Runtherd Equipment

Runtherd Equipment are crude tools and devices used to keep a Runtherd's herd in line with. Although they can also function as a weapon if need be.



The Grotwhip is a barbed lash several metres long used by Runtherds to keep Grotz in line by cracking open a few backs. Like all Ork weapons, the Grotwhip is larger and more brutal than its human counterpart, the Groxwhip.

The Grotwhip can also be used as a makeshift weapon, however it would make for a poor weapon due to its odd handling and lack of any armor-piercing capabilities. The most likely use for these weapons is to incapacitate enemy infantry.

Grabba StikkEdit

Grabba Stikk

Grabba Stikks are the traditional tool of Runtherds, used for throttling anything in arm's reach. Consisting of a sturdy metal pole, a deceptively simple pulley system, and an articulated barbed claw, grabba stikks are used to capture and restrain potential slaves.

In battle, Runtherds often use them to throttle enemies within the weapon's reach. Potentially man-handling them into submission so they can be easily captured and used as slaves, or turn them into target practice for the Grots to shoot at.



The more progressive Runtherds use a simple Mek invention known as Grot-Prod to deliver a short, sharp shock to an errant Grot's vunerable parts. It is similar to a cattle-prod, and works by delivering jolts of electricity into a Grots body.

These electric prods can also be made into a formiddable close combat weapons by increasing the voltage to lethal levels and frying them from the inside out. The Human equivalent would be the Arc Maul.

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