Orc Stain

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Orc Stain is a comicbook created by the artist James Stokoe, who is known for his extremely elaborate pictures that heavily utilize a mix of warm and cool colors to create visually striking palettes. It follows the adventures of a group of characters including an Orc veteran, a Nymph Witch, and a Samurai rabbit (no, not THAT samurai rabbit) along with the Nymph's companion (who resembles living hair) in a world obsessed with penises. It makes much less sense than it sounds, yet is far more awesome than you can imagine.


The SettingEdit

In the world of Orc Stain, everything is alive. Want a can of beer? The can is alive, you kill it by popping the top and drink it's insides. Want to store your valuables in a vault? The vault is alive, you have to kill it to open it. Want to drive around in a tank? The cockpit is inside it's skull, and the gearshifts are needles poking in it's brain. Not only is everything alive however, but all life is either resigned to their fate/unaware or uncaring about it, or is designed to kill or manipulate other life in horrifying ways. Most life is sapient and capable of speech, including the unborn fetuses of birds who's eggs are prematurely hatched. Eyes, snouts, and mouths are a natural part of the landscape and almost every suitable building material comes from an organic source.


Let's get the Orc and Ork references out of the way now, Stokoe is a big fan of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000.

Orcs are a race of humanoids with only the male gender, which reproduce asexually. Orcs come in a large number of varieties and skin tones, with a range of intellects ranging from morons who cannot speak in complete sentences or do much other than physical labor and nothing with a degree of competency to absolute genii and civilized beings (who still hearken to their more primitive natures when pressed however).

Orcs have varying degrees of sophistication; from ninja Orcs to Orcs that make giant living tanks to Orcs that run trading posts.


Orc culture is based on the penis. Yes, the penis. Called "Gronches", Orcs reproduce when their "Gubbin tubs" (testicles) generate a "Jazzum Spore" (a sentient plant-like organism) which painfully bursts from the Gronch of the Orc. The Jazzum Spore flies away to find a place to root itself and suck nutrients from the soil, while growing until it becomes a Thrall Sack which contains approximately twenty-five Orc embryos that gestate until fully grown and emerge from the vagina-like entrance of the Thrall Sack with basic knowledge such as language. Orc warlords use newborn Orcs as redshirt soldiers for their armies, as they lack the knowledge or personality to disobey or seek anything higher in life. Those who escape such a fate develop personalities and become civilized (sometimes). Default Orc language is fairly low class speech and comes in a variety of accents.

Despite asexually reproducing, Orcs seek pleasure through sex with another race of their planet, the Nymphs. Also animals, and sometimes each other. Or holes in the ground. Anything really.

Gronches are also used as currency by Orcs. By removing the Gronch of another Orc, it becomes a valuable trade commodity. Intelligent Orcs will take care to preserve Gronches which increases their value, slicing them into flat coins called "Chits" while the head is cut into two "Chuggets". The larger the Gronch, the higher the value. Obviously the Orc who loses his Gronch can no longer take pleasure by fucking things. Orcs who's Gronch are removed become extremely violent, and the rest of their life is dedicated to a "Poxa Gronka" or the pursuit of vengeance. A large and otherwise civilized community of Orcs can still revert into a violent and wholly destructive mob when a single Orc steps into town and says the word "Poxa Gronka".


Blue-skinned, winged, and exclusively female humanoids. There is currently little info available on nymphs, although they often behave as prostitutes and girlfriends to Orcs capable of providing luxuries in exchange for sex, and in the past and possibly present organized into small bands of toxin-utilizing guerrilla fighters during a very Vietnam-inspired war between two groups of Orcs.

The StoryEdit