Scrollhammer: Dwemer Animunculi

This is a work in progress of Dwemer Animunculi, for Scrollhammer, by Duke.


These units are meant to be taken as cohorts for certain heroes in other codices. Ash Vampires and (maybe Aldmeri Inquisitors) are among those that do.

General RulesEdit

Centurion Racial Traits:

Centurions are much like Automatons, and share many of the same rules, save that they are weak to Frost and resistant to Shock.

  • Dwemer-make: Centurions are Fearless, unaffected by disease, and are Immune to Shock and Poison. Frost damage ignores the armor saves of Centurions, and gets +1 to wound against them. Centurions are not mortals.
  • Mechanical: Centurions cannot be affected by Blind, Paralyze, Silence or Command effects, or Illusion spells an opponent controls, unless a special rule specifically allows it. Centurions may be chilled.

Dwemer AnimunculiEdit

Centurion Spider

One of the most common mechanical constructs, Centurion Spiders are aggressive but relatively harmless dwemer automatons. These machines are found scuttling about the forgotten ruins, climbing through the pipes and hatches, occasionally clawing and working away at rusting metal. Centurion Spiders consist of a flexible gas-bag surrounded by six hinged legs. While not threatening alone, they can still pounce and grant the unwary debilitating wounds. It is thought that these automatons were intended for maintenance or perhaps may have been household servants.

Support, Skirmish, Infantry, Centurion.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Centurion Spider 3 3 2 3 1 3 2 10 0 5+ 12

Wargear: Claws

The entire unit may-

  • Have their claws upgraded to Shocking (deals Shock damage and has Magicka Drain(1) on striking) for +6 pts each
  • Be upgraded to Detonatable, for +3 pts each. A Spider with this upgrade may detonate itself at any time, automatically casting Fireball directly on its position, then remove itself from the game.

Steam Centurion

The largest and rarer of the dwemer constructs, Steam Centurions are designed to resemble an armored warrior. Most likely intended to function as war-machines, the automatons are extremely resilient and strong, able to throw men aside with a sweep of their mace-arm. The dwemer armor in Morrowind and other provinces is frequently made up of bits taken from similar machines. More often then not this results in a haphazard collection of parts, but perfectly disassembled centurions can provide a priceless suit of armor. Unsurprisingly these machines resist such acts strenuously, and punish those that would deign enter their masters ruins.

Deep beneath the Holy City of Mournhold, and scattered about the dark caverns of Skyrim, it is rumored that more advanced and powerful centurions stalk within the darkness. Hushed whispers speak of larger and more armored Steam Centurions twice the height of a man, or of others that breathe belches of flame, hot enough to turn armor to slag. While these are frequently handwaved as tales of drunks, or madmen, no one can say for sure what lies in the deepest corridors of dwemer ruins.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Steam Centurion 4 0 5 5 3 2 2 10 0 4+ 50
Adv. Steam Centurion 5 0 6 6 3 2 2 10 0 3+ 100
Forge Master 4 0 5 7 3 2 1 10 0 4+ 100

Wargear: Claws

The entire unit may-

  • Be upgraded to Advanced Steam Centurions, for +50 pts each.
  • Be upgraded to Forge Masters, for +50 pts each. The forge master loses Immunity to Shock, gains Immunity to Flame, and has a special shooting attack: S4 AP1, Fire and Charge 1, template, flame.

Centurion Atronach

Pioneers, masters of both crafting and magick, the dwemer created marvelous machines and performed baffling feats. Among the more strange creations are Centurion Atronachs- automatons of liquid metal, with forms pulsing and shaking. Machines built of both refined earth and raw power from Aetheruis. They are a sight to behold, as they appear a raw, churning cloud of dwemer metal and light. Much like the princeless daedra, Centurion Atronachs are created of a single particular element. Today they are merely legends, living on in books and namesake stars.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Centurion Atronach 3 3 4 4 3 7 3 10 4 4++ 40

Wargear: Claws

Special Rules:

Powered: Centurion Atronachs do not regenerate Magicka each turn, and should they lose all their Magicka remove the model from the game. In addition to this, select one of the following elements for each Centurion Atronach-

  • Fire: Loses Immunity to Shock, gains Immunity to Fire. Gains Firebolt: shooting attack. S4 AP1 Blast, Move and Fire 1, Range 24", flame.
  • Lightning: Gains Lightning Strike: S3, ignores armor, Move and Fire 1, Range 24". For each unsaved wound dealt, Lightning Strike scores an additional hit. Spell damage, shock, Magicka Drain (1) on striking.
  • Frost: Loses Weakness to Frost, gains Weakness to Fire and Immunity to Frost. Gains Cone of Frost: S3, ignores armor saves, Fire and Charge 1, Template, models hit have their Initiative reduced to 1 until end of turn, frost.

