still needs a medic to patch you right up. Also medic are given "Neurosurgery" (to be added later) abilities to heal psychic attacks from Warp Horrors. Also a kitbashed heavy weapons sister mini would be ideal as she could have both medical and possibly heavy weapons.
  • Heavy Weapons/Specialist-The Serious/Fun Dakka since tech is not restricted here GO NUTS!! You want a Devastator with a quad plasma cannon servo harness, go for it, you wanna equip a Eversor with enough energy weapons to make him a walking exterminatus feel free, a termie loaded with enough mini nukes to make Gork and Mork openly weep you can. Or if you don't want to create Rape machines make them specialists. Specialists act as specific task needed characters you need a ninja, a tech specialist, a hazmat equipped dude they act as a expert for exactly what the mission/adventure requires.
  • Mercenary/Renegade-The Rogue basically if you need a job done by someone with little moral consideration you have a renegade on your team. You want someone killed, stolen from, broken into, or get hard to find equipment you need this guy.

2nd Edition RulesetEdit

3rd Edition RulesetEdit