Rivet cover

Rivet is a role-playing system that emphasizes fast conflict resolution and larger-than-life actions. It uses dice, with a standard deck of playing cards used as a "good luck" mechanism that may give the player some control over the situation or additional dice to add to their check.

Characters have six attributes: Brains, Brawn, Aim, Flair, Moxie and Luck. These are all rated from d6 to d20. Every task check is simply two attribute dice rolled together. For example, a character with d8 Brains and d20 luck rolls 1d8+1d20 to make a Flying check. Special qualities may give bonuses to these or have other special effects.

The default setting is an alternate-reality United States during a prolonged World War II, but the system was designed with the spirit of any pulp WW2-era or dieselpunk setting in mind.

The rulebook can be downloaded here.