Reptilian Clans

The Reptilian Clans are the dinosaur army of Kings of War. They were intended to allow Lizardmen players from Warhammer Fantasy to field their units as a cohesive army, although their army is different enough that many units would need to be condensed while others were completely unrepresented in the Warhammer list. While a number of different races compose the army, in general the army list is referred to as Salamanders.



The Reptilians predate the God War and the shattering of the Fenulian Mirror, but were somewhat isolated from the rest of Mantica until the Winter War. The various Reptilian Clans mostly stayed in their own territory, forging empires that warred among themselves and had little interaction outside their own territory.

With the seismic upheaval that followed Oskan's defeat, the clans found their land torn asunder and, in many places, flooded. Many clans were forced to migrate and settle along the coast of the newly formed Infant Sea. These clans took to the sea with ease, soon becoming a large merchant nation, not to mention a central hub for many notorious pirate crews. The more inland clans meanwhile, continued to expand and multiply in their jungles and deserts.

In the years following the end of the God War, an omen appeared in a clutch of royal eggs. A pale and smooth egg with dark red swirls was lain in the royal hatchery. When this egg hatched, a large female emerged who would become known as Kthorlaq the Deliverer. Kthorlaq excelled at her studies as a hatchling, proving to be a knowledgeable scholar, expert political debater, and more then adept at fire magic. She also had the gift of foresight and experienced visions of a united future.

After rising to prominence among her own clan, the Clan of Fire, disaster befell her people. The skies darkened and crops and livestock began to die. As the effects of Winter's reign settled on their lands, hordes of foul beasts besieged the lands of all the clans. Kthorlaq ordered her people to retreat to the coastal settlements. Some defied this order and were overrun, but many followed her lead. She led her people to the Abkazis Mountains, proclaiming it was the site of a new empire she had foreseen in her visions.

Once the refugees were safely between the peaks of the mountains, Kthorlaq channeled her life energy into a massive spell. Sacrificing her own life, she created a magical shield around the mountain valley. This shield lasted until the death of Winter, at which point the magical backlash of her death finally shattered it. It did serve to keep the Reptilians safe for the entirety of the Winter War though.

The failure of the shield had one important side effect upon the Reptilians, however. As the shield dissipated, magical energy ran rampant in the valley. Many of the Reptilians were caught in the storm of magic that erupted and were transformed into new species. Where once only one species existed, now there were many. These now disparate species continued to band together however, rebuilding their shattered empire into a minor power today.

Species of ReptiliansEdit

  • Arkosaurs: A species of Reptilian that is lithe and colored either green or blue. They tend to be of the merchant class of the clans and are rarely seen outside their cities. Those who do travel abroad are most often found among the Reptilian fleets, both military and trade vessels. They are most drawn to the water of any of the species of Reptilians.
  • Ghekkotah: A small, diminutive species that are descendants of the original Reptilians who were not transformed at the end of the Winter War. They are actually warm blooded amphibians, whereas those transformed became cold blooded reptiles. While some live among the other species of Reptilians, most live in large family groups in the wilds. By far the most numerous of the clans.
  • Salamanders: A larger species of Reptilian that are born red in color, but turn grey as they age. Their cold blooded nature forces them to often remain in the volcanic mountains or warm jungles, but a few are known to venture into the greater world. To do so, most undergo the Ordeal of Fire, magical ritual that allows them to operate in even the coldest environments without worry, but at the cost of a shortened lifespan.
  • Tyrants: Large, heavily muscled species of Reptilian. The fewest in number of the clans, but the strongest of their warriors. Most did not survive the cataclysm at the end of the Winter War when they were transformed, but they have managed to grow slightly in number over the years since then.

Notable ReptiliansEdit


A famous Salamander corsair. She is known for her exploits at sea and daring maritime raids. Her legend stretches back longer then it should however, prompting many to wonder if Firebrand is a name or an alias for whomever leads her crew at a given time. It is not uncommon for her to engage in a daring attack and then disappear for years on end, only to suddenly reappear in a spectacularly explosive manner.

Hrrath FlamespitterEdit

A Salamder fighter. His people were violent and war-like, not uncommon for a Salamander. However they were defeated in one of the many smaller wars occurring in the centuries after the end of the Winter War. Captured alive, Hrrath was sold as a gladiator and won renown in the pits. Eventually he won his freedom in the games and was released. Realizing he could never go back to his old life, Hrrath began making his living as a sell sword and mercenary.

Hrrath is built as an all offense fighter, vice Rordin who is more defensive in the base game. His model and rules are included with the second quest module, Warlord of Galahir. In the scenarios therein, he joins with Kapoka to defeat the orcish warlord Thrundak.

Kthorlaq the DelivererEdit

Hailed as greatest of the Reptilians and savior of her people. She has become something of a god to her people, particularly those dwelling in the Abkazis Mountains.

On the TabletopEdit

Tactics can be found here: Kings of War/Tactics/Salamanders

Salamanders have a heavy focus on infantry and monsters, but tend to lack long range shooting options. They also get lizard pirates.