Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy

When you want to weaponize a hot dog stand, accept no substitutes!
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By Mork's grace it has been done. The Squig Catapult has been reborn.

A new Ork vehicle from the 2018 Orktober event, as a Speed Freek vehicle, it is designed for XTREME SPEED! The Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy is a weaponized Ork food truck, originally intended to feed Speed Freeks on the move but repurposed after a rabid attack squig was fired into an Ork's face. Yes, it is as awesome as you would expect. As such, this vehicle contains a diverse abundance of different type of Squigs for all your Squiggly needs. Eagle-eyed Ork players will notice the huge variety of different Squig breeds on the model, including: Bitey Squigs, which latch on to the first thing they hit and don’t stop chewing until they are bludgeoned to death; Bile Squigs which squirt, spray or vomit a variety of hilariously harmful fluids in every direction; and Boom Squigs that explode violently at the first sign of provocation, ostensibly to ‘warn off predators’. Other forms of Squig that have been identified includes a Squig Hound, a Squig Mine and even a pot full of Buzzer Squigs. Occasionally, they may deploy far more exotic squigs, such as the bellow-lunged screech squig or the revolting yet hilarious bowel-torrent squigs.

The Squigbuggy is a flatbed truck; the flatbed itself contains a squig pen overflowing with all manner of bitey, bile and boom squigs, overseen by a Grot (who, honestly, is having a pretty hard time keeping the squigs under control). Below the flatbed are 2 fuel tanks – not especially well protected from impact – and a set of saw blades either side, perfect for shredding tires and enemies.

Because of its unique nature, the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy acts as both a fast attack vehicle and a mine layer at the same time. It is armed with both a Heavy Squig Launcha and a slightly smaller Squig Launcha, both of which fire one of several unpleasant varieties of Squigs at enemies up to 36" away. For closer-in work the vehicle's crew can employ Stikksquig grenades and, for some reason, a shotgun. Once per game, the buggy can also release a Squig Mine that can explode with hilarious results if a model approaches too closely. There is also a Snotling standing on one of the Ork's shoulders like an Orky parrot. Truly, Gork and Mork has blessed us for our patience.

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