Battle Cry Unknown
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Raven Guard
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Corvus Corax
Homeworld Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Stealth
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Grey with White insignia.

The Revilers are a Raven Guard Successor chapter from the Second Founding. These guys were founded by veterans from their parent legion so that would mean they are extra sneaky. Since these guys were there for the Drop Site Massacre, they're still very angry at those who betrayed them. So that makes them PTSD-riddled Snake Eaters. Sadly those old grudges don't carry over as rules or else these guys would be a cross between Raven Guard and World Eaters. Most of their fluff (all of it basically), has them fighting Orks. If they were a certain other chapter, they'd be the Ork-hunting-jungle-fightan-psychos-who-only-get-along-with-a-particular-Guard-regiment. Their armor is painted Grey as it is a pretty neutral color; so it works better as camouflage than some other chapters colors. They are also the default chapter of anyone who just primes their marines grey and then do nothing else. Surprisingly, it was back in 6th edition that they got most of their fluff.


  • The Purging of Azoth - An Inquisitor gets corruped by Chaos and triggers a demonic incurison on the planet of Azoth. The Revilers manage to stop it and kill the traitorous fucker, but they suffer heavy losses and are subjected to mind-wiping afterwards to prevent the Inquisition from looking incompetent.
  • Battle of the Gorgon Depths - Revilers and Red Seraphs kill Orks in space to defend the Orpheus sector in M39. It only buys the sector a millenia of existance since it gets destroyed anayways during the Orphean War.
  • Reconquest of the Zypher Sub-Sector - Revilers, Raven Guard, Eagle Warriors, Marauders and many many IG vs Orks. Greenskins get pushed away from the proverbial Imperial lawn.
  • Plains of Azoth - They used Drop Pods here. That is somehow supposed to be important.
  • The Lithon Purge - Billions of Imperials are enslaved by Dark Eldar, Revilers stomp their shit.
  • Reconquest of the Forsarr Sector - Death Eagles, Revilers and the Aurora Chapter fight WAAAGH! Garaghak. It took several big failures before the useless shits at the Administratum to recognized the threat posed by this WAAAGH!, who at this point had become a threat to the Raven Guard homeworld of Deliverance.
  • 13th Black Crusade - Fought to defend the Cadian Gate.


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