Scrollhammer: Experimental Rules

The following are a list of rules for Scrollhammer which are not part of the official rule set (yet), but may be used if you want to anyway.


Cliff RacersEdit

5 pts per model Horde, Flier Unit Size 10-40

Cliff Racer WS3 BS0 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 Ld6 Mg0 Sv-

Special Rules:

Cliff Racers count as Beasts for all effects specifically targeting or mentioning Beasts.


Eltonbrand is an upgrade to Goldbrand for +12 pts. If Goldbrand is upgraded in this way, bearer may re-roll missed attacks in close combat.

Louis LetrushEdit


40 pts. Louis Letrush may be taken as a support choice in any Nordic Holds army, and begins play as a single model unit.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv
Louis Letrush 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 7 2 /4+

Special rules: Units of Louis Letrushes Skirmish, and are Infantry. As a Breton, Louis Letrush gains a +2 bonus to ward saves against magic.

Essential: Louis Letrush gains a 4+ ward save.

CHIM duplication: Louis Letrush is one of the rare individual in Nirn to realise that he - and everything else in the entire world - are but figments in the mind of a sleeping Godhead, without suffering the dire fate of 'zero-summing' and vanishing from this plain of reality. While not as adept at using the power conferred by this realisation to change the world around him as such illustrious figures as Vivec and Tiber Septim, he is nonetheless capable of manipulating the power of the Scrolls to prevent his own death and draw in alternate selves.

At the end of any phase in which a unit of Louis Letrushes has made ward saves, count the number of successful saves made by the unit. Add this number of Louis Letrush models to the unit (if there is no space to add further models, any extra models are wasted. These models possess the same equipment, statistics and special rules as the original Louis Letrush. If all Louis Letrush CHIM clones in a unit have been killed, then do not add further duplicates to the unit; he has been banished from Tamriel (for now ...).

Wargear: Louis Letrush wears ordinary clothing (conferring no armour save), and carries a dagger. He (and his CHIM clones) may be mounted on his prized horse, Frost, for +30pts.

Hieronymus LexEdit


Hieronymus Lex was the Guard Captain of the Imperial City during the Oblivion Crisis.

A noble and honorable man besieged by the cruelties of the world, Hieronymus rose up the ranks of the Imperial Watch, all the way to Captain. For a time he made it his personal quest to find and arrest the Gray Fox. This purpose festered within him, became a very part of his being. Stalking the streets at night, organizing dragoons, Hieronymus would die before letting the robber continue his dastardly ways.

Members of the Imperial City can still remember and look fondly back upon the days in which the man diligently patrolled the streets. Wanted posters, erratic and frequently changing patrols, and random interrogations of beggars are all greatly missed. The Imperial City is likely worse off without Hieronymus Lex. For he had been the hero that the people needed most.

"Never compromise. Never blink. Never wink at injustice. Never quit trying to make this a better city for everyone."

70 points. Hieronymus Lex may be taken as a hero choice in an Imperial Legion army. Hero. Independent Character, Skirmish, Infantry, Imperial, Single Model.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv
Hieronymus Lex 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 9 1 3+

Wargear: Silver claymore, Full Plate Armor

Spells: None

Special Rules: Deep Strike, Hatred (Outlaws), Legionnaire Drilling, Stupidity

All Are One: All Imperial Dragoons in an army that contains Hieronymus Lex gain the following special rules- Deep Strike, Immune to Psychology, Stupidity. Dragoons additionally become single model units after deployment- they may join up and form ranks as you like but may also move out of unit coherency.

Hieronymus Lex may:

  • Be deployed on a warhorse for +25 points