Secret /tg/ Handshake

Secret handshake.jpg

Should a neckbeard like you ever leave your basement, it's incredibly important for them to make sure their social life blossoms. Without the parasitic relationship of one loser to another, it's virtually guaranteed that you will go back to /tg/ and complain. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to scream the same five seconds of The Immigrant Song over and over again near large groups of people. Any strange looks you receive are basically an invitation for you to continue the ceremony, at which point you should also begin slow-jerking and winking. Don't be afraid if someone flips you off; this is a sure sign that it's working, and that you should carry on with the karate chops and moonwalks. Those who begin singing along or dancing but not hip-thrusting clearly have fudged the Acknowledgment Gesture and should be shunned.

With your new neckbeard friend, you will be free to rage at each other, love hate love hate love skub skub, and play erotic RPGs without little things like the Internet in your way.