Robotech RPG Tactics

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Robotech RPG Tactics
Wargame published by
Palladium Books
No. of Players 5,342
First Publication 2014

Robotech RPG Tactics (commonly referred to as RRT) is a squad based tactical miniatures game based upon the US cartoon molestation adaptation of the Macross Saga anime series from Japan.


Robotech FactionsEdit

There are many factions in the Robotech universe, 3 of which have rules in Robotech RPG Tactics: the Robotech Defense Force (RDF), Zentraedi, and the Malcontents.


Robotech Defense Force (RDF)

Robotech Forces that were established and based on Earth to defend against alien aggression after the arrival of Robotechnology.

Malcontent Uprising
Main article: Malcontents

Zentraedi who, under the leadership of Khyron and Asonia, turned against humans and Zentraedi that choose a peaceful coexistence.


Main article: Giant#The_Zentraedi

A militaristic race of alien humanoid giants created through genetic cloning.

Kickstarter and other ControversiesEdit

  • The Robotech RPG Tactics kickstarter was launched on April 18, 2013 with a funding goal of $70,000. It went on to raise $1,442,312 in pledges. After many delays due to this unexpected level of support and the general incompetence of all parties involved (Palladium Books, Ninja Division, Harmony Gold, Chinese manufacturers), (part of) the game finally began shipping to backers in October of 2014, almost a full year after Palladium's original estimated ship date. As a result of the logistical clusterfuck, the rewards were divided into two "Waves". As of February 2017, Wave 2 was still in preproduction while European and Australian backers were still awaiting delivery of Wave 1. On February 27, 2018, Kevin Siembieda© announced "with sadness and tremendous heartbreak" that Wave 2 would never be delivered, and that he'd very much like everyone to suck his ass [1].
  • It's estimated that 98% of the backers only decided to pledge because of BattleTech Unseens. While this 'fact' is clearly intended for hyperbole, such a definitive claim requires objective data.[citation needed] It's worth noting that when Palladium made the exchange offer, the "good" Battletech models (the Artillery Destroid packs) were gone within a few days and nearly all of the other Destroid packs sold out by the end, while there were still hundreds of Zentraedi packs left to liquidate (Miniature Market bought them up, and still had the packs up at fire sale prices as of early 2020).
  • Uproar from backers over preproduction pics of assembled models with dozens of parts and "massive impossible to fill seams" (particularly on the RDF's Spartan) led to a schism in the fanbase between the unwashed masses who wanted Tactics to be a ready-to-play boardgame and True Wargamers™. And also the True Wargamers(r)(c)™ who wanted to be able to put together more than one squad a week. This is now commonly referred to as "spartangate".
  • Rumors of the possibility of box sales being made at GenCon 2014 before backers received their rewards led to anger and talk of legal action. The response from Palladium was to put the matter to a hilariously rigged vote, which garnered even more controversy. In the end, production delays rendered a month of arguments moot.
  • Carmen Bellaire of Rogue Heroes Studio, the publisher of the upcoming Rifts© Boardgame©, posts in the kickstarter on 2/17/2017 that the RRT backers best play nice with his Rifts© Boardgame© kickstarter or he'd burn the RRT. The backers respond in kind with trolling and threats of an organized campaign against the Rifts© Boardgame© kickstarter. After so many mean comments Carmen attempts to an hero™. Kevin Siembieda© then posts an update blaming the backers for Carmen's unsuccessful an hero™ attempt.
  • As of March 2018, due to "reasons" (read: incompetence), Palladium Books has, finally, lost the license for Robotech from Harmony Gold. This means that 1) Palladium fire saled all their Robotech books and, hilariously, their PDFs. 2)Dropped RRT like a steaming turd.
  • Also due to "reasons", they have abandoned this game before making half the promised models, meaning that the backers being shafted out of huge chunks of their pledges BUT it's ok because they are offering backers more of the models they already have in exchange! Just pay shipping! On models you already have too many of because the force org chats are stupid! Needless to say Kevin Fucking Siembieda has used this Rage to ascend to Godhood on the cries of a class action lawsuit.

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