Centurion Sphere

Relatively common in the dwemer ruins, Centurion Spheres are deadly guards and warmachines. They have a roughly humanoid frame, save for moving about by the use of a revolving sphere. While not active the centurion is able to fold up into this globe- then quickly burst free at the first sign of intruders. Advanced lenses poke out from their faces, assisting the centurion to strike and dodge with uncanny swiftness. Though they do not have the raw strength of Steam Centurions, or the magick abilities of Steam Atronachs, these machines are deadly all the same. Too many warriors have sought to fight a Centurion Sphere only to lay carved up and discarded in their ruins.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Centurion Sphere 4 0 4 4 2 2 2 10 0 4+ 20

Wargear: Hand weapon and Shield

Special Rules: Counter-Attack

Integrated Weaponry: Centurion Spheres can not be disarmed.

Centurion Spheres may have their Hand weapons upgraded to Shocking (deals Shock damage and has Magicka Drain(1) on striking) for +8 pts each

Centurion Archer

Built on the same chassis as Centurion Spheres, the archer variants are more advanced and powerfully armed. Rather then use a sword and shield, the archers instead blast away with extremely heavy and solid dwemer darts. The weapons allow the Centurion Archer to snipe away at intruders from astounding distances, piercing directly through the heaviest armor. It seems as though the lenses along the head are more pronounced and numerate then the melee variant- no doubt to assist firing accurately.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Centurion Archer 3 4 4 4 2 2 1 10 0 5+ 20

Wargear: Dwarven Bolt-thrower (S4 AP1, Move and Fire 1, Range 24".)

Special Rules: Precision, Split Fire

Integrated Weaponry: Centurion Archers can not be disarmed.

Centurion Archers may have their Bolt-throwers upgraded to Shocking (deals Shock damage and has Magicka Drain(1) on striking) for +8 pts each

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Flesh-Metal Simulacrum 3 3 3 4 1 2 2 10 0 5+ 13

Wargear: Dwarven hand weapon

Any number of Flesh-Metal Simulacra may take one of the following:

  • Light plating (6+ light) +1 pts per model
  • Dwarven armor (5+ heavy) +3 pts a model

Any number of Flesh-Metal Simulacra may take one of the following:

  • Dwarven hand weapon and shield +1 pts per model
  • Two Dwarven hand weapons +1 pts per model
  • Dwarven Spear and shield +2 pts per model
  • Dwarven Bow or Short Bow +3 pts per model
  • Dwarven Crossbow +4 pts per model
  • Dwarven Great Weapon or Dwarven Poleaxe +5 pts per model

Any number of Flesh-Metal Simulacra may upgrade weapons to:

  • Glass, for +4 pts a weapon
  • Ebony, for +8 pts a weapon

Brazen Incinerator

Spoken of in old tales and the Sermons of Vivec, Brazen Incinerators were self-propelled siege engines built by the dwarves. Likely intended for fighting in narrow tunnels or forts, the Incinerator is a two-legged crucible that belches forth mighty flames. Though they may look somewhat... comical, with their clumsy stumbling steps, these centurions are able to melt men down to hideous puddles of flesh and bone. In no other centurion is vengeful wrath so embodied then the Brazen Incinerator.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Brazen Incinerator 3 4 4 5 3 1 2 10 0 4+ 100

Wargear: Claws

Special Rules: Slow and Purposeful

Crucible: Brazen Incinerators are Immune to Flame. They also have a special shooting attack: S4 AP1, Fire and Charge 2, template, flame. Models that suffer a wound have their WS reduced by 1 until the start of your following turn.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Centurion Altus 4 0 4 5 2 2 2 10 0 5+ 33

Wargear: Claws

Special Rules: Rending

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Mg Sv Points
Arbalest Centurion 0 4 2 5 3 1 1 10 0 5+ 50

Wargear: Dwarven Javelin-thrower (S5 AP2, Move or Fire 1, Range 30")

Special Rules: Sniper

Integrated Weaponry: Arbalest Centurions can not be disarmed.

Clumsy Gait: Arbalest Centurions may not march or make sweeping advances.