Orgomancer: The Dickening is a roleplaying and card game wherein you play an Orgomancer, a person who uses Orgone Energy accrued through having sex with things, and must repel a Monstergirl invasion.

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A vile force of monsters is attacking the universe. They manipulate the orgone energies of the world. Thankfully, when they first reached this world, some were comparatively friendly, and so some humans learned the secret or Orgomancy. That's you: Through Orgomancy, you can work great magics, and you can bind monsters to your will through vigorous sexual intercourse. You are charged with using this power to drive the monsters away. Like all things in the world, this power comes with a price: Aspiring Orgomancers need to remain virginal until their 30th year, while subjecting their bodies to at least a decade of vigorous training and discipline. Since the average human has a long sexual career to look back on by this age, the number of potential adepts was extremely small during the first two generations of the campaingn. As a result, humanity's role in the world has become an increasingly small one... until today.


The system uses a number of ordinary six-sided dice. To resolve an action, roll dice equal to the rank you have in a relevant Attribute. Add the results of each die together to determine what number you get. If the number is higher than the Difficulty, you succeed. When opposing the action of someone else, if the person who rolls the higher number succeeds.


Attributes are rated from one to five, as in other games such as World of Darkness or Dungeons: the Dragoning. The stats are as follows:

  • Charisma
  • Wits (includes Manipulation)
  • Intelligence (research, make orgone-fueled items)
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Endowment
  • Orgonomics (amount of power you can channel)
  • Gnosis (adeptness at using your power)


In addition to your attributes, you have two pools of points. The maximum for these pools is determined based on your attributes, and the number of points in those pools raises or lowers during play.

  • Orgone Pool: Orgone x 5 + Endowment + Charisma
  • Health Levels: Constitution x 5 + Strength


To attack, roll Dexterity. The opposing character also raises dexterity to resist. Whoever roll higher succeeds in attacking, and then rolls strength. The loser of the Dexterity roll loses Health equal to the result of the Strength roll.

When one individual is reduced to 0 or less health, the individual is considered helpless until it reaches a positive Health score. Any other character may choose to kill the helpless individual, to initiate sex, or do anything else to the helpless character.


You have a Deck, composed of all of the Cards your character has. Each turn, you draw cards until you have as many cards in your Hand as your Magery score. To play a card, pay its Orgone cost. If it is a Summon card, the creature comes into play under your control. If it is a Spell card, the effect listed on the card occurs.


Each character rolls Endowment. The difference between the two values is subtracted from the Orgone Pool of the character who rolled the lower value, and added to that of the character who rolled higher.

When a Monster is reduced to 0 or less Orgone, it becomes a card. When a human is reduced to 0 or less Orgone, he or she orgasms, and becomes helpless.