Price of a Progena

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Fapfic written on December 8, 2013 by a Onyx in a weekend smut thread on /tg/.

Price of a ProgenaEdit

Odd man, Macha thought. She knew these mon’keighs were far from the united force they liked to pretend they were, especially these inquisitor types. Half the time they were fighting against each other or fighting in opposite directions; No wonder the Imperium of Man wasn’t going anywhere. Still, Macha liked the Inquisitor mon’keigh sitting on the other side of the old wooden desk. He was the man who could get her what she wanted, even if it was for a price.

Macha had been a little blown away by the causality in which he had handed her the book she was presently reading through. On each page on the thick, leather-bound tome was a picture and accompanying information on all two hundred students of the Schola Progenium not a kilometre away from this Inquisitor’s private estate. He had given her the choice of students as casually as one might offer a selection wines. Macha flicked through the pages slowly, lingering on each student that caught her eye. Though the many mon’keigh faces looked similar, there were enough differences to make them interesting. The boys were all short-haired, junior soldiers that Macha had seen a thousand times before, usually on the other end of the battlefield. The girls ranged from pretty to plain. They lacked the refinement and grace of Eldar women, but there was a certain something that gave Macha a good feeling beneath her robe.

‘Made a decision yet?’ the inquisitor asked.

‘I’m still looking’ Macha replied in her best High Gothic. The mon’keigh language; so crude and guttural and yet so… strangely fascinating.

She turned the page and laid her eyes on a cute face. At once Macha’s attention was captured. A quick read through the description revealed more interesting details that intrigued Macha further.

‘This one: Kara Vandelson. It says she was the daughter of royalty’ Macha sliding the book over to the inquisitor. He read it quickly.

‘Yes. A minor royal family in the system. The family estate was destroyed in a small insurrection some years ago. In the schola, however, all students are equal, regardless of the family name’.

The idea of having a mon’keigh royal all to herself was more exciting than Macha would admit. Already she could barely contain the desire. If the Imperial opposite her had been one of her fellow Eldar, it would have been obvious how aroused she felt. However, to the Imperial she seemed as stoic as any other Eldar.

‘I’ll have her’ Macha said calmly. Though inside she wanted to giggle in delight. A young, obedient royal mon’keigh was going to be delivered to her as easily as ordering food in a restaurant. Something about that seemed so twisted and so exciting.

The inquisitor smiled. ‘And what of my payment?’

‘You’ll get it afterwards’ Macha replied. Greedy mon’keigh. No patience at all.

‘I need it now. Give me the map or the deal will be forfeit’.

Macha retrieved the crystal from her robe and slide it across the desk. ‘There is your map, Imperial. It will get your where you wish to go but what happens after that is none of my concern’.

‘Indeed it is not. I am glad our business could go so smoothly. I will have the girl brought here tomorrow. Until then you are to remain in the room I have given you.t It would not be right to have one of your kind wandering around, as I’m sure you understand’ the Inquisitor said as he stood up and motioned towards the door out of his office.

‘Of course, Inquisitor’ Macha said with a smile.

Standing at full height, Macha was almost a foot taller than the inquisitor. He was tall for a human, but not as tall as an adult Eldar.


The heavy wooden door slammed shut and a moment later the noise of iron locks being forced into placed sealed the deal. Standing just inside the room with her back pressed against the door was Kara Vandelson. She was still dressed in her dull grey schola robe. Her pitch black hair was tied back into a braid that reached her middle back. Her eyes were directed towards the cold, stone floor and Macha thought she could see a slight tremble in her hands. The room was cold and the girl was barefoot, so perhaps it was just the shivers. Or maybe it was fear… Macha strode towards the girl, letting her colourful, gem-encrusted robe trail on the floor behind her. The fabric brushed against her skin, teasing her with each step she made towards her new little pet. The girl was short. Macha guessed her fiery red hair was longer than the girl was tall. She didn’t look that young though. It was hard to tell with these Imperials. Their lifespans were all over the place and aging was just as bad. If she had to guess, Macha would say this girl was around 16 or 17 years old.

She stopped a few strides away from the girl and quietly watched her for a bit, waiting for the girl to move or speak.

‘Hello’, Macha finally said after a moment of silence.

