Science: The Hypothesis (metagame)

Science vs Magic? Oh please...
Science:The Hypothesis
CCG-based metagame
Rule System freeform
No. of Players unlimited
Session Time unlimited, until everyone's bored
Authors /tg/
First Publication 2008

Science: The Hypothesis is a free-form rule-free game, with gaming process consisting of players naming the hypothetical decks of Magic: The Gathering-styled science-themed cards, and other players naming other science-themed decks or cards able to ruin the aforementioned combination.

As a result, Science:The Hypothesis is in the strictest sense a metagame, much like Mornington Crescent or The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Example of play:

Player 1: I enjoy playing my Newton-themed deck. Alchemy(4), Gravitation(2) - what more can a man wish?

Player 2: Well let me tell you what, I'd ruin your game with a single Relativity Theory on the second turn!

/tg/ has been lately attempting to write up actual rules for the game, making it a sci-fi MtG, but this is widely believed to be excessive and ruining the very point of the game.

There was an April-Fool's article published by Wizards of the Coast about what Magic: The Gathering would look like in alternate universes, and they had an article introducing Space: The Convergence.

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