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Not to be confused with STALKER: The RPG or STALKER: The Zone RPG.

Stalkan RPG Overview:

A Brief History of the Zone: In 1981, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant melted down. All within 40 Miles of the plant died. When the military tried to send men into the power plant, none returned. A Spetsnaz team was sent in, the few that returned spoke of mutants and strange inversions in space and time. One had found a strange object in an anomaly field, one that removed radiation. A Cordon was established to prevent people from entering the zone, but that did not stop enterprising souls from trying to make a fortune. Those who sought Riches in the zone became known as STALKERs. It has been nearly 25 years. In that time the population of the zone has grown in excess of 5000. Foreign Mercenaries now compete with Russian Universities for artifacts. The cordon is as porous as a sponge, and there is a bleed out of artifacts, and an influx of weaponry.

'It's an illusion that the Zone is under lock and key, and the army has all the ways in and out sealed and all that bullshit. Think about it, nowadays artifacts and rare specimens from the zone are found all over the world, and your fellow stalkers never had a shortage of canned meat, vodka, ammo or equipment - somebody's gotta be responsible for all that, right? -Docent Suslov

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stands for "Scavenger, Trespasser, Adventurer, Loner, Killer, Explorer, Robber"

Blowouts: Emissions from the center of the zone. The closer to the center, the more lethal it is. Has been described as a mix of and earthquake and a hurricane of molten metal made of the psychic energy of every one who died in the first disaster.


Military: Ukrainian soldiers with some Russian support. They have an official shoot-on-sight for all nonmilitary humans. They are under equipped and poorly paid. Still, the shoot on sight order did not make them many friends among stalkers. They do not tend to patrol or enter deep into the zone.

Monolith: A cult whose brainwashed soldiers are unusually well equipped. Dangerous and fanatical opponents. Uncommon except toward the center of the zone. Easily spotted by their snow pattern camouflage. If they spot any other humans, they will shoot on sight. Universally loathed to the point that Duty and Freedom will put aside their differences to destroy them.

Duty: Mostly ex-military who seek to destroy the zone. Controlling, but among the best organized of the factions. Hate the Freedom faction. Use mainly Russian mid tier gear. Recognizable by their Grey and Red motif armor. Their organization was born of the first military excursion into the zone.

Freedom: Anarchists, and long term survivors of the zone. They seek to understand the zone, viewing it as the greatest gift to mankind. Hate Duty, and use mainly low grade NATO gear and high grade civilian gear. Wear a variety of dark greens. Their origin is unknown.

Bandit: Loners who decided to prey on their fellows. Generally poorly equipped, using whatever they can loot. Almost always hostile. Can be distinguished easily from loners by their tendency to wear a lot of black. On occasion, one group of bandits will ambush another. Rather uncommon deeper in the zone, due to the dangers present. Control much of the Dark Valley, and in conflict with the loners for the Garbage. They have a few holdouts in Cordon.

Loner: The have-nots of the zone. Poorly equipped, they tend to be little more than moving targets for the rest of the zone. Still, they are fairly friendly to newcomers, and neutral with Duty and Freedom. They can be found all over. Most newcomers spend some time as a loner. Tend to wear tans and browns. Can be found all over the zone.

Mercenary: Foreign specialists hired to bring interested parties fragments of the zone. They tend to be armed with a variety of weapons. They tend to shoot first and ask questions later. Will sometimes end fighting among themselves. Tend to be found deeper in the Zone, wherever there is something worth hiring them for.

Scientist: Ukrainian, UN, and Russians who seek to understand the zone. They often hire other factions as mercenaries to guard their facilities or bring them things. They tend to be un or lightly armed. On neutral terms with Duty, Freedom, and the Loners.


List of anomalies: The Percentages are the odds of that that particular artifact will appear. Any missing percent is the odds that nothing will show up. Artifacts tend to appear after blowouts.

Burner: It can be a bit difficult to see, even in daylight, as it's only revealed by a faint heat haze. If the anomaly is triggered by either a living being or an item, such as a metal bolt, it shoots out a tall pillar of flame in the air, burning everything in its vicinity. Though somewhat rare, the Burner anomaly is most often found in clusters.

  • Damage: Fire

Formed artifacts:

  • Droplets: 45%
  • Fireball: 25%
  • Crystal: 15%

Springboard: It was one of the first types of anomalies ever recorded. A Springboard is an unstable gravitational field limited to a pocket on ground level, about 1-2 meters wide. Reacts to the presence of creatures or objects by sending out a powerful shockwave that damages anything within radius. The damage caused by this changes throughout the anomaly's lifetime, ranging from minor bruises through serious wounds to instant death. Forms three types of Artifacts:

  • Jellyfish: 50%
  • Stone Flower: 25%
  • Night Star: 15%

Vortex: An anomaly of presumably gravitational nature. When triggered, the tremendous power of the Vortex drags everything within the radius 10-15 meters towards the center. Victims drawn into the core have no chance of survival: their bodies are quickly constricted into a tight lump, only to be blown up in a powerful discharge of energy a moment later. The anomaly remains stationary throughout its lifetime (a week on average). Easily recognizable in daylight by the air fluctuation above, dancing leaves, fragments of dismembered corpses lying around and a distinctive dark stain in the center. Highly dangerous at night since it can be revealed only by means of a detector or by throwing metal objects into it.

  • Wrenched 30%
  • Gravi 20%
  • Goldfish 10%

Whirligig: A common and dangerous anomaly, that snatches its victims up in the air and spins them at a breakneck speed. The exact nature of the Whirligig remains unknown. The anomaly can be recognized by a light whirlwind of dust above and by body fragments scattered in the vicinity. Victims caught on its outer rim - far enough from the maximum effect zone at the center - can escape the Whirligig with relatively minor injuries. Forms the following three artifacts:

  • Stone Blood 35%
  • Meat Chunk 25%
  • Soul 5%

Fruit Punch: It is a puddle of green, lambent liquid that is easily visible in the poor lighting conditions of underground environment. On contact with creatures or objects such as Bolts, a Fruit Punch lights up brightly and emits a sharp hissing sound. It is extremely corrosive, damaging creatures or objects on contact. An object left in a Fruit Punch will eventually dissolve, hinting at the anomaly's acidic nature and possible chemical origin. To players, contact with a Fruit Punch will cause damage consistently over time. The Fruit Punch anomaly is found almost exclusively underground.

  • Damage: Chemical

Three types of artifacts are known to form in Fruit Punches:

  • Slime 15%
  • Slug 15%
  • Mica 15%

Electro: An anomalous formation, roughly 10 meters in diameter, accumulating large quantities of static electricity. When triggered the anomaly bursts out in dozens of miniature lightnings, causing electric shock nearly always lethal to all living beings. Recognizable by the bluish fog hovering above it in daylight. At nighttime, the Electro can be revealed using any type of detector or by throwing metal objects into the anomaly. Damage: Electrical Electro anomalies form the following artifacts:

  • Battery
  • Shell
  • Snowflake
  • Sparkler
  • Flash
  • Moonlight

Burnt Fuzz: This anomaly is usually found outdoors. It resembles moss or vines, hanging down like curtains from its growing spot. Reacts to rapidly approaching living beings by discharging a cloud of projectiles severely injuring uncovered or lightly protected skin upon contact. Does not react to slowly moving targets. Burnt Fuzz is generally considered the least dangerous anomaly in the Zone since it can be easily spotted and avoided. Touching a Burnt Fuzz curtain seems to elicit a reaction from the anomaly, but only players with little or no armor have reported being hurt by it. Burnt Fuzz is the only anomaly not to react to metal bolts.

  • Damage: Chemical

Forms three types of artifacts (possibly its seeds):

  • Thorn 45%
  • Crystal Thorn 25%
  • Urchin 15%

Anomalous Zones: These are places that have been more thoroughly abused by the forces exhibited by the zone. They are full of anomalies, but the best place to find artifacts. A few exist in each area, some of the more famous include Circus and Boiler.

Character Creation Stats: Players roll 1 d12 for each Stat. For every 3 over 6, you get +1 on checks of that type. For every 3 under 5, you get -1 on those types of checks. You may choose what numbers go where. 1: -3 7: 0 2: -2 8: +1 3: -2 9: +1 4: -1 10: +2 5: -1 11: +2 6: 0 12: +3 Speed: For each +/- point, .3 rounded to the nearest 1 meters per second of run reaction time Dexterity: Affects Firearms and Dodge. Strength: you can carry 5Kg for every point, you can throw a grenade 1 meter for every point here Perception: Affects your ability to spot hidden things, see when someone is lying to you. Constitution: for every +/- point, 1 to health 3 to stamina, 1% to each resistance

By default, players may carry 25kg.

Skills: For every 3 points of the related stats, add +1 to the skill Stealth: Dexterity Moving quietly Firearms Use: Dexterity Aiming, reloading Firearms Lore: Perception repairing and figuring out the conditions of firearms Artifact Hunting: Perception Finding artifacts in anomalies Dodge: Dexterity+Speed Getting out of the way. (You may interrupt what ever you are doing to attempt to dodge up to 2 meters away.) Traps: Perception Setting up and spotting traps and ambushes Medical Skill: Perception to diagnose, Dexterity to use: Using medikits, recognizing the type of injury Mercantile: Perception Figuring out the value of items and selling them. Also gives you a percentage discount. Survival Skills: Varies by type of check. Turning animals into food, tracking Zone Lore: Knowledge of the zone and it's inhabitants Melee combat: Dex to hit, Str bonus(in d20) to damage

Firearms Accuracy: Roll a d100, You may re roll once. You must keep the second roll. This is how skilled the character is with all guns.

