Power Armour Creation Tables

This article presents a custom set of tables to create your own Power Armour from Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch Role-playing Game's Power Armour Chapter Creation Tables, allowing you to create your own, ancient Armour, albeit without in-game mechanics.

Armour OriginsEdit

What Mark is the Power Armour? (d20)
1-2 MKII - Crusade Armour: The oldest mark of power armour still in use, the owner is surely a veteran of countless conflicts.
3-5 MKIV - Maximus Armour: The first true advance in power armour technology.
6-7 MKV - Heresy Armour: A set of armour with a cursed backstory, these studded plates are still used by some Chapters.
8-10 MKVI - Corvus Armour: Named after the Primarch Corvus Corax, this mark is based on his grace and stealth.
11-17 MKVII - Aquila Armour: Tried and true, the Aquila Armour is used all over the galaxy.
18-19 MKVIII - Errant Armour: The newest mark of Power Armour, issued to officers and leaders.
20 Terminator Armour: The unstoppable heavy breakthrough armour of the Adeptus Astartes, this suit is issued to Veterans and used in the most dangerous situation.

What pattern of Terminator Armour is it? (d6) (Roll only if you rolled up Terminator Armour)
1 Cataphractii Armour: The heaviest personal armour used by the Adeptus Astartes, Cataphractii-pattern armour is more tank than suit. The only surviving examples are relics from the time of the Horus Heresy.
2 Tartaros Armour: A lighter version of the regular Terminator Armour, incorporating systems from the Mark IV Maximus pattern, used in missions where speed and mobility are key.
3-6 Indomitus Armour: The most common type of Terminator Armour still in use, this suit is resistant and workable in any situation.

What battle scars does the Armour have? (d20)
1 Blood of a Battle-brother: The armour bears the mark of the death of a comrade in arms, forever reminding the new owner of this tragedy.
2 Trophies of Battle: Embedded in the ceramite of the armour is remnants of battles and duels, telling the story of the previous owner.
3-4 Blood-soaked: Despite having been cleaned many times, blood always finds itself as plammages, telling of the armour's gruesome past.
5-6 Mark of Those Who Came Before: The insides of the armour is soaked light red with Marine blood.
6-9 Battered by War: The armour has unrepaired bullet holes, sears and scratches from previous warzones.
10-20 Pristine Condition: Fresh, undamaged and ready for war, the armour looks like it has just come from the Forges.

What stories are bound to the armour? (d10)
1 Warp Taint: The armour has felt the touch of the Ruinous Powers, and has a dark presence about it.
2 Hero's Shame: The previous owner was a renowned hero of the Chapter who failed at a critical moment, with dire consequences.
3-4 The Emperor's Finest: Having been worn by many Astartes who were held as paragons by their Chapters, the armour itself has become a symbol of salvation and purgation.
5 Undefeated: Whether because of the skill of its former wearers or a blessing of the Emperor, this armour has never seen defeat on the battlefield. The armour's machine spirit seems to know this, and bears itself with pride.
6-7 Lone Survivor: Owned by the last surviving member of a squad, this armour has seen incredible stress and heartfelt courage.
8-9 Pristine Condition: The spirit of a fallen hero seem to live in the circuitry of this armour, and guides the hand of the owner to greater deeds.
10 Unknown Provenance: A mysterious piece of armour, all records of its existence have been struck from the annals of the Chapter.

Armour DesignEdit

What mark has the artificers embedded in the armour? (d8)
1 Destroyed and Rebuilt: Completely ripped apart in a battle and later painstakingly rebuilt, this suit of armour has weak points and a mean streak a mile wide for those who killed the last owner.
2 Cannibalized: This armour has been heavily damaged and reassembled with parts originally taken from several other suits, and so looks quite cobbled together in comparison to the rank-and-file armours of the Chapter. The owner must learn to control the somewhat schizophrenic Machine Spirit.
3 Alien Parts Included: Pieces from other marks of power armour, like the advanced Errant Armour or the heretical Heresy Armour is incorporated into the armour, mechanically or otherwise, making the armour work differently than what it looks.
4 Overclocked Machine Spirit: The Machine Spirit of this armour is advanced and highly skilled, and uses its strengths to ensure the owner gets the most out of the armour, overworking servos and increasing hyper-sensitivity in the oculars. The armour's power plant tends to run hot as a result.
5 Crusader Marks: Having been used far beyond the reach of the Imperium, this armour has modifications made to bring the Emperor's light to the outskirts of the galaxy, such as advanced ceramite plates for dealing with different Xenos or heraldry from unique campaigns.
6 Ancient Heraldry: The spirit of ancient wars lies within this armour, maybe from the Horus Heresy or the Macharian Crusades, imbued in golden runes and old but well-kept and experienced machinery.
7 Reinforced: Heavily modified and rebuilt to be almost completely different from the Mark it was based on, this armour has been changed to withstand the tides of infidels and Xenos with extra plates, fortified ceramite mesh and strengthened servos.
8 Mastercrafted: Painstakingly crafted by artisans and the best Techmarines in the Chapter, this armour is the very definition of the might of the Imperium and is so well made, it could have been crafted during the Dark Age of Technology.

How does the Machine Spirit act? (d10)
1 Cower Not Before the Enemy: The Spirit within this armour is prideful, and the armour is adorned with myriad honours, sashes and other items of importance, and actively sabotages any attempt to hide from the enemy
2 None Shall Escape the Emperor's Wrath: The sensors within the armour scan tirelessly for new targets, analyzing the most efficient way to rid the world of the horrors that assail the Imperium. In return, the armour itself works on a slower level than normal, feeling more sluggish to use.
3 Scourge of the Impure: This Spirit is as much a crusader as its wearer, and is driven to rip apart any enemy standing before it. Reckless and brave, the armour assists the user to hit in the grind of melee, but is less accurate at range.
4 Death is Joy: The Machine Spirit of this armour is methodical and effecient, downing each enemy with calculated ease. Slowly, the wearer and the Spirit becomes one, the wearer adding his aggressive zeal to the cold calculations of the Spirit.
5 Fury as Lightning: While the Astartes Power Armour doesn't infer on the speed of the wearer, this Spirit increases it and makes the wearer speed ahead and dodge incoming blows with increased ease.
6 Strength of Legend: Like the Herculean legends of ancient Terra, this armour has a heroic and powerful Machine Spirit that makes sure every step and punch shakes the surroundings, and that no obstacle can stand against the overpowered servos of the armour.
7 Superhuman Terror: This suit of armour has a menacing aura about it, and weaker souls feel cowered behind the towering suit. The Spirit within revels in this fact, and relishes to make the enemies of man flee from its wrath.
8 Lead by Example: This Spirit has been shaped into a leader, and its armour is adorned with heraldry that inspires its comrades and strikes fear in the hearts of the enemy. Easily distinguished, this suit yearns to be in the middle of any battle, driving its Battle-brothers to further heroics.
9 Death from Afar: Some suits of power armour are made to rush into the heat of battle, but not this one: this Spirit has been inloaded with data-fragments that makes it ideal at balancing heavy ordnance and light bolter alike, losing next to no accuracy while plodding menacingly towards the enemy.
10 Never Forgive, Never Forget: The Spirit within this armour is a vengeful one, forever waiting to be able to fight the enemy of which grudges are written on the plates of the armour. Upon receiving the suit, the Astartes and Spirit soon learns to combine their drive to further stack pain on the enemies of Man.

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Lastly, add a name, colours, and Chapter, and you're ready to release your special snowflake piece of armour into the world.

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