The Progenitors are one of the five remaining Conventions of the Technocratic Union in Mage: The Ascension. They are the Union's dedicated biological scientists. Organic chemistry, agriculture, genetics, and medicine all fall under their auspices.

The 1e Progenitor fluff was stupid, even by the standards of the 1e Technocracy. It included things like professors feeding students to extradimensional dragons, pollen allergies being invented to prevent humans from "communing with nature", and a conspiracy to destroy the human capacity to Awaken via tainted medication. Some real /pol/-tier conspiracy shit, basically.

By 2e and beyond, the Progenitors had actually become pretty Awesome. The 1e nonsense had been retconned away as the hysterical fearmongering it obviously was and the Convention became focused on actually helping the world. Through uplifted velociraptors, living spaceships, and having a werewolf arm grafted to your torso. Because Mage.

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