Starting Packages: Rookie: Starts with 250 Rubles, a leather jacket, and a Makarov, +40 9x18, rounds, x1 vodka, x1 bandage. Skills progress +2 additional Skill points per level, +1 additional stat per even numbered level. These are the newest additions to the zone. They learn as easily as they die. Stalker: Starts with 2500 Ru worth of gear, you may keep whatever leftovers. 5 skill points, and 2 stat points. These have survived the zone long enough to be considered worth consulting. May have a variety of items based on where they have been and what they have been doing. Scientist: Starts with an NBC Suit, 3 medipacks, 2 anti radiation pills, 1500 Rubles, +1 Artifact hunting, +1 Medical Skill, +1 Zone Lore, and 4 skill points wherever you wish. Independent researchers who seek to sell what they learn. Deserter: Starts with Army Uniform, 1 Medipack, 1 bottle of vodka, SKS, 50 9x39 rounds, Fort-12, 48 9x18 rounds and 750 Ru, 2 Skill Points, and 3 Stat points, and +5 to accuracy. Local military who have decided that they were not getting paid enough to die.

Level up: Every third level, Players get to put 1 Stat point in wherever they want. Every level they get to put 3 Skill points in whatever. You may put the skill points into accuracy at a rate of +2 accuracy per point. Accuracy goes up by 1d10 Green rank 1: 200 Experience Green Rank 2: 600 Experience Green Rank 3: 1000 Experience Regular 1: 1500 Experience Regular 2: 2000 Experience Regular 3: 2500 Experience Veteran 1: 3000 Experience Veteran 2: 3750 Experience Veteran 3: 4500 Master 1: 5000 Master 2: 6000 Master 3: 7000 Legend 1: 8000 Legend 2: 9000 Legend 3: 10000

Experience gain: Players should gain experience whenever they survive anything. The more they interact with the situation, the more they get: +25 exp for running away +40 For finding a Stash +45 For discovering something new +50 for running away before the fighting is done. +100 base for fighting, +50 to 75 per human eliminated, +15 to 500 exp per mutant.

Secrets: These act as plot hooks for new characters, and most provide some benefit. They may take one at random before choosing a starting package: Double Crosser: You double crossed someone else in the zone, and stole their money. Start with 2000 Ru more for use after game has begun. Outcast: You had a minor rank in a faction, but were kicked out for behaving in a manner they found inexcusable. You may choose which Faction. Start with +1d8 more skill points. Avenger: Some of your close friends were killed in the Zone, you WILL find out who did it. Your will is formidable. +1 Fate Token Criminal: You did something really bad. Figuring nobody would be able to find you here, you ran. Your trials have hardened you. +1d4 more stat points On Business: Someone sent you to the zone to broker a deal. When it went south, they decided not to extract you. Fine, they probably don't want their gear back. You have 1500 Ru extra to purchase items at the start. You may keep the leftover. Survivor: You have made a habit of living when all those around you die. +15 Health, +1 Dodge. Lost Everything: You were ready to retire when everything you had was stolen by bandits. Start with no money, but you did pretty good business with everyone and thus you get a discount of 10% when buying from anyone. Veteran: You have fought on many fields and made many foes, you came to the zone when there was nowhere left to fight. Your experience has served you well. 3 d100 exp, +1d12 Accuracy.

Fate token: Each player gets one fate token. This lets them dodge one death, For instance, if they would be shot to death, the last bullet hits your lucky charm. If you would die to a blowout, you instead wake up in the company of neutral Stalkers. If a player does something spectacular, they may earn another.

Perks: Assault Specialist Requirement: Kill 500 Targets outside your rifles range Effect: Assault Rifles are 8% more accurate outside their range Shotgun Specialist Requirement: Reload 500 shells while under fire. Effect: Reloading takes 10% less time Handgun Specialist Requirement: Effect: Switching to a pistol takes ¾ the normal time Sniper Specialist Requirement: Effect: It takes less time to aim at a target Heavy Weapon Specialist: you are better with LMGs and grenade launchers. Requirement: Effect: Sultan Requirement: get 100000 Ru Effect: Better gear is available in stores, special for you. Hunter Requirement: Kill one of every mutant Effect: +5 damage to mutants Grenadier Requirement: Fire or throw 150 grenades Effect: No penalty to fire grenades at targets you cannot see Research Assistant Requirement: Sell 30 Artifacts to scientists Effect: Drastically reduced prices, and a better selection of goods from scientific sources. Artifact Hunter: Requirement: Visit every Anomalous Zone Effect: rare artifacts spawn more often Survivor Requirement: Get shot 100 separate times Effect: 1/20 chance of surviving an unlivable situation as though you had a fate token. Liver of steel: Drink 100 bottles of vodka over 4 days Effect: Chemical -2%, no penalty from vodka.

Human: Health: 100 Stamina: 50 Blood: 100 Speed: Walk .5 Meters per second, run 1 meter per second

Bloodsucker: Health 15D10+50 Stamina 90 Blood: 120 Attack is 4d8 + 3d6 blood loss Invisible until it attacks. Perception CR 32 Speed: Walk, .5 meters per second, run .9 meters per second

Dog Health: 2d10+20 Stamina: 120 Blood: 35 Attacks for 3d4+5 Rupture Damage + 2d8 blood loss

Pseudodog: Health 2d10+20 Stamina 110 Psychic Attack: Produces 1D8 Hallucinations that vanish when the original dies. Attacks for 3d4+5 Rupture Damage + 2d8 blood loss

Poltergeist: Health 30+d10 Psychic Attack: Flings things at players: Small item: 1d10+10 Impact dmg Medium Item: 1d10+20 Impact dmg Heavy Item: 1d10 +35 Impact dmg

Dwarf Health 90+1d10 Cannot run Impact attack: Flings things at players Impact attack: LOS, Range 30 Meters, Dmg 3d8+5 + 1d20+5 stamina dmg Psychic Ability: Shield: Takes no damage for next 30 seconds of combat, cannot move or otherwise act.

Pseudo Giant Health 15d10+150 Cannot run Rupture Damage 35+3d10

Controller Health 90+1d20 Psychic Attack: 25+4d6 and add status of brain melt (Actions take 1.25 more seconds to complete). Line of sight required. Melee: 3d4 Rupture

Boar: Health : 35+5d10 Stamina: 75 Blood: 80 Rupture Damage: 15+2d10 Charge: Rupture damage: 3d6+10, if this hits, the receiver loses 3 seconds of their next turn. The first attack the boar makes is likely to be one of these.

Tushkina: Health: 1d10+5 Stamina: 45 Blood: 5 Rupture Damage: 1d4-1

Shnork May attack on a dodge roll Health: 80+2d20 Rupture Damage: 4d6+3

Humans: These are more guidelines than actual rules for human opponents. The gear are the kind of items that would be common.

Bandit: Thief: (15% Hunting Shotgun, 55% Sawnoff Shotgun 30% no weapon) Makarov 4D10 9x18, 1d20 Shotgun shells, Leather Jacket Description: These are the lowest on the bandit pecking order. They tend to be the underlings for a more powerful boss. Highwayman: (15% AK47, 15% Uzi, 20% Mossberg 500, 25% Hunting Shotgun, 10% G3, 10% AK74U, 5% AK74) (15% Fort-12, 40% Makarov, 15% PB-6, 30% Sawn off) Description: Common bandits who live on what they can scavenge. They target travelers in ambushes. Renegade: (30% AK-74, 35% AK-74U, 10% Street Sweeper, 25% Uzi) (25% Skorpion, 25% 1911, 25% Description: a deserter from some other faction, or someone who has been kicked out. These tend to be the best armed bandits, and some of the best trained. Very aggressive, they usually acquire all their new gear from bodies. Cutthroat: Knife (5d20 Rupture) (85% PB-6, 10% Skorpion with suppressor 5% MP5SD) 3d10+5 ammo, Bandit Longcoat Description: These bandits prefer to never be seen at all. They are lightly armed, but make use of suppressed weapons.

Loner Gear: Leather Jacket, Stalker Suit, Loner Exosuit, Bandages, Medikit, Sausage Rookie: Makarov, Vodka, Description: These people have just arrived in the zone. Green: Makarov, Sawed off shotgun, Mosin Nagat Description: If a loner manages to survive a few weeks, they become this. Better equipped than before, they still tend not to venture far from home. Guard: Fort 12, Hunting Shotgun, SKS Description: Usually found around loner settlements and camps, these men are better armed than their fellows. Survivor: 1911, Ak47, Mossberg 500, HiPower, Scoped SKS, Saiga Description: these men have been around the zone for a while. They are better equipped than many of their fellows, and can be found all over the zone.

Military: Gear: Army Uniform, 60% Vodka, 35% Bread, 10% Canned Food, 25% Chance of medikit Recruit:( AK 47, SKS) Makarov, 3d20+10 Primary Ammo, 2d12+3 Secondary Description: The youngest and poorest equipped in the military. They do not even have last generation weapons. Green: (AK74U, SKS) Fort 12, (25% RGD 5) Description: These men have received military training. They are not well equipped, and have terrible morale. Regular: (AK74, AK74U) RGD5, Gsh 18 Description: Members of the soviet military who have been assigned to guard the zone. A few have some combat experience. Medic: AK74U, Fort-12, 1d4+2 Medikit, 1d4 Army medikit, 1d10 Bandage, 3d20 Primary Ammo, 2d12 Secondary Description: Tasked with keeping their fellows alive, a task they frequently fail at. Specialist: Dragunov, AN-94 Akaban, PB6, Gsh-18, RGD 5, PP19 Bison, RPD Description: Veterans. The most dangerous members of the military in an actual fight. Spetsnaz: Weapons: VSS Vintorez, AS VAL, Stechkin, Saiga, PP19 Bison, Grozna, RPD, SVU-A Armor: Spetznaz Gear Other Items: 1d4-1 Military Medikit, 1d4 bandages. 4D20 ammo for primary, 4d10 ammo for secondary. 1D4 MREs, 2% chance of having an upgraded weapon. Scout Weapons: Vss Vintorez, Dragunov, Skorpion with silencer, AS VAL, SVU-A Description: Sent in groups of three in long patrols deep into the zone. They avoid combat, but are some of the most dangerous members of the military. Experts at ambushes, evasion, and survival.

