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until it is done my child, until it is DONE!

Until it is DONE!

"You are huge! That means you have huge guts!"

THAT is a quote from the most excellent Doom Comic Book, in which a Berserker Packing Man and a Half, a 12.0 on a 10.0 Scale of Badness, with a headful of mad and a handful of vertebrae (better known to the world as "Doomguy"), tries to attack a Cyberdemon with his fist. Read the thing, it's awesome.

Despite the Doom comic being wildly different in tone from the more modern Doom games, the iconic phrase easily fits well with the Doom Slayer's silent yet palpable rage. In fact, "Rip and Tear" is quite literally one of the first things you hear in the 2016 game's opening, setting the tone for your ensuing murderboner-fueled rampage. It's that powerful.

If any of you have read Beowulf (which any D&D player should) then you all know that Beowulf should have yelled this exact phrase (in Old English!) when he tore Grendel's arm off. He probably did, but the author was too busy putting the word of god into it to notice.

40K also has an equivalent of this, thanks to the comic known as The Redeemer. If anyone in your Dark Heresy group ever decides to play as a cleric or other redemption cultist (Especially if they're from Necromunda), liberal usage of "SCOURGE AND PURGE!" is recommended.


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