Questor Scout Titan

The slightly less retarded version of the Subjugator.

The Questor Scout Titan is yet another super-heavy walker dedicated to Slaanesh. The Questor for all intents and purposes is used when their smaller brothers need some fire support or when the forces of Slaanesh lost any Feral Warhound Titans.

Since the Questor Scout Titan looks almost identical to the Slaanesh Subjugator in all but size and armament, it has thus retained its old Epic look which as you can full of derp. Like most daemon engines and chaos vehicles that did not have a facelift, the Questor did not aged very well and has thus sometimes been a subject of mockery.

Other than being larger in size, the Questor have thicker armor which is then protected by the coruscating 'Glamour of Slaanesh' (Think Slaaneshi Shields). The arms of the Titan is tipped with two rapid-firing Tormentor Cannons. Its very long and lithe legs allows the Questor to move at almost impossible grace, speed and agility with only Eldar Titans rivaling it. It is so fast for a walker this size, that it sometimes run circle around more lumbering and slower Imperial Titans and even smaller vehicles. As well as the Tormentor, the Questor also carries two power Lascannons, one mounted in the head and the other slung between the legs. Although how the Lascannons are going to do much to enemy Titans is a mystery, maybe against smaller vehicles, but that "Lascannon" is only going to tickle a Warlord.

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