Monolith: Gear: Neophyte: (55%)AK74 (20% )G3 L85(10%) (15%) FAL) (20% Hi Power, 15% 1911, 25% Makarov, 40% TT-33) Description: The newest “recruits” to Monolith. Zealot: Saiga (15%) Dragunov (15%) PP19 (20%) RPD (20%) AN-94 Akaban (20%) Grozna (10%) 1911 (35%) Fort-12 (65%) 5d20 primary ammo, 1d20+10 secondary ammo Priest Fanatic

Duty: Gear: Probationary: SKS, Makarov, RGD-5 Description: These are the new recruits. Footman: Regular Experienced Veteran Master

Freedom: Gear: Amateur: G3, Mossberg, Green Regular Experienced Veteran Master

Mercenary: British Rifleman: (L85, G36) (USP, Beretta 92FS) (50% 1d2 F1 Grenade) Specialist: (25% Mg3, 75% SPAS-12)(Glock 18C, USP) Infiltrator: (MP5 SD) (Silenced Beretta, Silenced USP) Close Range: (Spas 12, PMC Rifleman: (G3, FAL) (1911, Hi Power) DMR: (Dragunuav) (Skorpion, Mac-10, Hi Power) Recruit: (AK74, AK 74-U, G3, Mossberg 500) (Mac-10, Skorpion, HiPower, 1911, ) Close Range: (Skorpion, MP-5, ) (1911, HiPower, Professional: (10 % Sig 550, 10% PKM, 40% MP 5, 40% LR300) (G18-C, M-79) Deserter: Use a mix of Russian gear and whatever else they can scavenge. Deserters from the local militaries, found employment deeper in the zone as mercenaries. Rifleman: (30% SKS, 20% AK47, 25% AK-74, 25% AK-74U) Specialist: (30% AN-94 (35% GP-40, 65% Pso-1) 10% AS-VAL, 15% VSS Vintorez, 30% Scavenger: (20% Street Sweeper, 20% G3, 40% AK-47,

Scientist: Gear: NBC Suit, 10% chance per level of Seva Suit. 50% chance of 1d4 medikit. 30% Chance of 1d2 Scientific Medikit. 1D4 Radiation pills. Will have some combination of Geiger counter, flashlight, and binoculars Intern: 80% Makarov, 20% Fort-12. 5D4 9x18 Description: Research assistance. Low on the totem pole, and poorly equipped. Guard: (25% Mossberg 500, 25% AK74U, 30% AK 74, 20% LR-300) (35% Fort-12, 40% Hi Power, 25% 1911) 10% Chance of Seva Suit, 10% Stalker Suit, 10% Mercenary BDUs, 10% Military Uniform. Description: These men are in charge of guarding outposts or expeditions. They tend to be recruited from the Loners, Militaries, or Mercenary Companies. Explorer: Description: These men are paid to go into the zone, and report on what they find. Experienced Explorer: (15% Mossberg 500, 10% Protecta, 25% FAL, 30% AK 74, 20% LR-300) (25% Skorpion, 20% 1911, 20% PB6, 5% Stechkin, 35% GSH-18) 2d20+2d4 Primary, 1d20+2d8 Secondary Armor: 20% Seva, 20% Mercenary ProGear, 15% Spetsnaz Gear, 45% STALKER Suit Description: These Explorers have survived several excursions. Their gear is likely looted from the dead. Veteran Outside Consultant Description: These are specialists. They are not cheap, and are arguably the best equipped forces in the zone. They are hired from all over the world, and their equipment varies widely from person to person according to personal preference.

Factions: Military: Always hostile to all non-military. Monolith: Always Hostile to all non-Monolith Duty: Always hostile to Non-Duty, Sometimes hostile to loners Freedom: Always hostile to non-Freedom, sometimes hostile to loners Bandit: Always hostile to non-bandits, Loner: Always hostile to Bandit, Military, Monolith Mercenary: Always hostile Scientist: Neutral with all

Combat system:

Reaction Time: You may chose to end your turn before you run out of seconds. If you do so, you may interrupt another actors turn to fire at them. If you wish to fire a semi auto shot, 1 shot per second, with a 5% accuracy bonus. For Auto, you may to choose how many shots to fire, in keeping with the RPM of your gun.

A weapon may be dropped as a free action, Picking up a weapon takes 1 second rounded down per .5 Kilogram. It cannot take less than a second for a character to pick up a weapon.

A combat round is 5 seconds. Speed + dexterity is what is counted for turn order. Movement per round is ½ speed per second in meters, running is speed in meters per second. Aiming adds 1% to hit a target with your next shot for every .1 seconds you spend.


0-10 Meters CQB

11-25 Close 26-45 mid Range 46+ Long

After done taking finger off the trigger, there is a one second delay. You must fire at least four shots in automatic fire if firing on automatic.

For each shot in burst or automatic, there is a -1d4 penalty to accuracy for each shot past the first. If the weapon is compensated, it is a -1d2

Weapon Classification: Pistol: The only class that can be used one handed. Useful only at the closest range. Shotgun: If it uses shotgun shells it goes here. Assault Rifle: Automatic weapons that use intermediate calibers Useful a close to mid range. Designated Markman's Rifle: Powerful rifles useful for mid to long range. Useful at mid to long range. Abbreviated to DMR Submachinegun: Automatic weapons that use pistol calibers and require two hands. Useful at closest to mid ranges. Light Machine Gun: Weapons with high capacity magazines or belts. Tend to be very heavy. Abbreviated to LMG.

Damage types: Ballistic: Bullets, Shrapnel Explosive: Grenades, Punch anomaly Fire: Molotov cocktails, burner anomaly Chemical: Punchbowl anomaly Rupture: Animal attacks, Thrown things, knives Electrical: Electro anomaly

To hit roll: (Weapon accuracy + Character )/2 + 1d20-Cover > hit <miss =Critical

Challenge rating These are the things that increase the number you must roll over Cover Up to the waist, 20 Target is in a window, 35 Target behind light cover, 15 For each distance away the target is, 10 Target is moving: 15 Target is crouching: 10 Target is sprinting: 20 For each distance outside the range of your gun, add 20.

Grenade Rules On throwing, roll 2 d10, before hand, choose one as the x coordinate, and one as the y. On a 5 or 6, grenade lands on target. If you roll more than 6, move it that many spaces away on the appropriate axis, if less than 5, it lands that many spaces closer. This applies to all ballistic rolls. For launchers, roll only 1 d10 for distance.

Formula for fragmentation: Fragments hit = blast radius – 1 for each meter away from the grenade + 1 d10.

Sample grenade: RGD-5 Blast Radius: 10 Meters Fragment damage 2+1d4

Handling: Reduces or adds to the amount of time for reloading, switching, and aiming down the sights, and cycling that weapon are reduced by the given value. Ex, handling -.1 reduces reloading, switching weapons, and aiming by .-1 seconds. A handling of +.1 will add .1 second to all actions.

When switching weapons, the stalker must also spend time equal to half the base switch time to put their weapon away. Base time for switching to a pistol 3 seconds. Base time for switching to a shotgun 4 seconds Base time for switching to an assault rifle 4.5 seconds Base time for switching to a Designated Marksman's Rifle rifle 5 seconds Base time for switching to a Submachine gun 4 seconds

Reload times: Pistol: 3 seconds Shotgun: 2 seconds per shell, or, 3.5 for magazines. Assault rifles: 4.0 Seconds Marksman's Rifle: 4.5 Seconds Submachine gun: 3.5 Seconds

Aiming Down the Sights: by default takes 1 second. Accuracy is x1.2

Actor Statistics: Health Bar: Keeps track of damage, at -16, they are dead. At 0 to -15, they are in shock, and may not act or move. May be stabilized by applying a bandage. If stable at negative HP, they may walk but not run, and accuracy is ¼ normal. Stamina: Allows the actors to run. At zero, they slow to ¾ their movement speed. It recovers at 5 per second. Radiation: Players have their maximum health lowered by the radiation bar (rounded down)per minute. They still have to heal to regain the difference in health. Artifacts, some anomalies, and some areas of the Zone are radioactive. Actors are treated as though they have lead lined backpacks, they do not receive radiation from objects they carry, only those they equip.

Radiation Radiation: Certain objects are radioactive, and will add to the radiation bar on a per second basis Some objects remove radiation at a set rate, usually X per second. Artifacts: Artifacts add directly to the radiation bar, bypassing any defenses. A Geiger counter will detect radioactive objects. Better counters will give you more information. Some counters are handheld, some can be built into suits.

Running: lose 1 stamina per second per kg carried. Speed X1.5

Eating: Food has a calorie count. The body wants 2000 calories per day. For each 500 under the day requirement, you lose 1 speed, and 5 health.


