Prospero/Sortiarius Systems
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Sortiarius & Prospero

Official Languages

Low Gothic, High Gothic


Minor Power


1 System, 2 Known Planets

Head of State

Primarch Magnus the Red (Great Crusade)
Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red (Current Era)

Head of Government

Primarch Magnus the Red (Great Crusade)
Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red (Current Era)

Governmental Structure

Authoritarian Technocratic Magocracy

State Religion/Ideology

Imperial Truth, Prosperine Philosophies (Great Crusade)
Tzeentch Worship, Corrupted Prosperine Philosophies (Current Era)


Prosperine Humans and Psykers (Great Crusade)
Officially None (Horus Heresy)
Few Human Settlers, Looters & Archaeologists (41st Millennium)
Migrated Sortiarians (42nd Millennium)

Military Force

Thousand Sons, Prospero Spireguard

Prospero, before the Furries fucked everything up. (Don't worry, they got back at them later.)

Prospero was the world Magnus the Red landed on, and thus home to the Thousand Sons. Conveniently enough for the red cyclops, Prospero had become a haven for psykers like himself and had flourished into a full-fledged paradise world, covered in white marble spires and powered by techno-psychic energy arrays. After curtailing the activity of a race of dangerous psychic predators called the Psychneuein, Magnus was named the leader of the planet, at which point it had become a veritable library of lore about the Warp that supposedly could not be found anywhere else (about that...).

Unfortunately, he never realized how vulnerable the planet was to an attack from above. It was one of the most heavily defended planets of Imperium by the time--not because of some huge heavily fortified fortresses, but because Thousand Sons could predict when and where their enemy would arrive, and wipe them from existence even before they could enter realspace, and even if they somehow managed to bypass the perils of the Warp and the Thousand Sons' fleet, the capital (and actually only) city of Tizka were protected by the thickest telekine shields in the galaxy, capable of withstanding Exterminatus-level bombardment, and any planetfalling invaders were to face the fury of a legion-sized force of incredibly powerful sorcerers. Magnus was so sorry that he broke the Golden Throne that he tried to get rid of all of that.

It was destroyed by the Space Wolves early in the Horus Heresy in what is now called the Burning of Prospero, mostly because Magnus himself sabotaged almost all of the planet's defenses, since he thought he deserved his punishment, and the sorcerers who defended the city were incapacitated by the Sisters of Silence and the returning of the Flesh Change. Following that event, the surviving Thousand Sons relocated to the Planet of the Sorcerers (also known as Sortiarius).

Shortly afterwards, the Khan visited Prospero to find out what happened there, and ended up having a duel with Mortarion.

In the 41st Millennium, Prospero is a blasted ruin, occasionally visited by Rogue Traders seeking artifacts and Ahriman moping over his failures. However, it got off better than Barbarus, Chemos, Colchis, Nostramo, and Cthonia, which were all completely destroyed.

Appropriately, it was named after Prospero, the sorcerer and protagonist of Shakespeare's play, The Tempest.

Wrath of Magnus & 42nd MillenniumEdit

By the closing stages of the 41st Millennium, good ole Magnymagick was feeling nostalgic for his old home and concoct a plan to send Sortiarius out of the Warp and orbit the Prospero System. His plan? To devise a plot that would devastate his old nemesis' Space Furries home system of Fenris and use the sacrifices he would wrought as a summoning ritual to pull off a Malcador on Sortiarius. It worked. The devastation of the Fenris System was in Magnus' eye, a win-win situation in which he manage to kill two birds with one stone. With Sortiarius now next to Prospero, the Thousand Sons did the unthinkable and became the first Traitor Legion to reclaim their original homeworld.

Essentially, the Fenris System got fucked hard, as in REAL hard. As in Midguardia for example, one of the most important places for the Space Wolves was completed destroyed into chunks thanks in no part to Magnus and Mortarion double-teaming the furries (Don't worry, Magnus got back at Morty by blowing up the soon-to-be Plagueworld due to Morty still being a bigoted cock). The destruction of Midguardia caused solar flares and meteor showers on its neighboring planets. Svellgard was an Oceanworld that was completely GLASSED (Covie Style) due to Midguardia's destruction. Boiling away its surface and turning it into a giant crystal ball. Frostheim had its ice melted off thanks to the Alpha Legion and somehow this caused the undead to rise from their graves (Warp-shit shenanigans I guess). Fenris' own moon, Valdrmani, was rendered into a irradiated wasteland. Fenris itself was not spared and was qausi-exterminatus'd by the unintentional efforts of the Dark Angels and had its population culled by the Inquisition and Grey Knights. This has left the furries a bit Butthurt about the whole situation, and Magnus could only sit down and laugh his ass off whilst screaming "JUST AS PLANNED!"... right until the moment he got his demon ass kicked out of the Fenris system by a vengeful Logan Grimnar and his totally-not-chaotic axe reforged from a weapon of a World Eaters champion. Khorne is still pretty proud of this one.

As of the 42nd Millennium, Prospero and Sortiarius and the entirety of the star system is a independent political and governmental entity that holds significant strategic and military training grounds for the Thousand Sons. Although a minor power at best, the Imperium of Man has not yet called a crusade on the Prospero/Sortiarius System even with Grandpa Smurf at the helm. It could be because Magnus' government is so damned close to the Great Rift and the fact that it is de-facto headquarters of a fucking Daemon Primarch that is also the second most powerful Psyker in the Galaxy. So like Doctor Doom's Latveria, the Imperium ain't gonna touch the area for now.

With the Great Rift, cam a great surge in psyker awakenings and the fracturing of the Imperium. Since the areas around Prospero haven't had any Black Ships to pick up these accumulating psykers, the population began resorting to good old witch hunts. Magnus saw this and began spreading rumors of a sanctuary to all these persecuted fledgling psykers, hiding behind the moniker of the Crimson King. His legion spread out with cults and ferries in order to bring these scared children to a place where they could cultivate their talents and be respected as the next step of human well as have them act as accessories to some very elaborate rituals.


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