Roland Flak Batterie

Rol Rol Rol your boat, gently down the stream...

The Flugabwehrpanzer Roland is a Mobile SAM (surface to air missile) platform that combines the might of the Roland SAM with the mobility of the Marder Chassis.

In Team YankeeEdit

Das Stats

The SAM Ying to the SPAAG Yang of the Gepard, the Roland is a Decent SAM Platform for the West Germans.

Now, some of you may be wondering why you would ever take the Roland since the Gepard is arguably the best AA in the game, and that is completely justified. The Roland's sole missions is to "Shoot down Planez". You cannot engage anything other than enemy aircraft. Luckily that is something that the Roland excels at: parked into a corner of the map, it can cover the entire field whereas your Gepards only protect a limited range. 2 Rolands cost 3 points and can be bought in a battery of 2, 4 or 6 vehicles.

Just remember: you are only going to take this when you can't take any more Gepards. They might have range, but they're still a pretty crap unit.

They are surprisingly tanky against autocannon shots from the front and are immune to small arms fire. However, assaulting infantry will instantly capture them and they are totally incapable of defending themselves against ground troops.