Weapon Accessories: Rifle Suppressor: Forces a CR 10 perception check to realize they are under fire, CR 15 to figure out direction. Barrel Mounted Pistol Suppressor: Forces a CR 13 perception check to realize the actor is under fire, CR 18 to figure out direction. NATO Scopes. 1.6x Acog Accuracy +4 At close to mid range. Half bonus in lowlight, no bonus in night x6 Scope Accuracy +9 at long range No bonus in dark, lowlight, situations. x6 Adjustable Accuracy +4 at close range, Accuracy +6 at mid range. Accuracy +6 at long no bonus in dark, low light environments x4 High Contrast +5 Accuracy at mid range. No bonus in dark environments. x4 Night Vision +5 accuracy at mid range. No bonus in light environments. Warsaw Pact Scopes Pso-1 x4 Scope .6 Kg +5 Accuracy at mid range, +3 in lowlight, no bonus in night. Pso-2 x8 Scope .7 Kg +7 Accuracy at long range. +4 in lowlight, no bonus in dark. Pso-1 NV x4 Scope +5 Accuracy at mid range. No bonus in light environments. Foregrip: decreases the penalty to accuracy for each shot after the first. Bayonet: Allows knife attacks without switching to the item. Barrel Mount. May not use a grenade launcher or suppressor if a bayonet is equipped. Attached Flashlight: A source of illumination. M203: Fires 40mm grenades 1.36 Kg GP-40: Fires VOG-25 and VOG-25P grenades 1.3 Kg

Bandit Longcoat: Ballistic: -6% Explosive: -3% Fire: -3% Rupture: -2% Electrical: 0 Chemical: -1% Radiation: 0 Psychic: 0 Cost: 500 Weight: 5.4kg Notes: Stealth +1 Description: This is a trenchcoat and leather jacket. It offers poor protection, but looks cool. It blends in well with the night.

Leather Jacket: Ballistic: -5% Explosive: -3% Fire: -3% Rupture: -4% Electrical: -2% Chemical: -3% Radiation: 0 Psychic: 0 Cost: 550 Weight: 3.5 Kg Description: A leather jacket with padding. It offers some protection, but is generally inferior. Worn by Loners, bandits, and have-nots.

Renegade Suit Ballistic: -13% Explosive: -7% Fire: -9% Rupture: -19% Electrical: -8% Chemical: 0 Radiation: 0 Psychic: 0 Cost: 1750 Weight: 4.5 Kg Notes: Description: Combat armor worn by Bandits. An approximate equal to the stalker suit.

Stalker Suit: Ballistic: -15% Explosive: -8% Fire: -8% Rupture: -17% Electrical: -7% Chemical: -8% Radiation: -4% Psychic: -7% Cost: 2500 Weight: 4.5 Kg Notes: Description: A common armor early in the zone. It has some extra steel armor, and provides some anomaly protection. Commonly worn by loners.

Light Duty Armor Ballistic: -17% Explosive: -10% Fire: -4% Rupture: -8% Electrical: -9% Chemical: 0 Radiation: 0 Psychic: -2% Cost: 2750 Weight: 5.0 Kg Description: Armor given to Duty recruits. Slightly better ballistic protection than the stalker suit, but generally worse anomaly protection than Freedoms equivalent.

Heavy Duty Armor Ballistic: -24% Explosive: -18% Fire: -9% Rupture: -19% Electrical: -11% Chemical: -7% Radiation: -8% Psychic: 0 Cost: 5870 Weight: 6.5 Description: Duty heavy armor. Designed more to protect from human threats.

Freedom Light Armor Ballistic: -13% Explosive: -9% Fire: -12% Rupture: -13% Electrical: -12% Chemical: -8% Radiation: -4% Psychic: -5% Cost: 4550 Weight: 4.5 Kg Description: Light armor given to Freedom recruits. Generally better anomaly protection than it's Duty counterpart. A little lighter, but more costly.

Medium Freedom Armor Ballistic: -17% Explosive: -15% Fire: -14% Rupture: -19% Electrical: -14% Chemical: -8% Radiation: -9% Psychic: -3% Cost: 5300 Weight: 5.5 Description: Rather solid armor. Gives a good balance of anomaly and combat protection.

Leather Jacket: Ballistic: -5% Explosive: -3% Fire: -3% Rupture: -4% Electrical: -2% Chemical: -3% Radiation: 0 Psychic: 0 Cost: 550 Weight: 3.5 Kg Notes: CR+8 to spot this unit Description: Resembles a pile of grass.

Mercenary BDUs Ballistic: -9% Explosive: -8% Fire: -6% Rupture: -7% Electrical: -2% Chemical: -6% Radiation: 0 Psychic: 0 Cost: 4500 Weight: 4.70 Description: Cargo pants, kneepads, and a military camouflage pattern that varies on who last wore it. Provides light armor and anomaly protection at the cost of being unreasonably heavy.

Mercenary ProGear Ballistic: -18% Explosive: -18% Fire: -6% Rupture: -11% Electrical: 0 Chemical: -18% Radiation: -4% Psychic: 0 Cost: 7500 Weight: 5.00 Description: Fairly effective armor purchased by mercenaries who have lived long enough to get the cash together, or those who were skilled enough to kill them.

NBC Suit: Ballistic: 0 Explosive: -3% Fire: -8% Rupture: -2% Electrical: -17% Chemical: -23% Radiation: -11% Psychic: -11% Cost: 4370 Weight: 3.4 Description: A Nuclear, biological, chemical suit. Provides excellent protection from anomalies, but very little from anything hostile. Usually worn by scientists.

Army Uniform Ballistic: -10% Explosive: -9% Fire: -5% Rupture: -5% Electrical: -4% Chemical: 0 Radiation: 0 Psychic: 0 Cost: 3050 Weight: 3.00 Description: A pair of camouflage pants and a bulletproof vest issued to recruits in the zone. Offers poor protection, but is comparatively cheap.

Spetznaz Gear Ballistic: -20% Explosive: -15% Fire: -7% Rupture: -9% Electrical: -8% Chemical: -10% Radiation: -10% Psychic: -5% Cost: 19000 Weight: 5.9 Notes: +3 to CR for anyone trying to spot this unit Description: Specialist armor for the Russian military. Excellent against manmade weapons, and not too shabby against the environment.

Military Beryl Armor Ballistic: -20% Explosive: -15% Fire: -16% Rupture: -18% Electrical: -14% Chemical: -13% Radiation: -14% Psychic: -10% Cost: 25000 Weight: 7.5 Notes: Cannot equip head accessories. Description: an extremely heavy suit used by special forces. It is effective against environmental effects.

Seva Suit: Ballistic: -29% Explosive: -17% Fire: -23% Rupture: -42% Electrical: -36% Chemical: -29% Radiation: -34% Psychic: -29% Cost: 55000 Weight: 7.00 Notes: May not equip any head accessories. Description: An armored Suit used for scientific expeditions where the environment is not likely to be the only enemy.

SKAT-12 Suit: Ballistic: -41% Explosive: -34% Fire: -18% Rupture: -23% Electrical: -19% Chemical: -14% Radiation: -15% Psychic: -22% Cost: 125000 Weight: 7.5 Description: The most advanced suit in the world for the purpose of protection from small and large arms. Did not see a large run due to the cost of production. Some made their way to the zone in the hands of the elites first sent in.

Exosuit Ballistic: -50% Explosive: -45% Fire: -35% Rupture: -55% Electrical: 0 Chemical: 0 Radiation: 0 Psychic: 0 Cost: 200000 Weight: 15 Notes: +25 to carry weight, wearer cannot run, cannot equip accessories to the body. Description: A technically advanced suit that was briefly manufactured in the factories before the meltdown occurred. It is highly prized for the protection it grants, and the increased weight carried.

Unique Suits: Reactive Armor “Ruby” Ballistic: -24% Explosive: -22% Fire: -25% Rupture: -23% Electrical: -19% Chemical: +23% Radiation: -25% Psychic: -15% Cost: 45000 Weight: 7.5 Notes: Cannot equip head accessories. Description: a version of the Beryl that did not see use, had greatly improved protection, but would violently react with some of the anomalous chemicals in the zone. A few prototypes are still around.

Eden Guard Ballistic: -7% Explosive: -6% Fire: -5% Rupture: -15% Electrical: +5% Chemical: -6% Radiation: -5% Psychic: -15% Cost: 15500 Weight: 3.2 Kg Notes: +850 Calories each day. Purges 5 radiation per hour, Health regeneration +24 per day. Description: This leather jacket has an unusual greenish tinge. According to legend, it was left in an anomaly when the stalker wearing died there. The stalker who later recovered it became a legend for his ability to survive in the wild.

Chernobyl Fire Suit: Ballistic: -30% Explosive: -38% Fire: -58% Rupture: -43% Electrical: -39% Chemical: -54% Radiation: -35% Psychic: -12% Cost: 125000 Weight: 6.5 Notes: Radiation +1 per minute. Description: This was one of the suits worn by the fire fighters at Chernobyl. Some enterprising stalker added additional armor plates and environmental gear. Unfortunately, the suit was brighter than him, as it was radioactive. It offers exceptional protection, but is still dangerous to the user.

