Plague Fleet

Plague Fleet
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Death Guard
Warband Leader Typhus
Base of Operations Fleet-based
Strength Unknown
Specialty Biological warfare, space combat
Allegiance Nurgle
Colours Green and rusty iron

The Plague Fleet is the largest warband of Chaos Space Marines hailing from the Death Guard Legion. Lead by Typhus, the fleet is quite sizable, hailing at 2 battleships and 3 heavy cruisers, supported by five cruiser squadrons and twelve escort squadrons, all "blessed" by the gifts of Nurgle. Additionally, the Plague Fleet also has a massive number of Death Guard Plague Marines and Chaos Terminators from the Grave Wardens, most of which hail from the First Company, which followed Typhus into heresy when he was First Captain.

The Plague Fleet was also a major supporting element of the 13th Black Crusade, and was the first to encounter Imperial forces. Like Typhus, they've largely abandoned their Primarch Mortarion, instead following Typhus' orders. However, they rejoined the Legion when the Death Guard invaded Ultramar after the Indomitus Crusade.

Known shipsEdit

  • Terminus Est: The former battlebarge of the Death Guard's First Company and flagship of Typhus. Notable for not being part of a standard STC pattern, but a unique design dating back to the Dark Age of Technology. By M41 the ship has been so exposed to the Warp it is alive in almost every sense of the word.
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