Paladins of Kor

The Paladins of Kor
Battle Cry Unity through sacrifice!
Number X
Successor Chapters Few
Primarch Anders Kor
Homeworld Cydonia
Allegiance Kor Protectorate
Colours Paladins Armor.png

"This Protectorate will be my legacy. We will not bend the knee to any tyrant; brother or no."

-Anders Kor

The Paladins of Kor are the defenders of all innocents within their borders. When they come to the aid of those in need, they march forward under blazing artillery fire and cut the enemy down with expert swordsmanship alongside any allies willing to fight back against their aggressors. When the galaxy is calm, they stay inside the progressive-but-insular Kor Protectorate and maintain the peace against the close-minded Loyalists and the more malicious of the Chaos worshipers. All peaceful peoples are welcome within their borders, whether xeno, heretic, or human.


Summary of Legion XEdit

Numeration: The Xth Legion

Primogenator: Anders Kor

Cognomen (Prior): The Shields of Terra

Observed Strategic Tendencies: Massive infantry assault supported by artillery and allied forces.

Noteworthy Domains: Attila, Cydonia, Kobali

Allegiance: Kor Protectorate


Cydonia is the capital of the Kor Protectorate, and a beacon of hope to those who wish to coexist peacefully. When Anders Kor and the Paladins of Kor relocated the refugees of the Battle of Terra, Cydonia was chosen as the best place to start fresh. The sparsely-populated ocean world had all of the space needed for the people of the largest hive-world in the galaxy to live, and the waters were filled with enough food to feed a campaign across the segmenutm twice over. Anders and the newly formed Council of Determination had the refugees living on the Paladins of Kor's fleet for 3 years before construction of the hives was complete enough for them to be habitable, and when the people were settled in Cydonia could truly be considered a home.

Legion TacticsEdit

The Paladins of Kor are partial to attempting negotiation before any active combat commitment begins, but if conflict is unavoidable then things will escalate quickly. Once on the ground, the Paladins will scout and probe at the enemy's positions under cover of relentless artillery fire. If the enemy can whether the initial bombardment, the marines will then charge the enemy with their close-combat weapons and cut down the survivors with surprising ferocity. But this is only if the Paladins fight alone. In most engagements, the Paladins of Kor will find allies from the local area to assist them, making up for any areas the Legion may be lacking in and fighting in near-perfect harmony. Even when they are supported, however, the Paladins fight in a style called "Independent Focus". Each individual Paladin will enter a semi-psychic and hyper-focused state of mind in which they are they perceive themselves as only one fighting the enemy, trusting that the men they fight alongside will be able to accomplish their own objectives. This may seem like a very risky way to fight, and it is, but incredibly even while unaware of the presence of another Paladin they still manage to save each other's lives instinctually deflecting blows that would otherwise cut down their comrades. It is through years of disciplined training that a marine will be able to do this, and while the effects are almost imperceptible when fighting alone, when operating in a fireteam or squad the results are extraordinarily amplified to the point of being able to cause adverse side effects including but not limited to the complete separation of muscle from bone in the Paladins in question.

Legion OrganizationEdit

The Paladins of Kor are unorthodox in the way their Legion is composed. While the same basic structure of all of the Legions is still in place, the Paladins have an additional force known as the Errants. These wandering Paladins are made up of deserters of the other Legions, both Loyalist and Chaotic, and their job is to go outside of the Kor Protectorate's borders to assist people in need. While the main Legion stays within the Protectorate, these brave men go wherever they are needed to help the people of the galaxy. Sightings have been reported in every Crusader state, as well as withing the Hunting Grounds of the I forget, the Dark Imperium, and even the Warp itself. They perform a duty considered sacred to the Legion, but despite their sacrifices are not considered full members unless they die in their quest to make the galaxy a better place. This means that they receive no support from the Paladins once they leave the Protectorate, and must acquire resources in the field. This also allows the less noble of them to do as they please without the Legion knowing, resulting in some Errant Paladins "falling" and becoming what the other Errant call "Blackguard". Blackguard give themselves over wholly to their dark side, raiding and pillaging to their hearts content. Many of them also begin to practice Chaos worship, something prohibited to Paladins of Kor. This leads to some proclaiming the entire Legion has fallen, which itself leads to many tense situations and sometimes the unfortunate deaths of non-Chaotic Errant Paladins.