Upgrades: Geiger Counter: detects radioactive areas when you enter them, or radioactive objects within 2 meters Advanced Geiger Counter: Detects radiation within 8 Meters Leather inserts: Give some protection against wild dogs Rupture -4% 400 Ru Hard Leather Inserts: Help to resist animal attacks. Rupture -8% 600 Ru Strike plates: Ceramic plates put in critical locations that deflect away edged tools. Reduces Melee damage by 4 800 Ru Tarpaulin bodysuit Provides decent protection from fire and electricity. -7% Fire -7% Electrical 550 RU Insulation: Rubber inserts in critical locations Electrical -4% 350 Ru Advanced Insulation: Nonconductive gel improves resistance without adding to overall weight Electrical -6% 750 Ru Analgesic: By keeping injuries from getting infected, this compound reduces damage. Blood loss -10% 450 Ru Artificial Cooling: Heat Resistance Up Suit is redesigned to be more comfortable Stamina +8% 850 Ru Built in Clotting solution: Lowers bleeding +1 blood recovered per second 800 Ru Kevlar Armor: A light weave fabric Ballistic -6% 550 Ru Improved lining: This mesh stops some of the fragments from explosions Ballistic -2% Explosive: -8% 900 Ru Steel plating Steel inserts in the torso help protect from bullets. Ballistic -10% 950 Ru Ceramic plating Fire and bullet resistant ceramic tiles replace some of the suits original armor. Fire -5% Ballistic -10% Titanium plating: Lightweight, high strength metallic squares protect the torso. Ballistic -13% Weight -.5 Kg Lead lining: Radiation resistance Hardened Armor: Radiation resistance Advanced Materials: Weight -20% Carry Harness: +5 Kg carried Backpack: +10 Kg carried Aluminum Frame: The metal is replaced with lighter materials Weight – 2.5 Kg 1500 Ru

Suit Accessories: Tactical Vest: Effect: All reloading is done as though the gun had -1 handling Location: Torso Cost: 1350 Weight: 1.5 Kg Upgrades: Advanced mesh: Carry +5 weight, 350 Ru Kevlar Weave: Ballistic -4%, Rupture -2%. 500 Ru

Plate Carrier: Effect: -5% ballistic damage Location: Torso Cost: 3500 Weight: 4.2 Kg Upgrades: Titanium Inserts: Ballistic -3%, 850 Ru Ceramic Plates: Ballistic -5%, explosive -2% Weight +.5 Kg, 950 Ru

Extra Artifact pockets: Effects: 2 More artifacts can be carried for effects. Location: Belt Cost: 1500 Ru Weight: .7 Kg Upgrades: +1 pocket more, 550 Ru Triggered initiation: In an action taking 3 seconds, the user may choose to treat the artifacts in these pockets as equipped or unequipped. 2500 Ru

Quickdraw holster: Effects: Switching a pistol takes 1 second less. Location: Belt Cost: 5500 Weight: .3 Kg

NVG: Effects: Night vision: Reduces the penalty to perception in low light and dark environments to ¼ of original. Location: Face Cost: 4500 Weight: .4 Kg

Industrial Gas mask: Effects: -4% to chemical Location: Face Cost: 1500 Weight: .3 Kg Upgrades: Improved Filters: -2% Chemical, -1% Radiation

Surplus Gas mask: Effects: -4% Chemical, -2% Radiation Location: Face Cost: 3470 Weight: .4 Kg Upgrades: Improved Chemical Filters: -2% Chemical Improved Radiation Filters: -2% Radiation

Military Gas mask: Effects: -5% Chemical, -2% Radiation Location: Face Cost: 5400 Weight: .4 Kg Upgrades: Improved radiation filters: -3% Radiation Improved Chemical Filters: -4% Chemical NVG Mount: you may wear night vision goggles while wearing this mask.

Old Helmet: improved armor, resistance to critical hits. Effects: -5% ballistic, -2% Explosive, critical hits deal normal damage Location: Head Cost: 250 Ru Weight: 2.4 Kg Description: Possibly left over from WWII, this is obviously not new. It smells funny and probably has lice.

Steel Helmet: Effect: -7% ballistic, -4% Explosive, Critical hits deal normal damage Location: Head Cost: 2450 Ru Weight: 2.5 Kg Description: A Modern Steel Helmet. Either a surplus item, or taken from the head of some poor member of the Ukrainian Military, You Monster. What will you tell his wife and children? Upgrades: Mounted Flashlight.

Sealed Helmet: Effect: -25% chemical, -10% radiation, -5% ballistic. Critical hits deal normal damage. Location: Head, Face Cost: 5400 Ru Weight: 3.3 Kg Upgrades: Night vision Goggles. 2500 Ru Description: The choice of the professional, and the envy of the rest.

Consumables: Vodka: -20 Radiation, perception -1, dexterity -1 20 Ru, .45 Kg Bread: 500 Calories 10 Ru, .3 Kg Sausage: 750 Calories 25 Ru, .4 Kg Canned Food: 1000 Calories 50 Ru, .5 Kg MRE: 1500 Calories 150 Ru, .5 Kg Anti-radiation pills: Removes all radiation 150 Ru, .01 Kg Medical kit: Heals 25 damage over 15 seconds 250 Ru, .4 Kg Military Med-kit: Stops 25 bleeding, heals 45 damage over 20 seconds 500 Ru, .6 Kg Scientific Med-kit: Stops 30 Bleeding, Removes 30 radiation, Heals 65 damage over 25 seconds 1000 Ru, 1 Kg Energy drink: Restores stamina at a rate of 40 per minute for the next 10 minutes 20 Ru, .2 Kg Bolt: a small light object used to detect anomalies. 5 for 2 Ru, Weightless

Useable Items: Binoculars: Allow actors to see further. Can be upgraded with one of the following: 200 Ru, 1 Kg Thermal scan: Detects heat sources, 1500 Ru High Contrast: Increases perception in non-dark environments, 750 Ru Night Vision: Increased effectiveness at night. 500 Ru Geiger Counter: Detects radiation up to 5 meters away. Can be upgraded with up to two of the following: 350 Ru, 1.5 Kg Increased Range: Detects radiation up to 10 meters away, 550 Ru Lightened Frame: Reduces weight by .7 Kg, 450 Ru Anomaly detection: will give some warning when anomalies are nearby, May be further upgraded with: Artifact Detecting equipment: Can attach an artifact detector Improved Detection Gives you warning of what is ahead, including what kind of anomaly is ahead. Flashlight: Provides a source of illumination. You cannot sneak with your flashlight on. Takes up one hand. 40 Ru Mounted Flashlight: Can be mounted to a weapon, as opposed to a handheld one. 80 Ru Lightening Bug: Detects artifacts on a warmer/colder basis. Effective range: 10 Meters 150 Ru Grizzly: Provides a directional basis for finding artifacts. Effective Range 15 meters 500 Ru Svarog: Shows the exact location of the artifact relative to you. 1500 Ru

Artifacts: These act like special equipment. Almost all have some drawback. If one is radioactive, your radiation protection will not help. Considered the most valuable export of the zone.

Bubble: Endurance +45, Electrical +15% Description: A few small light blue bubbles that phase in and out of existence. Cost: 4500 Crystal Thorn: Radiation -10%, Bleeding +200% Description: A dark green spherical crystal with many points sticking off it. Has a peculiar abrasive property. Cost: 1500 Droplets: Radiation -8%, stamina -8% Removes 1 Radiation per minute Description: A smooth glassy teardrop shaped object. Dark blue with white speckles in it, seems to glitter in the light. Cost 1000 Fireball: Radiation -12%, Stamina -9% Removes 2 radiation per second Description: Appears as a glowing red semi-spherical rock. Is warm to the touch. Cost 2500 Eye: Bleeding -7%, Chemical +5% Description: A fleshy light pink and red sphere with an unusual tail. Squishy and emit a nauseating smell. Cost 2500 Flash Stamina +30, Electrical +15% Description: A small brilliant orb. Makes the body feel lighter. Cost 3000 Goldfish: Weight Carried +8.5 Kg, Radiation +4 per minute Description: A lump of gold and red flecks that resemble scales. Cost: 6500 Firefly: Heals 5 Health per hour. Description: A bouncing, glowing, marble sized object of indeterminate shape. Cost: 3500 Gravi: Rupture -10%, Bleeding +5%, Radiation +5 per minute. Description: An unusual collection of crystal and rock. It toughens the skin, but thins the blood vessels. Cost: 5500 Jellyfish: Radiation -2 Per minute. Description: A cool, crystal, jelly. Makes it's bearer feel clean and pure. Cost: 1500 Kolobok: Rupture -6%, Ballistic -6% Radiation +7 per minute. Description: Many spines at odd angels. Cost: 8500 Flame: Fire -4%, +1 Radiation per minute. Description: A small glowing partially corporeal shape. It makes it's owner feel slightly cooler Cost: 2350 Mama's Beads: Ballistic -6% Description Creates a weak force field that slows objects moving faster than a certain speed. Prized highly by all who can find it. Cost 20000 Gravi: Weight +4.5 Kg, +1 radiation per minute Description: Possesses a shape like several mobius strips run together, all made of rust and sky colored glass. Cost: 2500 Meat Chunk: Health +100, Ballistic +10%, Rupture +10%, Description: A strange squishy hunk. Increases the vitality of the user, but weakens their resistance to damage. Cost: 2500 Mica: Stamina Recovery +3 per second Description: Thousands of bright particles that are always within 4 inches of each other. Cost: 3500 Night Star: -4 radiation per minute Description: A 4 pointed star in a color darker than than the absence of light. A brilliant outline can be seen in irradiated areas. Cost: 7500 Pellicle: Chemical -10%, Rupture +4%, Ballistic +4% Description: Improves the bodies ability to remove toxins at the cost of increasing nerve sensitivity. Appears as an unusual emerald colored thin crystal formation. Cost: 5500 Moonlight: Endurance +30, Stamina recovery +1 per second Description: A softly glowing pale ball. Energizes the body. Cost: 13000 Slime: Fire -8%, Chemical +3% Description: A cold green and blue slime. It's colors periodically shift. Cost: 3400 Slug: Fire -15%, Ballistic -5%, Radiation +5 Per minute Description: A foul smelling, dark green , foamy blob. The slime is highly flame retardant, but rather radioactive. Cost: 7600 Soul: Health +400, Ballistic +10%, Rupture +10% Description: Glass tendrils contain a glowing orange energy field. Cost: 12500 Snowflake: Health +50, -1 Radiation per minute, Fire +5% Description: A light blue crystal that forms shifting geometric patterns. Cost: 5500 Sparkler: Electrical -4%, Radiation +1 per minute. Description: Not so much an object as a pack of dancing lights. Cost: 1500 Shell: -5%, Radiation +1 per minute Description: A tan hemispherical bone object. The Flat side is full of beautiful turquoise and jades. Cost: 6700 Spring: -11%, Radiation +2 per minute Description: An unusual object that looks o be made of bone and rock, but has the texture of rubber. Cost: 8800 Stone Blood: Health +50, Chemical -8%, Rupture +10% Ballistic +5% Description: Assorted biological matter and soil that has been exposed to extreme chemical and gravitational forces. Cost: 3500 Stone Flower: Chemical -6%, Radiation +1 per minute Description: A coconut shaped rock with yellow sap rolling down the top. Cost: 2500 Thorn: -1 radiation per minute, bleeding +200% Description: It looks like wood, but feels unlike anything of this earth. Thins the skin, and purges the body. Cost: 1500 Wrenched: Rupture -8% Radiation +2 per minute Description: May have once been an igneous rock, has been affected by strong gravitational forces, slightly magnetic. Cost: 2900 Urchin: Health regeneration +1 per minute, Chemical -5%, Ballistic +4% Description: A spindly dark blue object with a smooth texture. Promotes cell growth. Possibly causes cancer, but I wouldn't worry too much. Cost: 3500

Unique Artifacts: Compass: Radiation +1 Per minute, Health -15 You can see anomalies as plain as day, as well as into the infrared spectrum. You have no problems seeing at night.

