Reality Paradigm

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Reality Paradigm is the terminology used in Mage: The Ascension to define the distinctive magical traditions of the various mages of that world. The basic idea is that since magic stems from forcing the consensual nature of reality to adhere to your particular vision of how reality should be, then your "school" of magic is how you actually view the "true" nature of reality - hence the name "Reality Paradigm".

For example, the Technocracy has hijacked the consensual reality to convince the world enmasse that modern science is how the world works, forcing their Reality Paradigm onto humanity; each Convention has its own "refined" version of the Reality Paradigm relating to what brand of "super-science" they believe is most important. The Nine Traditions, on the other hand, each have their own distinctive Reality Paradigm, and this is why they're so riven by internal dissent.