Legion HistoryEdit

The Great CrusadeEdit

After Anders Kor was found, he immediately set to work in making the Paladins of Kor (formally the Shields of Terra) secure the interior of the Imperium. While the Crusade sought to expand the borders, there were still a multitude of threats to humanity that were either missed or overlooked. For many years, the Paladins fought against Ork hordes that had once been defeated, but returned to pillage the "defenseless" worlds left behind by Anders' crusading brothers. When these defensive actions neared the head of the Crusade, the Paladins would often fight alongside the Angels of Light, Undying Scions, Judgement Bringers, and the Knights Exemplar. Anders and Alexios built a friendly relationship because of their similar ideals, and would often go out of their ways to see each other if they were operating in the same area.

The Grand BetrayalEdit

Captain Bannroud Tenriel and his 1st Terminator Unit were present when Milvious Garron of the Silver Spears killed INSERT LOYALIST in their duel during the Tournament. When the traitors began to fight the loyalists, Tenriel and his Terminators fought through the Eyes that had come from the stands behind them, and escaped the arena under heavy artillery fire from the Judgement Bringers with considerable losses. The vessel they arrived on, the Distributor of Flame was engaged by the traitor's fleet, but managed to pick up the Paladins and jump out of the system.

Upon arriving at Derminius, Bannruod informed Anders Kor of the heinous actions of the traitorous forces. To the utter disbelief of Tenrriel, Kor did not condemn the actions of his brothers, nor did he take up arms against them. Instead he reasoned that the traitors must have valid reasons to fight against the Imperium, and that it would be foolish to act against them. Seeing this as completely unreasonable Tenriel took his remaining Terminators and left Derminius, raging at the decision of his Primarch. Tenriel would later found the Guardians of the Apocalypse chapter of Space Marines and leave the Protectorate entirely.

During the HeresyEdit

While the Paladins of Kor took a stance of neutrality, that does not mean they were inactive. Anders Kor took part in innumerable civilian evacuation actions across the galaxy in order to lessen the impact of the heresy on the general population. Many times they were fired upon by the forces of both sides, and were forced to kill and be killed by their brothers. It is during this time period that Anders and Alexios had a falling-out.

The Battle of TerraEdit

Anders and the Paladins of Kor are present during the Battle of Terra. They take it upon themselves to move the citizens of Terra to the Paladin fleet in order to leave before the traitors and loyalists begin fighting, but unfortunately the battle erupts midway into the evacuation. This leads to many battles and heavy casualties, both Paladin and civilian, and Kor is forced to retreat before more lives are lost. The Emperor calls to the Paladins of Kor to leave the civilians and aid in his fight with the Warmaster, but Anders ignores the orders and leaves both Terra and the Emperor to their fate. The consequences of this abandonment would echo throughout the Imperium.


In the years after the Fall of Terra and the death of the Emperor, the Paladins of Kor travel to the Galactic East in search of peace and isolation. It is hard to feed the refugees, and so the Paladins travel a great distance to find a world that is suitable. During this journey the fleet is harassed by the forces of Chaos and loyalists alike, either out of anger for letting the Emperor die or to please the Gods of the Warp. After approximately 100 years pass, the planet of Cydonia is found among the Eldar Exodite worlds. Habitation is built, infrastructure established, and eventually the planet becomes the seat of a new galactic power.

The Kor ProtectorateEdit


The Kor Protectorate is run by the Council of Determination. The council is made up of 3 representatives from every world, one military, one administrative, and one civilian. The council meets once every 10 standard years to discuss issues, unless something of great importance happens. If something major does occur, the council will be summoned immediately. It is the job of the council to create and institute laws concerning the general population, as well as make the decision to go to war with another Crusader State (something that has only happened on one occasion, the [I forget]th Crusade, which resulted in the death of Alexios the White at Anders Kor's hand).


The LawbringersEdit

Badass Space Cowboys that kill Chaos.

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