Panacea: Health regeneration: +2 per minute, -3 Radiation Per minute, All resistances -3%, Stamina +5 per Second, Health +100 You can feel your body heal even old scars. 35000 Ru


Weapon name Accuracy: The Percentage chance of the weapon hitting if locked in a vice Handling: The adjustment for the speed reloading, aiming, drawing Damage: Weapon modifier + Ammo damage Rate of fire: The number of shots per minute Effective Range: The ranges the weapon is designed for Durability: each weapon has a health. Each shot fired reduces it. The percentage of a misfire is equal to the percentage of health Caliber: Notes: Denotes other effects, or background information Weight: Kilograms Class: What type of weapon it is. For weapons that have more than one class, you may choose which one you wish to use it as.

Calibers: DMG = Damage on hit AP = Ignores that much damage reduction (Ex ap 2 means it adds 2 to the ballistic value, so -10% becomes -8% damage from ballistic attacks)

Pistol: Sold in units of 50 9x18: Standard 19 DMG AP 0 .006 KG 25 Cost

9x18 +P 22 DMG AP 0 .006 KG 55 Cost

9x19 Standard 23 DMG AP 0 .008 KG 50 Cost

9x19 Subsonic: Adds 3 to any Suppressor related rolls. 18 Dmg AP 0 .007 Kg 120 Cost

.45 Standard 24 DMG 0 AP .008 Kg 250 Cost

Hollow-point 28 DMG -2 AP .008 Kg 500 Cost

Shotgun: Sold in units of 20. First is number of projectiles, second is damage 12 Gauge Buckshot 8x17 AP-4 .01 Kg 100 Cost 12 Gauge Flechette 12x15 3 AP .011Kg 750 Cost 12 Gauge Slug 1x55 0 AP .015Kg 300 Cost 12 Gauge Magnum Buckshot 12x17 -4 AP .014 Kg 800 Kg Cost: 160

RIFLE ROUNDS Sold in units of 20 7.62x39 The Standard Ammunition of Soviet Russia Standard 35 DMG -1 AP .015 Kg 45 Cost

Incendiary: Checks the average of explosive and ballistic damage reduction 44 DMG 0 AP .016 Kg 90 Cost 7.62x5.45 NATO The modern NATO Round Standard 32 DMG 1 AP .011 Kg 100 Cost

7.62x5.45 Subsonic: adds 2 to the CR os suppressor related rolls. 25 DMG 0 AP .01 Kg 120 Ru

7.62x51 A round commonly found in battle rifles of the 1950-70s 36 DMG 2 AP .014 Kg 140 Cost

5.45x39 Used in modern Warsaw Pact weapons. Standard 33 DMG 0 AP .013 Kg 75 Cost

5.49x39 AP 32 DMG 4 AP .014 Kg 135 Cost

9x39 Used in some new Russian weapons 39 DMG 0 AP .015 Kg 200 Cost

DMR Sold in units of 10 7.62x54R 55 DMG 4 AP .016 Kg 100 Cost

Grenades 40mm Buckshot: Acts like a shotgun 20x180 AP 0 .6 Kg Weight 1800 Ru Explosive Blast Radius 10 Fragment Damage 1d2 Cost 600 .5 Weight Fragmenting Blast Radius 15 Fragment Damage 1d4 Cost 850 Weight .6 Flare Provides illumination in a 15 meter radius Cost 350 VOG Explosive Blast Radius 15 Fragment Damage 1d4+1 Cost 450 Weight .6 Fragmentation Blast Radius 20 Fragment Damage 1d4+1 Cost 900 Weight .7 F1 Blast Radius 15 Fragment Damage 1d4+1 Cost 575 Weight .4 RGD-5 Blast Radius: 10 Fragment Damage: 1d4 Cost: 275 Weight: .4 Molotov cocktail Blast Radius: 10 Fire Damage: 10d6 Cost: 100 Ru Weight: .6

Sawn off shotgun: Shotgun Rounds Accuracy: Handling: Damage Mod: RPM: Effective Range: Fire Modes: Upgrades: Notes: Weight: Cost: Class:

