Sea Kindred

Sea Kindred are one of the elf factions of Kings of War, this one pretty directly inspired by the High Elves of Warhammer Fantasy. They are one of the three kindred that make up the generic elf army list for second edition, the other two being the Northern Kindred and the Dragon Kindred.



The elves of Mantica are one of the oldest races said to dwell on Mantica, but they are a people in decline. The God War ravaged their lands and people, splitting the race into numerous factions. This was exasperated centuries later with the end of the Winter War when the lands of the Western Kindred, the greatest remaining elf nation, was covered by the raging seas that swelled with Winter's demise. Only the city of Therennia Adar survived, which became the foundation of the Sea Kindred.

Therennia Adar has remained the capital of the Sea Kindred since that time. The walls of the city rise forty feet from the ocean on the outside, but the city behind it is built from the ocean floor upwards for hundreds of feet. This has led to the city becoming known by another name, Walldeep. The Sea Kindred have thus become a major naval power in order to project themselves from this port city.

Valandor the Great's body is said to lie in repose at the Spire of Ages in the center of the city. This was discovered to be a mere simulacra however, when the spire was raided by Mortibras. Although he revealed it to be a fake by attempting to steal it, this revelation has been kept a secret from the general public. In truth Valandor's body was hidden in the ruins below Dolgarth in the Golloch Empire.

Notable Elves of Therennia AdarEdit


King of Therennia Adar and leader of the Sea Kindred.


The elven ranger pre made character for Dungeon Saga. Madriga was born in Therennia Adar, daughter to the king, after the end of the Winter War and grew up hearing the tales of Valandor and the defeat of Winter. When she came of age, she joined the Sea Guard, eventually attaining the rank of fleet captain. Shortly after however, she resigned her commission and departed Therennia Adar to live as an adventurer operating out of the Golden Horn of Basilea. She was secretly commissioned to pursue Mortibras into the ruins of Dolgarth after it was discovered the body of Valandor in Therennia Adar was a fake.

On the TabletopEdit

Tactics can be found here: Kings of War/Tactics/Elves

The standard elf list covers units of the Northern Kindred, Sea Kindred, and Dragon Kindred, since these three groups of elves are in a proper alliance with one another, vice just paying lip service as the other kindred do. Sea Kindred units are the closest direct corollary to the High Elves of Warhammer Fantasy.