Rapecrons 2: The Probing

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Rapecrons 2: The ProbingEdit

Sergeant Celina of the Imperial Guard opened her eyes. She started around the dark interior, but unable to see anything, apart from a strange green glow in the distance. She herself, was floating in some strange, green light. She found that while she could move her arms, she could not get herself out of the light. She struggled for a few minutes, but soon realised she was trapped.

And naked.

This was strange. She last remembered that she had been fighting with her squad against the Necrons. There had been a bright light from one of the pyramids and then...she had woken here, naked and stuck. What use would they have for her? She pushed that thought out her mind. They were robots. What could they do apart from kill her?

She waited for what seemed like hours, until she her a tapping, like of a cane on a metal floor. Soon, she saw two glowing, green eyes in the darkness, which moved closer until it revealed a tall Necron Lord, staff in hand. He regarded her with emotionless eyes, yet she could feel his glaze moving up and down her. She blushed, but glowered at it. "Let me go, xenos scum! Or, the Emperor protect me, I will cut you down!" The Necron Lord regarded her coolly for a few moments, before speaking. His skull-like face did not move, but the words appeared in her mind, sounding like gravel being moved by a lonely wind across a desert. "You...have been selected. You...have the Pariah gene. But it is...dormant. We...must bring...it out. Yes. Bring it out...for our war...against the stars..." The floor beneath Celina, opened up, leading to a dark pit. She slowly descended, struggling, in the shaft of green light. She looked, helplessly up at the watching Necron. "Do...not struggle." It's empty voice blew across her mind. "The Awakeners...will free you. If you fail...you will become...one of them. If you pass...you will...be given another body." A hint of satisfaction entered the Lord's voice, as the floor closed above Celina. "You...were born to be a Necron...Pariah..."

Celina was left, cold and alone, in the darkness. She sat huddled, in the spot she had landed when the beam had cut off. She could see perhaps a few hundred feet in front of her, but nothing presented it's self. She was just wondering at the possibility that the Necron had forgotten about her, when she heard the footsteps. She looked up and saw, standing in front of her, a woman. She was a Necron, no mistaking it, but she was shaped less like a skeleton and more like a human. Instead of a staring death mask, she had a face made of strange, metallic cable. Celina had to admit that she was beautiful, as she looked at the face looking at her with cold distain. It carried no instrument, and Celina wondered how it was going to test her for this, so called, "Pariah gene" when four tentacles shot out from its back. Before Celina could even move, her arms and legs were grasped at the wrists and ankles. She was forcefully spread-eagled in front on the Awakener, jiggling her exposed breasts. Another, fifth tentacle snaked out, almost lazily from the creatures back. Celina began wondering if it would open her brain, and seek out the gene in there, but, the appendage weaved it's way, not above, but below, wrapping round Celina's soft thigh and poising itself just below her sex. Celina suddenly realised what it was going to do, and looked up at the Awakener, who grinned.

The tentacle slammed into Celina's vagina, causing her to cry out in shock. It slammed itself against her womb entrance, bringing another cry with it. Before she even had time to recover, the tentacle retracted, before slamming in again. Soon, it was pounding into the young Sergeant, as she writhed against her restraints. The Awakener grinned with sadistic satisfaction, sending out two more tentacles which wrapped around the girl's large jiggling breasts. These were different, having suckers on the end. They squeezed the girl's boobs, causing her to moan involuntarily, while one of them attached itself to a nipple. The aphrodisiac was working well, and the girl was now moving into the thrusts, and her erect nipples were dripping milk. She groaned as the suckers milked her, the un-suckered breast being squeezed and pulled causing it to spill milk on the cold floor.

The Awakener assessed it's data code, and sent out another tentacle, like the first. It snaked around to Celina's plump backside, and pressed itself against her asshole, she looked around at it, just in time to see it plunge into her anus. She cried out as it pounded in tandem with the first. Celina rocked with orgasm after orgasm, spilling her juices over the already soaking tentacles, and down her legs. She moved forward, and grabbed the Awakener's mouth with a passionate kiss, sticking her tongue deep in the metallic mouth. It pulled her close, using its arms to grab roughly at her arse cheeks, squeezing them and grinding them like a second pair of breasts. The girl felt something slip in her mouth, probing her gums and teeth. She moved out of the kiss, finding a third tentacle had entered her mouth. It slipped into her throat, her gag reflex cut off by the Necrons aphrodisiac. She gorged on it, running her tongue around the shaft. Her cries were muffled by the giant appendage, as her body shook from another orgasm, spilling her juices again. The pounding seemed to go on for hours, Celina's mind collapsing under the pleasure.

Suddenly, the two pounding tentacles pulled out, and sprayed her with hot, sticky cum. The third shot it into her mouth, while the sucking tentacle, sprayed her face and mouth with her own breast milk. She swallowed down like an antidote for a poison, gleefully feeling the mixture move down her throat. The tentacles holding her up let go, and she slumped to the ground, giggling and licking her fingers clean of the Necron cum. The Awakener smiled down at her.

"You...have been found...worthy Pariah." the voice of the Lord intoned "And you shall be...rewarded." The Awakener moved back into the darkness, and two figures stepped into the light. Two Sisters of Battle, Celina's groggy mind recalled, both tall, muscular amazons. Both were also completely naked. But, something was different. They both had long, erect members, like a man, extending from their vaginas. They stroked them, and a small droplet of pre-cum dripped from one. Celina looked at them hungrily, while the Fallen Sisters glazed at her, biting and licking their lips. The Lord's voice intoned again, his sandstone voice doing nothing to disperse Celina's lust.

"These two...were found unworthy...yet remained...defiant against the Awakening. We saw fit...to give them the means...to fully awaken true Pariahs. Their minds are now...lost. All that remains...is pleasure." Celina watched as the two Sisters walked towards her, hauling her limp form up, and prepared for the dicking of a lifetime.