Civilian: Tier 3: Sawn off shotgun: Shotgun 2 Rounds Accuracy: 30 Handling: -.3 (1.3 for switching weapons) Damage Mod: -1d4 per pellet RPM: May fire both barrels instantaneously Effective Range: CQB Durability:1000 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Blued Steel: Durability +100 Notes: 3 Kg Weight: 2.14 Kg Cost: 500 Class: Shotgun Makarov: 9x18 8 Rounds Accuracy: 45 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: -1d8 RPM: Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1000 Accessories: None Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Rapid Return Spring: RPM +5 Notes: Can be used one handed. Unique version: Damage mod is +1d4, Accuracy +5 Named Ceremonial Makarov. Description: “This pistol has been polished to a sheen. Engraved upon it is the line “Presented for valor in the line of duty” Cost +1000 Weight: .73 Cost: 250 Class: Pistol Tier 2: Hunting Shotgun: Shotgun 2 Rounds Accuracy: 35 Handling: -.2 Damage Mod: +1d4 per pellet RPM: Instantaneously Effective Range: Close to Mid Durability: 1500 Accessories: Hunting scope Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Barrel Choke: Accuracy +15, May only use buckshot and flechette 750 Ru Threaded Barrel: Accuracy +20, May only use slug and dart 750 Ru Notes: Unique version: The Big Game Hunter: Damage Mod +2d20+10, May only use Dart and Flechette. Weight -.7, Accuracy 60, 1 Shot. Weight: 3.45 Cost: 1500 Class: Shotgun Mosin Nagant: 7.62x54R 5 Round Accuracy: 65 Handling: +1 Damage Mod: -1d4 RPM: 20+Dexterity Effective Range: Long Durability: 1500 Accessories: Bayonet Fire Modes: Manual Cycle Upgrades: Scope Mount: May mount PSO scopes. 450 Ru Notes: Bolt action. Uncommon Version: Mosin Nagant Sniper: Accuracy 78, Built in Scope, Damage mod +1d8 Uncommon Version: Obrez: Accuracy 34, Weight -2.2, Dmg mod -1d8, +2d8 Fire Dmg if target under 5 meters, Effective Range is CQB. Weight: 4.22 Cost: 750 Class: DMR Tier 1: AK 47: 7.62x39 30 Rounds Accuracy: 53 Handling: +.7 Damage Mod: +1d6 RPM: 600 Effective Range: Close Durability: 1750 Accessories: 40 Round Magazines, 75 round drum mags, GP-30, Bayonet. Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Underslung Mount: may mount underbarrel accessories. 600 Ru Notes: Weight: 4.3 Cost: 1250 Class: Assault Rifle Mossberg 500: Shotgun 5 Rounds Accuracy: 43 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d6 Total RPM: 35 Effective Range: Close Durability: 1000 Accessories: Fire Modes: Manual Cycle Upgrades: Improved Materials: Weight -.3, 450 Ru Foregrip mount: 450 Ru, Flashlight Mount: This weapon may mount a flashlight. 550 Ru Extended Tube: +3 rounds 650 Ru Notes: Pump action, Unique Version: Mossberg Defender: Accuracy-3, Effective from CQB to close, May mount Bayonet. Weight: 3.56 Cost: 2500 Class: Shotgun Uzi: 9x19 20 Rounds Accuracy: 33 Handling: -.1 Damage Mod: -1d4 RPM: 600 Effective Range: Short Durability: 1275 Accessories: Pistol Suppressor, 32 round magazine Fire Modes: Semi, Automatic Upgrades: Shortened Return Spring: RPM +50 Notes: Weight: 3.7 Cost: 2500 Class: Submachine gun M79: 20mm Grenade 1 Round Accuracy: 65 Handling: Damage Mod: 0 RPM: Effective Range: Close to mid Durability: 500 Accessories: Fire Modes: Single Upgrades: Rangefinder: You may attempt to launch grenades at long range. 1250 Ru Polycarbonate grip: Weight -.5 Kg, 650 Ru Notes: Ballistic Weight: 2.72 Cost: 4500 Class: Grenade Launcher SKS: 7.62x39 10 Rounds Accuracy: 64 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d6 RPM: Effective Range: Mid to Long Durability: 1250 Accessories: Scope, Bayonet Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Magazine release: allows the use of 30 round magazines. Notes: Unique Version: Firewood: Damage+1d8, Radiation +1 per minute, when an actor is hit, they receive an equipped artifact that adds 1 radiation per minute, and cannot be unequipped unless they use a scientific medikit, or 3 anti-radiation pills. Description: This SKS is always warm to the touch. It is slightly radioactive, enough so that the rounds it fires take on some unusual properties. It was last used by one of the guards at Chernobyl, but was abandoned at the site during the meltdown. Weight: 3.86 Cost: 2500 Class: DMR FAL: 7.62x51 20 Rounds Accuracy: 65 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d8 RPM: 700 Effective Range: Mid to Long Durability: 1100 Accessories: Nato Scopes, 30 Round Mags Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Folding Stock: Effective at close range too, 1100 Ru Hollow Stock: Weight -.35 Threaded Barrel: May Mount Rifle Suppressors. 990 Ru Synthetic furniture: Weight -.4 Kg. 1200 Ru Notes: Uncommon Version: FAL Para: Accuracy 61, Dmg Mod +14d, Effective range Close to Mid, weight: 3.7 Kg Weight: 4.45 Cost: 5500 Class: Assault Rifle Warsaw Pact Tier 3: AK 74U: 5.45x39 30 Rounds Accuracy:48 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: -1d6 RPM: 650 Effective Range: Close Durability: 1250 Accessories: 45 round Magazine, 75 Round Drum Magazine Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Under Barrel Mount: May mount Foregrips and GP-40s Threaded Barrel: May Mount Rifle Suppressors Folding Stock: Weapon also effective at CQB range, 1000 Ru Rapid Return Spring: RPM +50 Threaded Barrel: You may mount a Rifle Suppressor Notes: Shooter's Eye: Accuracy+8, Damage mod=+1d12-4, Weight -.31 Kg, Removes 1 Radiation per minute. Description: According to legend, this gun was carried by a legendary stalker. It is obviously unique, with some unusual custom work done. Weight: 2.71 Cost: 2900 Class: Assault Rifle Fort 12: 9x18 12 Rounds Accuracy: 40 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 45 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 950 Accessories: Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Improved Sights: Accuracy +4 when aiming. 120 Ru Underbarrel Mount: May mount a Flashlight Notes: Weight: .83 Cost: 750 Class: Pistol Tier 2: AK 74: 5.45x39 30 Rounds Accuracy: 55 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 600 Effective Range: close to mid Durability: 1000 Accessories: PSO-1 Scope, Kastyor, 45 Round Magazine, 75 Round Drum Mag, Bayonet Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Extended Barrel: Range is now mid to long, Damage mod is now +1d8. Cost 1250. Scope Mount: You may mount Scopes. 250Ru Under-barrel Mount: You may mount Foregrips and GP-30s. Cost is 850 Ru Folding Stock: Weapon is now effective at CQB and Close Range. Cost is 550 Ru Threaded Barrel: May Equip a Rifle Silencer Notes: Unique Version: Marker of Chernobyl: Built in GP-30, Damage Mod= +1d8 ballistic, +1d10 Chemical, +2d8 Fire, +1d8 Electrical, Radiation +2 per minute to user. Description: The origin of this gun is not known. It was taken from a monolith priest, and glows with an unnatural green similar to some anomalies. It is considered cursed, as several of it's past owners have died unusually. It has been said that none survive being shot by it. Weight: 4.3 Cost: 4000 Class: Assault Rifle Saiga: Shotgun 8 Rounds Accuracy: 43 Handling: +.3 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 120 Effective Range: Close Durability: 800 Accessories: Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Automatic Fire: 850 Ru Skeletal Stock: Weight -.4 Kg Notes: Unique Version: Velma: Built in GP-30. Damage mod is + 1d20 overall, accuracy +4, Automatic Fire, 12 Rounds. Description: This weapon used to belong to a notable assassin, until he was killed by one of his quarries. Since then, this gun has not been bought once, rather it has been passed from cold dead grasp to warm greedy hand. Weight: 3.6 Cost: 5500 Accessories: 10 Round Magazines Class: Shotgun or Assault Rifle Dragunov 7.62x54R Accuracy: 70 Handling: -.4 Damage Mod: +1d8 RPM: Effective Range: Long Durability: 1230 Accessories: Built in PSO-1 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Polymer Furniture: Decreases Weight Notes: Weight: 4.31 Cost: 7500 Class: DMR PB6 Silenced Pistol: 9x18 8 Rounds Accuracy: 47 Handling: -.1 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: Effective Range: CQB Durability: 850 Accessories: Built in Suppressor Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Notes: Weight: .97 Cost: 830 Class: Pistol PP19 Bison: 9x18 64 rounds Accuracy: 34 Handling: -.1 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 650 Effective Range: CQB Durability: Accessories: Pistol Suppressor Fire Modes: semiautomatic, automatic Notes: Weight: 2.1 Cost: 3600 Upgrades: Caliber Change: 9x19, 750 Ru Shortened Return Spring: RPM+50, Cost 750 Ru Class: Submachine gun GSh 18: 9x19 18 Rounds Accuracy: 41 Handling: -.2 Damage Mod: -1d4 RPM: 55 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1050 Accessories: Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Underbarrel Mount: May add Flashlights. Notes: Weight: .58 Cost: 1000 Class: Pistol Skorpion: 9x18 20 Rounds Accuracy: 33 Handling: -.3 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 850 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1000 Accessories: Pistol Suppressor, Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Caliber Change: 9x19, Cost 450 Ru Wire Stock: Effective range increased to close. Notes: Weight: 1.28 Cost: 1800 Class: Submachine gun Tier 1: Grozna: 9x39 20 Rounds Accuracy: 56 Handling: +.2 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 700 Effective Range: Close Durability: 850 Accessories: Built in GP-30 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Threaded Barrel Notes: Unique Version: Thor: Chambered for 5.45x39. Accuracy +6, Range Close to mid, RPM +100, Additional damage mod, +1d12 Electrical Damage. Weight: 4 Cost: 16000 Class: Assault Rifle AS VAL: 9x39 20 Rounds Accuracy: 55 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: -1d8 RPM: 700 Effective Range: Close to Mid Durability: 950 Accessories: Built in Rifle Suppressor, May equip PSO-1 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Notes: Weight: 2.96 Kg Cost: 20000 Class: Assault Rifle VSS Vintorez: 9x39 10 Rounds Accuracy: 65 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: -1d6 RPM: 700 Effective Range: Mid to long Durability: 975 Accessories: Built in PSO-1, Suppressor Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Scope Mount: You may mount any Warsaw Pact scope you wish to this gun. Notes: Unique Version: Heavily Used Vintorez: 20 Rounds, Accuracy 75, Damage mod -1d4, RPM 750, Weight -.3, Camouflage +1. Description: The gun has seen much use. It is covered in scratches and there are many worn looking parts. It is obvious that custom work was done on it by it's previous owner, but there is no clue as to who that could be. Weight: 3 Cost: 25000 Accessories: 20 Round magazine Class: DMR Stechkin: 9x18 20 Rounds Accuracy: 30 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 600 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1000 Accessories: Fire Modes: semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Threaded Barrel: Allows the mounting of a pistol suppressor. Notes: A rare and valued weapon. Found usually only in the hands of Spetznaz. Weight: 1.02 Cost: 5200 Class: Pistol RPD: 7.62x39 100 rounds Accuracy: 50 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d6 RPM: 650 Effective Range: Mid Durability: 1000 Accessories: Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Caliber change 7.62x39 → 5.45x39 → Magazine Fed 40 rounds default, 75 round Mag accessories useable. Cost 1570 Ru Extended Barrel: Range extended to long, +1d4 additional damage modifier, Cost: 900 Synthetic Materials -2.5 Kg Notes: Weight: 7.4 Cost: 7500 Class: LMG Protecta: Shotgun 12 Rounds Accuracy: 36 Handling: +.1 Damage Mod: +1d4-1 RPM: 60 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1250 Accessories: Fore grip Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Extended Barrel: Accuracy +5 Damage additional +1 Range extended to close. Notes: Weight: 4.2 Kg Cost: 9500 Class: Shotgun SVU-A: 7.62x54R 10 Rounds Accuracy: 74 Handling: +.1 Damage Mod: -1d4 RPM: 650 Effective Range: Mid To Long Durability: 950 Accessories: Built in PSO-1 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Automatic Fire Selector, Allow automatic fire. 1500 Ru Threaded Barrel: allows Mounting of Rifle Suppressor. 500 Ru Improved Rifling: Accuracy +5, Damage mod is now +1d4. 1000 Ru Notes: Weight: 4.4 Cost:18000 Class: DMR PKM: 7.62x54R Belt Fed: 100 rounds Accuracy: 60 Handling: +.7 Damage Mod: -1d6+3 RPM: 650 Effective Range: Mid Durability: 1255 Accessories: 200, 250 Round Belts Fire Modes: Automatic Upgrades: Hollow Stock: Weight -.35, 750 Ru Notes: Weight: 7.5 Cost: 25000 Class: LMG AN-94 Akaban 5.45x39 Accuracy: 68 Handling: +1 Damage Mod: +1d8+2 RPM: 600, 1200 in 2 round burst mode Effective Range: Mid to Long Durability: 700 Accessories: Warsaw Pact Scopes, 45 round Magazines Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, 2 Round Burst, Automatic Upgrades: Under-barrel Mount: You may attach under barrel accessories. Bayonet Lug: You may mount bayonets Notes: Both shots from the 2 round burst hit the same point Weight: 3.85 Cost: 12500 Class: Assault Rifle NATO Tier 3: L85: 7.62x5.45 30 Rounds Accuracy: 69 Handling: +.3 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 650 Effective Range: Mid to Long Durability: 500 Accessories: Built in ACOG Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Threaded Barrel: You may mount Rifle Suppressors Extended Barrel: Damage Mod= +1d8, Accuracy +5 M203 Fore end: Weight +1.6 Kg: This weapon is treated as though it has an attached M203 Bayonet Lug: This weapon may mount bayonets. Notes: Uncommon Variant: Dragon: Accuracy 49, RPM 750, Underbarrel Mount, Effective Range CQB to Close, Class Submachine Gun. Uncommon Variant: L96: Accuracy 76, Built in ACOG, Damage +1d8 Weight +2 Kg Class LMG Weight: 4.13 Cost: 8000 Class: Assault Rifle Hi Power: 9x19 13 Rounds Accuracy: 37 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d6 RPM: Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1050 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Notes: Weight: .88 Cost: 4850 Class: Pistol MP5: 9x19 30 Rounds Accuracy: 48 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d4+2 RPM: 800 Effective Range: Close Durability: 990 Accessories: Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Fully Automatic Upgrades: Sliding Stock: Weight -.4, 3 Round Burst Mode, MP5k Parts: Range CQB only RPM +100, Weapon is treated as though a foregrip is mounted. 55 Ru Notes: Weight: 2.83 Cost: 7500 Uncommon Version: MP5 SD: Built in suppressor pistol, Accuracy +3 Class: Submachine gun Beretta 92fs: 9x19 15 Rounds Accuracy: 32 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 60 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1000 Accessories: Suppressor, Extended Magazine: 20 Rounds Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Threaded Barrel, 3 round burst function, automatic function, Compensator Notes: Weight: .95 Cost: 2900 Class: Pistol G3: 7.62x51 20 Rounds Accuracy: 59 Handling: +.3 Damage Mod: +1d6-4 RPM: 550 Effective Range: Mid Durability: 1150 Accessories: NATO Scopes, Bayonet Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Notes: Uncommon Version: G3 Grenadier: Fixed M203 to bottom barrel. Weight +.3 Weight: 4.5 Cost: 9500 Class: Assault Rifle Tier 2: LR 300: 7.62x5.45 Accuracy: 45 Handling: -.1 Damage Mod: -1d4+2 RPM: 950 Effective Range: Close to Mid Durability: 1000 Accessories: Suppressor, NATO Scopes, M203 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Extended Barrel: Range increased to Long, weight +.31, accuracy +7 1200 Ru Bayonet Lug: You may mount a bayonet to this weapon. 350 Ru Notes: Weight: 2.54 Cost: 7500 Class: Assault Rifle 1911: .45 7 Rounds Accuracy: 33 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +2d4-3 RPM: Effective Range: CQB Durability: 2000 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Custom Trigger: accuracy +4, 1000 Ru Skeletal Components: Weight -.35 950 Ru Notes: Unique Version: The Dillinger: Adds Automatic fire with a RPM of 1000, Weapon is compensated, has foregrip that is used if there is nothing in the other hand. Weight: 1.08 Cost: 2050 Class: Pistol SPAS 12: Shotgun 8 Shots Accuracy: 42 Handling: + .3 Damage Mod: RPM: 75 Effective Range: CQB, Close Durability: 750 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Barrel Choke: Accuracy +6, you may only load buckshot and flechette, Range increased to mid. 890 Ru Extended magazine tube: +4 Shots. Notes: Weight: 4.4 Cost: 8500 Class: Shotgun G36: 7.62x5.45 30 Rounds Accuracy: 65 Handling: -.1 Damage Mod: -1d4 RPM: 750 Effective Range: Mid Durability: 1000 Accessories: Built in 3.5 Scope (Accuracy +4 for aimed shooting in light environments), 100 round drum mag Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, 2 round burst, Automatic Upgrades: Threaded Barrel (Can Mount Suppressor), Under-barrel Mount (May mount under barrel Accessories), Extended Barrel: Effective range increased to long Accuracy +5, Damage mod + 1d4, Carbine Barrel: Effective range is close to mid Accuracy -6 Weight -.21 Notes: Weight: 3.6 Cost: 15000 Class: Assault Rifle UMP 25 Rounds Accuracy: 40 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 600 Effective Range: Close to mid. Durability:1000 Accessories: Flashlight, Foregrip, NATO Scopes, Pistol Suppressor Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: 9mm Conversion: RPM +50, +5 shots, 950 Ru 3 Round Burst: 800 Ru Notes: Weight: 2.2 Kg Cost: 5500 Class: Submachine Gun M14: 7.62x51 20 Rounds Accuracy: 73 Handling: +.3 Damage Mod: +2d4-2 RPM: 700 Effective Range: Mid To Long Durability: 1800 Accessories: NATO Scopes Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Automatic Fire, Polymer Furniture Notes: Weight: 5.5 Cost: 18000 Class: DMR CZ-75 Rounds 16 Accuracy: 34 Handling: -.3 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: Effective Range: CQB Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: 9mm → .45, Compensator Notes: Weight: Cost: 2500 Ru Class: Pistol Mac-10: 9mm 30 Rounds Accuracy: 29 Handling: -.1 Damage Mod: -2d4+5 RPM: 1145 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 1200 Accessories: Suppressor Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, automatic Upgrades: Caliber change: 9mm to .45, -2 shots, 950 Ru Sliding Stock: Increases Range to short, 1000 Ru Notes: Weight: 2.84 Cost: 2100 Class: Pistol or Submachine gun Tier 1: Sig 550: 7.62x5.45 20 Rounds Accuracy: 76 Handling: -.3 Damage Mod: +1d8-1 RPM: 700 Effective Range: Mid to Long Durability: 1320 Accessories: NATO Scopes, M203, Suppressor, 30 Round Magazines Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, 3 Round burst, Automatic Upgrades: Threaded Barrel (May mount the accessory Suppressor), 950 Ru Carbine Barrel (Range is now Close to Mid), 1200 Ru Folding Stock (Effective at CQB), 2000 Ru Notes: Weight: 4.05 Cost: 25000 Class: Assault Rifle USP: .45 12 Rounds Accuracy: 37 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: -1d4 RPM: 55 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 6500 Accessories: Pistol Suppressor Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: Caliber change: .45 to 9mm Notes: Weight: .72 Cost: 5500 Class: Pistol FN2000: 7.62x5.45 30 Rounds Accuracy: 69 Handling: -.3 Damage Mod: +1d8 RPM: 850 Effective Range: Close to Long Durability: 1250 Accessories: Built in 1.6 Scope and M203 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, Automatic Upgrades: Threaded Barrel: May mount Rifle Suppressors. Scope Mount: Removes the default sight, you may mount other NATO Optics. Notes: Weight: 4.6 Cost: 27000 Class: Assault Rifle MG3: 7.62x5.51 50 rounds Accuracy: 55 Handling: -.2 Damage Mod: -1d4+2 RPM: 1200 Effective Range: Mid Durability: 1500 Fire Modes: Automatic Upgrades: Belt Fed: 100 rounds, reload time +2 seconds Notes: Weight: 10.5 Cost: 55000 Accessories: NATO Scopes, Class: LMG Glock 18C: 9x19 10 Rounds Accuracy: 33 Handling: -.2 Damage Mod: +1d4 RPM: 1200 Effective Range: CQB Durability: 950 Fire Modes: Semiautomatic, 3-Round Burst Upgrades: Compensated Barrel: 750 Ru Automatic Fire: 1200 Ru Notes: Weight: .62 Cost: 5500 Accessories: 17 Round Mag, 31 Round Mag Class: Pistol HK 417: 7.62x51 Rounds 20 Accuracy: 88 Handling: 0 Damage Mod: +1d12+2 RPM: Effective Range: Mid to long Fire Modes: Semiautomatic Upgrades: 416 Parts: Automatic fire added, 650 RPM 7.62x51 → 7.62x5.45 Notes: Weight: Cost: 25000 Class: DMR

