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"when an Owl and a bear love each other very much..."

"you get an Owlbear"

An Owlbear is what you get when some bored (or very drunk) wizard combines a bear and an owl, and they have been a staple Dungeons & Dragons monster since the first edition. Although they look very cute, plushy, and lovable, they are in fact purebred killers. Once you walk up to one for a hug, you will be immediately improved grabbed and mauled with cuteness until you expire. It's like that one episode of Spongebob where Squidward gets attacked by a sea bear (several times). They WILL fuck your shit up.

Not as dangerous as the fearsome Ducksnake, or the dreaded Manbearpig.

If someone asks for the stats of a non-/tg/ character, expect someone to paste the D&D 3.5 owl bear stats.

Some try to make Owlbears scarier by making the name "the best description for a rare, fucked up looking monster", similar to the various mythical beasts like the Chimera or Sphinx, or various cryptids.

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