Planes & Mercs

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Planes & Mercs
Top-down turn-based air combat RPG published by
No. of Players 2+
First Publication Late 2010

Holy shit, Planes & Mercs!

Planes & Mercs is a play-by-post system for simulating air combat in modern fighter planes. It uses a 1d10 roll-under system for everything other than shooting guns or missiles, which are roll-over. Battle maps are free-form and use measured distances and bearings rather than grids or cardinal directions. Game turns are broken up into Movement, Actions and Shooting. Players move their planes during Movement, perform actions such as locking onto a target or breaking a lock against them during Actions, and shoot any guns or missiles they have during Shooting.

The majority of play is on the official Planes & Mercs forum, using Dicelog to authenticate rolls. The occasional game has been run in real life by long-time players, but most games are still play-by-post.


Firestorm is currently the main campaign setting for Planes & Mercs. Set in the near future where a global financial collapse has forced countries to disband their costly millitaries in favour of mercenary troops, players assume the role of a fighter pilot working for one of the air-based PMCs. There are various sub-settings within Firestorm that have their own GM and house rules, each corresponding to a war-torn part of the world (the Congo, Iran, Syria, etc).

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