Special Weapons:

Gauss Gun 1 Round Accuracy: 100 Handling: +4 Damage: 200+5d20, AP80 RPM: 60 Effective Range: Long Durability: 100 Caliber: Gauss Batteries: 200 Dmg, 100 Ru each Notes: An extremely rare weapon in the zone. One of the items researched in the secret Labs. Weight: 5Kg Accessories: Special Thermal Scope, Special Scope Class: DMR Cost: 175000 Weight: 4.5 Kg

RPG-7 1 Shot Accuracy: 55 Handling: +3 Seconds Damage: Explosive: 75+5d10, 5d20 Ballistic blast radius 10 Meters AP100 RPM: Effective Range: Mid Durability: 100 Accessories: None Fire Modes: Upgrades: None Notes: An Antitank weapon. Rare in the zone due to a lack of cost-effective targets. Useful for Pseudogiants. Weight: 5.9 Kg Cost: 25000

Upgrades Weapon Improved Rifling: Accuracy +5%, Cost=improvementx2rounded to the nearest 10 Superior Rifling Accuracy +7% Cost=improvementx2rounded to the nearest 10 Shotgun: Extended Barrel: Accuracy +7%, Cost=improvementx2.5rounded to the nearest 5 Shotgun: Lightened Barrel: Weight -14%, Accuracy -5% Cost=1/2 gun+500Ru Barrel Choke: Accuracy +16%, Cannot use slug or Dart. Cost=1/2cost of gun+improvementx2 Rounded to the nearest 10 Custom Choke: Accuracy +4%, May use all ammo types in shotgun, Cost=accuracy x10+1/2 cost of gun. Rifled Barrel: Accuracy +25%. May only use Dart and slug. Cost=improvementx10+15% Scope Mount: Allows mounting of scopes Cost=35% of gun Under-barrel Mount: Allows mounting of foregrip and grenade launcher Cost=40% of gun. Shortened Piston: Rate of fire +10% Cost=improvementx10+1/4 cost of gun Ergonomic Grip: Handling -varies, Cost= 100per point of improvement. +350 Extended Barrel: Increases effective range by one Varies cost Composite Materials: Weight -10% Hollow Stock: Weight -10% Reenforced Chamber: Durability +15% Improved steel barrel: Durability +10% Threaded Barrel: Allows attachment of a suppressor Bayonet Lug: Allows attachment of a Bayonet Compensated Barrel: Recoil -10% Caliber Changed 7.62x39.56 or 7.62x5.45 9x19 or 9x18 Auto Fire 3 Round burst fire