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Reorx Symbol.jpg
Aliases Anvil, Forge, the Weaponmaster
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Balance)
Portfolio Creation, Gambling, Artisans, Engineering
Domains 3E: Earth, Fire, Forge
5E: Forge, Knowledge
Home Plane 2E: Anvil of Creation (Arcadia)
3E: The Hidden Vale
Worshippers Dwarves, Gnomes, Smiths, Artisans, Engineers, Gamblers
Favoured Weapon Reorx's Strength (Warhammer)

Reorx is a Neutral Deity from the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Dragonlance. Also known as Anvil, Forge, and the Weaponmaster, he is a Greater Deity of Creation, Artisans and Engineering, and the patron god of the dwarf and gnome peoples due to being their creator.

In case you haven't figured it out, he's essentially a setting-tweaked version of Moradin.

That said, Reorx does have one or two quirks that distinguish him from the original. In the novella "Wanna Bet?" it's revealed that he's not only got a taste for fine liquor (a very dwarvish trait), but also that he's an inveterate gambler - in fact, contrary to popular belief, the Greygem of Chaos was not loosed upon the world by gnomish incompetence (everybody but the dwarves) or thievery (dwarves), but because Reorx lost it in a game of bones to Morgion, who then threw it to the mortal world.

Which is a fucking hilarious idea, and even preserved in the 3rd edition Dragonlance Campaign Setting, which states that "Gambling" is one of Reorx's portfolios.

Reorx's relationship with the gnomes of Krynn is a complicated one. Most write-ups assert that he loves dwarves and gnomes equally, but it can't go without notice that the accepted mythological origin of gnomes is that they were humans who used to serve him, but whom he cursed to never be able to do proper engineering again for some terrible sin. Dwarves, meanwhile, outright state that gnomes are flawed prototypes that Reorx created and discarded in the process of creating them.

According to the 3rd edition Dragonlance Campaign Setting book, Reorx's symbol is a forging hammer, his sacred colors are slate ray and red, his favored weapon is the warhammer, his domains are Earth, Fire and Forge, and his Dogma reads thus:

"There is beauty in creation. Nothing in life is better than crafting something lasting, and the process is as important as the finished item is. Never be idle when you can be working. Rituals and tried-and-true formulas are well and good, but innovation is vitally important. In all things, strive to master your skill, honor your peers, and enjoy the results of your work."

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