There are many solutions for hangovers. Some people prefer to rely on the Hair of the Dog, while others go for a walk in the park and yet others go for a stay in a sauna and promptly suffer from cardiac arrhythmia. And then there's that one guy who goes to to the Pub on Thursday really, really longs for a bacon sandwich on the following Friday morning but never happens to have one in store - so instead, he gets rid of his residual alcohol and the ensuing hangover by writing random strips of fluff about a setting called Selyn.


What is Selyn?Edit

Selyn is name of the largest city within the setting and, as OP has not yet delivered another name, the name of setting in which Selyn exists. Though giving exact information about either topic is difficult as info dumped by the Selynfag is usually not exactly coherent and ranges from anything between metaphysics to undead babies and the spontaneous combustion potential of local cocktails. However, a few constants can be made out:


  • Firstborn: Ye olde ancient progenitor species. Little is known about them safe that they had the bright idea of worshiping Order and Entropy incarnate, only to nearly get wiped out when the avatars of the two gods battled and nuked the entire continent. Those few that survived mutated/evolved/degenerated into the Ain (=Child) races: Meduans, Numidians, (Proto-)Brynn, Kadit, Xivai
  • Meduans: Either Victorian Englishmen or Renaissance Italians, depending on whether OP can actually remember what the fuck he wrote last week. Live in a loose confederation of city states.
  • Numidians: Black Assyrians with a raging hard-on for magic and magical terraforming, use the latter to create artificial oases all around the Numidia . Not particularly fond of Brynn.
  • Brynn: Slavs that may either looks like Orks, Neanderthals, or both at the same time. Used to look more like Kadit and Meduans but accidentally blew up their old capital with MAGIC! and have looked like grey-skinned Neanderthals/Orcs/both ever since. Constantly throw bitchfits against the Numidians because magic still scares them shitless. Are really fond of steampunk, although with a far more conservative and dogmatic approach than the Kadit. Led by a God-Queen called Katrushka.
  • Kadit: Extremely eccentric steampunk and magi-tech fetishists. Seemingly heavily industrialized nation. Come with faux-German or perhaps Yiddish names. Tsundere towards Brynn.
  • Xivai: Twelve feet tall Jungle Elves with a thing for cannibalism. Somehow related to the other Ain races, but usually kill them (as well as just about anything else) on sight, though some tribes seem less violent than others and will occasionally tell outsiders to get lost before throwing axes after them.
  • Zasik Explorator Breed : Apparently bugmen from over the sea. Infinitely curious about the anatomy of the Ain, but the fact that inspecting the reproductive organs or the "fatty tissues" of other people of with your antennae is considered taboo, these poor guys slide from one awkward situation to another. Judging by their name, there probably are other forms of Zasik.
  • Other races include the Stregnotchi (merry Gypsie Ogres), the Hrasti (Shamanistic Bear-People) and the Vrygians (whose language sounds like a long stream of colorful expletives to Non-Speakers), amongst others.


  • Selyn: The eponymous city. Occasionally likened to Ankh-Morpork if Sir Terry Pratchett was suffering from alcoholism rather than Alzheimer's, but this is disputable. Selyn is divided into numerous districts, such as the Plaza ( kitsh-ridden center of tourism), the Gallery ( upper-class district where poor suckers can take a look through the windows of the rich), and the notorious Downboard (working-class district where most people either are drunk or wish they'd be). Apart from the native Meduans, Selyn also houses sizable numbers of Numidians, Brynn, and Kadit. Selyn apparently used to be a monarchy but now is a democracy, even though half of the parties look like elaborate inside-jokes to newcomers.
  • Kingsland: A Meduan village full of people who believe they are historic Kings and Queens of Selyn. As everyone is a royal, the village is a surprisingly egalitarian place, albeit outsides are mercilessly oppressed and lorded over.
  • Metpohana: Homeland of the Brynn. Dominated by taigas, snow, and mountains.
  • Numidia: Homeland of the ... well, make an educated guess. Essentially one big desert sprinkled with artificial oases.
  • Kanina's Hand: A peninsula on the far north-east of Crion. Host to two Necromancers whose skeletal legions have been locked in permanent battle for the last few centuries. People tried to interfer, but as this only lead to more skeletons for the Necromancers, they are simply left alone.

On the subject of magicEdit

Magic in Selyn is powered by Anima, which in turn actually is what you get when the souls of dead people (and rarely those of living people) had their quality time in whatever heaven or hell they believed in, subsequently go to a place called Green Tide and there are scrubbed clean from their memories. Said memories then break down into raw anima which eventually materializes in the atmosphere of the planet and periodically pours to the ground just like regular rain. Once it's down there, mages can use it as an energy source for their spells, as do many machines aptly named animachines. So, in other words, you just turned a dead guy's last memories of his beloved wife into a fireball. Not that he would still mind it, but I do hope you are proud of yourself.

Actually casting magic requires a mix of imagination (as the caster actually has to genuinely believe that what he wants to happen is going to happen), concentration (so as to uphold this illusion-made-real) and training (to control the flow of Anima and the stability of the spell). <br\> Mages have a relatively free hand regarding what they cast, the prime exception being the bending or negation of natural laws. It seems that the latter actually exist as semi-sentient uber-gods, and while they don't mind people using, say, a levitation spell because the latter is not that much different from heating up their air inside a ballon to let it float, actually fucking with gravity results in God of Gravity fucking you right back. And boy, he certainly doesn't use lube. Ask the Brynn.