Queek Head-Taker

"Everyone, they concerned for Queek’s sanity. Perhaps you worry less for what is in Queek’s head, and more on keeping what is in yours."

– Queek on his mental stability.

Queek Head-Taker (also known as Headtaker in some editions) is a Skaven special character for Warhammer Fantasy. Introduced in the very first Skaven army book in 4th edition, Queek is the acting head of Clan Mors, as its true leader Gnawdwell sits on the Council of Thirteen. Reared specially by Gnawdwell himself, Queek is uncommonly brave, savage and skilled for a standard skaven; unlike most of his cowardly, ill-trained ilk, Queek is a skilled warrior and has a fierce pride, meaning he revels in facing down and defeating enemy champions. His favored weapon is an enchanted warpick called "Dwarf-Gouger", which comes in handy given that he spends most of his time fighting dwarfs and night goblins.

Queek is reckless, kill happy and mentally unstable(he believes his trophy heads speak to them, and he values them as trusted friends and confidants). Despite (or possibly because of) this, he has some of the most cordial relationships that any skaven has ever had with another. For his skill on the battlefield and lack of political skills Gnawdwell considers him irreplaceable and is actually proud of him. He also has a buddy in Ska Bloodtail, another peculiar Stormvermin who was larger even than Queek, yet remained oddly loyal.

He spent most of his time in Karak-Eight-Peaks, where he regularly fought against the night goblin hordes of Skarsnik and the dwarven holds of Belegar Ironhammer, the latter of which he would personally slay during the End Times.

Up until the creation of Tretch Craventail in 7th edition, Queek was the only Warlord-based skaven special character.

Sadly he (like so many other characters) met his end during The End Times, getting himself captured and publicly executed by Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

His Collection of HeadsEdit

  • Ikit Slash-A rival Skaven warlord, now the massive skeleton on the Headtaker’s trophy rack. He was the leader of the Fester Spike warren, which were deemed as traitors by Clan Mors, and thus sentenced to death. Queek had built an elaborate series of tunnels all around Ikit’s base, which Ikit promptly filled to the brim with his own forces. Exactly what Queek wanted. The Headtaker personally killed Ikit who was all alone. He was the most vocal of Queek’s voice, offering constant praise and warnings against any potential betrayals.
  • Morglum Blacktooth-The first head to adorn Queek’s trophy rack. An orc warboss that Queek slew during his very first victory. Blacktooth’s voice would later lead Queek to Dwarf Gouger. Queek regarded him as the smartest of the heads, which is questionable considering this was an orc we’re talking about. Unfortunately, Blacktooth’s skull was shattered during the battle of Karak-Azul. Queek killed many dwarf-things in Blacktooth’s name.
  • Krug Ironhand-A dwarf thane. His voice rarely spoke, only encouraging violence or to warn Queek of danger.
  • Sleek Sharpwit-Also known as Old-thing, he was Clawlord Gnawdwell’s favored pupil before Queek. He walked a thin line of scheming for and against the Headtaker before eventually deciding enough was enough. He was no match for the younger and hungrier warlord, even while hopped up on warpstone. His skull took Blacktooth’s place on Queek’s rack and remained an ever present voice of condemnation and lecture for Queek.
  • Albrecht Kraus-The former baron of Averland. His hands also adorn the trophy rack, in addition to his head.


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