Scott McNeil

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Scott McNeil. Godsdamnit, he's hot.


Scott FUCKING McNeil is a voice actor who has done thousands of voices in over a hundred different animated shows and games, and is most notable on /tg/ for being the voice of an extraordinary number of Warhammer 40,000 characters.

And he's coming for you.


Scott's not a bad VA by any means but companies that use him (most notably Relic) tend to overuse him; he is notorious for having done close to 60% of the voices for both Dark Crusade and Soulstorm. He did very nicely at first, providing the voice for SSSSSINNNDRRIII which everyone unanimously regards as good, and the voice of Lord Bale, which people had no problem with. His return as the Chaos Sorcerer in CR was also heralded with many "manly" tears of awesomeness, and his portrayal of Davian Thule is similarly well received. However, he is also responsible for untold mountains of Youtube poop, due to his performance as Indrick 'SPESS MEHREENS' Boreale, and Firaveous 'METAHL BAWKSES' Carron. This is more to be blamed on the shit writing of Soulstorm, rather than the guy's voice acting skills, in fact he probably decided to try to create as many memes as possible after seeing that excuse for a script. *BLAM*

He also does the voice of Merrick, who is unanimously loved by everyone, along with virtually all of the voices of regular Imperial Guardsmen in both games. He is also notable as a pretty cool guy, eh, voices nearly everyone and isn't afraid of anything. Though with Michael Dobson (Michael was Lord Crull) Brian Dobson voicing the Force Commander, and pretty much the entire Space Marine faction and his brother Paul Dobson voicing almost the entire Chaos Space Marine faction, some would say that Scott has lost this title.

Outside of the grimdark territory, Scott McNeil also voiced a whole awful lot of memorable characters, from Captain Harlock to Hoheneim of the Light, and a whole waggon of Transformers characters, not to mention the starkest performance between them: the manly-as-fuck, turn-into-a-raptor, humanity-protecting, spark-sacrificing, tail-fencing Dinobot. Not even Tzeentch can mitigate the sheer awesomeness of Scott McNeil.

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