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Poison'd is a RPG about pirates, authored by Vincent Baker and published by lumpley games. The game is notable in that it departs from the typical swashbuckling, idealised vision of pirates as perpetrated by Pirates of the Caribbean and goes instead for a more "realistic" tone. Your pirates rape, backstab, plunder and curse, and how badly your soul has fallen to the Devil's side is part of the mechanics (which resembles Vincent's other games a lot).

The game gained infamy on RPG.net after a report was posted of a session in which PC pirates cut off a cabin boy's head and fucked his esophagus. The players supposedly obtained a mechanical benefit from this, vis a vis the "losing your soul" to the Devil, and many outraged posters focused on this point, contending the game "encouraged" players to do horrible shit; a few minutes' worth of probing the rules makes it clear that there are many such possible ways to harden one's spirit mechanically, that such hardening is not solely a benefit, and that the choice of action said more about the playtester than the game itself. Rumours that this session was attended by Vincent Baker were similarly proven untrue, and resulted from the confusion of the session in question with the first official playtest.

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