Part time shroom-munching Walter White in a Grinch costume. Full time dinosaur-riding Steve Irwin in a Jolly Green Giant costume.

A sort-of leader for the Feral Orks and are found only in Feral Ork tribes.

Pigdoks are rarely seen on the battlefield despite their significant importance and there has been very little if no artwork on them despite being responsible in constructing many of the Awesome shit like Gargantuan Squiggoths and Orkeosauruses.

Due to their shamanistic role and overall importance, the death of a Pigdok would usually spell doom to the overall cohesion of a Feral Ork tribe, they are that important.


A Pigdok is a type of Ork Oddboy and is a strange combination of Mad Dok/Painboy and Mekboy, although not as skilled as either are individually, they possess a good mixture of both of these Oddboyz. Pigdoks are essentially your Walter White and is responsible for most of the hallucinogenic drugs being made and used for rituals within the Feral Ork circle. So think of Pigdoks as your local witch doctor or in more modern societies, your local weed seller who sells the 'good stuff' at an absurd price.

They also practice some form of animal husbandry with the local wildlife such as Squiggoths, who provides them with a certain mixture of feeding mixture of varied qualities depending on how skilled the Pigdok is. They also tend the Warboars that are ridden to battle by the primitive Boarboyz as the tribe's crude but often effective heavy cavalry units. A Pigdok's main use in battle is to increase the ferocity of the various beasts that Feral Orks take to war by doping them with a wide spectrum of noxious concoctions, a service the Pigdok often extends to some of his fellow Orks while he is at it. So yeah, Pigdoks are everything at once and are of critical importance of Feral Ork society.

It is not known what happens to the Pigdok once a Feral Ork tribe is absorbed by their space-faring cousins. Although chances are they will be some sort of elevated position due to their overall importance in taking care of the larger Squiggoth species.

They maintain a fierce rivalry with Boiler Boyz.

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