The girl swallowed hard and mumbled a greeting.

‘Do you know why you’re here?’ Macha asked.

‘Y-yes’ the girl replied.

‘Then come here’ Macha said, some authority in her voice.

The girl took an apprehensive step towards Macha. She kept her hands clasped tightly to her chest and her eyes on the floor. Macha held her arms open and took the girl in a tight hug. Feeling the small, warm body of the girl in her arms gave Macha a rush that spread through her body. It also gave her a stranger, deeper feeling.

‘I won’t hurt you’ Macha whispered.

For the first time the girl looked up at her. She looked on the verge of tears.

‘You’re a xenos. You’re the enemy’ the girl said.

Macha smiled. ‘I’m not your enemy. I won’t hurt you’ she said, planting a small kiss on the girl’s forehead. ‘Do you like kisses?’

The girl nodded. Already her fear was beginning to fade. This one was brave. Brave and curious. Macha congratulated herself on her excellent choice.

Macha placed a finger under the girl’s chin and pulled her into a gentle kiss. She held the kiss for a long time as her hands snaked around the girl’s body, feeling the firm muscles under her robe. The girl tried to shy away when Macha’s hand found the tight muscles of the girl’s rear, but just enough force kept Kara’s lips on Macha’s. As the kiss went on, the girl became braver and Macha became bolder.

When Macha broke the kiss it was only to order the girl to lie on the bed. Slowly, Kara did as she was told. Still holding her hands tightly in front of her chest, Kara lay on the bed like a log and watched Macha walk over to join her. She lay beside the smaller girl, resting her head in her hand as she admired the girl’s body. Though there was not much to see with the drag robe hiding all the interesting parts, Macha would soon change that. Kara lay helplessly as her robe was slipped off her shoulders and pulled down, exposing more milky white skin. Macha’s face showed only a serene smile and a faint twinkle in her amber eyes, but inside she was using every ounce of willpower and personal restraint to keep herself from devouring the girl. This was a special occasion for them both and she wanted every moment savoured. She nearly gave in to her roaring desires when the Kara’s robe slipped away from the small mounds of flesh on her chest and revealed two small, pink islands atop each of milky, smooth skin. Even Kara, though indescribably nervous, was excited. She looked into her Eldar’s eyes looking for a sign of approval. Macha responded by playfully licking her lips and smiling.

‘Is…is this co-common among xenos – I mean, your kind?’ Kara asked, quickly correcting herself. She didn’t want to call the lovely creature beside her a xenos. It seemed demeaning and inappropriate for this hypnotically beautiful woman.

‘It is’ Macha lied. ‘But I wanted you’ she added, kissing Kara softly on the lips.

Macha was elated when the girl eagerly returned the kiss with a blush that turned her pale face deep red. Macha wanted to burst into giggles at the sight of it but limited herself to a soft laugh. Taking one of the small, delicate breasts in her hand, Macha squeezed the soft flesh and teased the nipple with her fingertip. Kara emitted a soft sigh of bliss. If Macha had been hot before, she was molten adamantium now.

Next she used her tongue to fleck across the hardening nipples, forcing Kara to make louder and less controlled sighs and moans that were more beautiful to Macha’s ears than all the choirs of her craftworld. With her lips and tongue busy, Macha’s hands were dedicated to removing the robe. In one swift motion the robe was down to Kara’s ankles. Only a pair of thin, white panties protecting her from Macha’s wandering hands and eager mouth. With her fingers teasing along the edge of the fabric, Macha broke away from Kara’s chest to ask her a question.

‘Has anyone ever touched you liked this?’ she asked, though she already knew the answer.

Kara blushed again. ‘No’.

Macha grinned. ‘Do you want me to?’

Again, Kara went a deep shade of red and looked away from her Eldar’s amber eyes. ‘Yes’, she mumbled.

‘You have to speak up’ Macha teased.

‘Yes. I want you to touch me’ Kara said, looking back into Macha’s eyes.

For a moment Macha was concerned the gems on her robe would begin to melt from the raging lust that was filling her body. Macha thought she could create a little brother for Slaanesh if this went on much longer.

Macha obliged her Imperial pet’s wish and slipped her hand past the thin fabric and felt, for the first time, the wet desire inside. Kara held her Eldar around the neck, pulling her into a kiss as Macha’s fingers rubbed and explored the moist secret into Kara’s underwear. Kara moaned happily into Macha’s mouth, gently moving her hips in response to Macha’s probing. Macha moved her fingers faster, driven by Kara’s noises. It only took a few minutes before Kara gave in. Her body shook for a moment as she cried out in staggered, pained gasps. Her hands gripped Macha’s robe and her tongue fought the Eldar’s in the space between their mouths.

Macha allowed herself a subtle giggle as she examined her wet fingers. Kara’s face was still dazed and her eyes unfocused. Macha licked her fingers and savoured the sweet taste of her young pet’s most intimate of places.

‘See how delicious you are?’ Macha said offering a wet finger to Kara. The Imperial sucked on Macha’s slender finger happily and smiled.

‘I want to do something now’ Macha said. ‘I want you to undress me’.

Macha got off the bed while Kara sat on the edge. The small girl could barely reach Macha’s shoulders and the Eldar had to kneel down so Kara could undress her. She let the robe fall to the floor and kicked it away unceremoniously. She stood in front of the girl, naked. Her hair hung down past the small of her back.

‘You look just like... like a human’ Kara said once she had seen the details of Macha’s body.

‘Our races are very similar physically. you’ Macha said. She could hide her nervousness better than the Imperial but she probably felt just as nervous, if not more. The first person to see her naked and it was a mon’keigh. A cute, little mon’keigh but still a mon’keigh. ‘I want you to call me mistress from now on, understand?’

‘Ok’ Kara said, apprehension still in her voice.


Macha lay down on thed bed again, sitting up at one end with Kara on the other. She lifted foot up to Kara and told her to kiss it. It was partly to show the young Imperial that Macha was in charge and partly to appease a secret desire Macha had been harbouring for several decades.

Nervous and slow at first, Kara did as she was told. She took Macha’s elegant foot in her hands and kissed around the ankle. She kissed it slowly, sometimes licking around the smooth skin as she moved from the ankle to the toes and finally to the sole. Macha absent-mindedly toyed with her elongated ears as she watched her cute pet kisses her feet. It was everything she had imagined it would be. The power she felt, the rush of excitement and the need for more was overwhelming. Even Kara seemed to be enjoying herself as she playfully licked along Macha’s toes and sucked on them while looking into the amber eyes of her Eldar mistress.

When Macha wanted more, she stood up and got of the bed. Kara was too short for bed so when she sat on the edge her feet did not touch the ground. Macha stood beside the bed, holding Kara’s head to her breast. The small girl was licking and suckling on her nipples like she was practiced. Macha had to direct the girl’s hand down and showed her just how to rub the sensitive slit just the way Macha wanted her to. Kara learned quickly and soon had Macha moaning happily.

Macha loved not just the sensation of hands on her body, but the control she felt with her pet Imperial. Anything she wanted, she could tell the girl to do; something she would take full advantage of later in the evening. Kara herself seemed increasingly happy to oblige her Eldar’s wishes. She looked up every now and then to watch Macha’s face and the expressions of pleasure. Whenever Macha’s eyes met with Kara’s emerald eyes, she was filled with a renewed desire to push the girl down and unleash the full force of lust. Eventually Macha could hold herself back no longer.

Pushing Kara onto her back and forcing her legs apart easily, Macha went down on her knees and sunk her face into Kara’s crotch. Her tastebuds were flooded with the sweet juice of Kara’s sex. Her long tongue slipped past the pink lips and into Kara’s pussy. The young girl gripped the expensive sheets and cried out. Her breathing was heavy and uneven, her legs were only kept apart by Macha’s hands but the Eldar was struggling against her pet’s strong thighs. All of Macha’s desire came out and she allowed herself to consume Kara. Her cries only made Macha hungrier. Macha took Kara’s hand and made her hold her by the tips of her long, pointed ears. ‘Stroke this, sweetie’ Macha ordered, breaking away from her feast for a moment.

Kara was confused at first but quickly understood when Macha began to moan while eating her out. She stroked Macha’s ears slowly, starting from the bottom and gently pulling them upwards. Every time is caused another moan of pleasure from the Eldar between her legs.

After Kara’s second climax she pulled her Eldar up and hungrily kissed all over her face. She was dizzy with endorphins and didn’t care she had lost her virginity to a sworn enemy of mankind. The woman she was kissing wasn’t a xeno and she wasn’t an enemy; she was the woman Kara had dreamed of and the woman she had secretly touched herself while thinking of. All those hidden desires and lonely nights were long gone now.

Macha was far beyond being polite to her pet now. She wanted something and she was going to do it. She took both of Kara’s wrists in her hand and pinned them to the bed above Kara’s head. Looking down on the adorable little face of her pet, Macha was filled with a renewed, hungering lust. She brought her body up the bed until her knees were either side of Kara’s head. The girl looked nervous but Macha gave her a reassuring look and a wink that seemed to calm her. Macha moved her body a little further forward and lowered her hips down onto Kara’s face. The girl was nervous and unsure at first but quickly her natural talent took over and had Macha moaning and grinding her hips in no time. Macha had to be careful not to smother her little pet by putting too much weight on her, but it was difficult when her mind was being taken over by ecstasy. She rocked back and forth, grinding her sex on Kara’s lips and chin. The girl underneath her had wrapped her arms around Macha’s thighs and eagerly licked and tongued her like a professional. Streaks of red hair clung to Macha’s sweaty brow and her heart thumped in her chest. Macha had faced death a thousand times and walked a hundred battlefields but none of that gave her same rush as a young Imperial girl.

As her climax built Macha found herself laughing out loud. She had heard the jokes of Macha the Ever-Virgin. The thousand year old woman no one wanted to bed. If only they could see her now. She couldn’t wait to see their faces when she showed up on the craftworld with a young imperial on her arm. Maybe she’d even put on a little show for them so they could see what her pet could do. The idea was interesting. Macha stroked her ears as she thought it over but before she could really give it much thought, her orgasm washed over and her mind was blanked. She cried out loud, speaking long verses and curses in her Eldar tongue. She sung praise of Kara, accidentally saying a few things which made her grateful her young pet could not speak the language.

Macha fell to the side, landing heavily on the bed. She curled into a ball, hugging herself as the residual tingling of a quaking climax faded. She cracked open her eyes and looked over at the messy face of her pet. At once Macha realised she had been a bit rough with the girl. Her mouth, cheeks and chin were covered in Macha’s liquid bliss, but Kara was smiling. Macha pulled her into a kiss, licking her face clean and whispering an apology.

‘I’m sorry, sweetie. Was I too rough?’

‘No, mistress. Well, maybe a li-little’ Kara blushed.

Macha kissed her again, rubbing her nose against Kara’s as the two of them giggled and wrapped their legs around each other. Kara stroked Macha’s long legs with her feet, running her soles up and down the smooth skin of her Eldar mistress.

‘Did you enjoy it?’ Macha asked, genuinely interested in her answer.

Kara thought for a moment, which made Macha nervous. ‘I did’ Kara eventually replied. ‘I enjoyed it a lot’.

Macha grinned widely. ‘Me too’.

Macha kissed her pet again, holding it for a long time. Eventually, when the heat of the moment had passed and the chill of the bedroom was once again felt, Macha pulled the thick duvet over the two of them. Holding Kara tightly with both arms, Macha kissed her pet along her neck and together they fell asleep.


‘I trust you were satisfied with your choice’ the inquisitor said.

‘Very’ replied Macha. ‘I have decided she will be accompanying me back to my vessel. I assume that will not be a problem’.

The inquisitor raised an eyebrow. ‘It shouldn’t be. I wish you both a safe journey’ he said, though Macha was doubtful he meant what he said about the safe journey. These inquisitors feigned trust but Macha was wise enough to know he was no ally. It just so happened their goals crossed at that time.


‘Come, sweetie’ Macha said with a smile.

She offered her hand to young Kara as she stepped out of the transport. Macha led her pet Imperial towards the hidden Eldar cruiser that would take them both far away from this quiet backwater planet. Kara was far from sad to see it go. A life in the Schola Progenium would most likely land her in the Imperial Guard or Adepta Soroitas, neither of which appealed to her. Besides, how could she fight for the Imperium when her heart lay in the hands of an Eldar? She would always be an Imperial, but her mind, body and soul were Macha’s.