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Expect PROMOTIONS and possible mental scarring. Also rape.
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Oglaf is a fantasy comic that started as attempt to make porn but it almost instantly became a comedy instead.

The reason this webcomic is notable to the denizens of /tg/ is that it takes place in a fantasy world that works as though it were a campaign setting run by a /d/M. It has an ensemble cast, though the "main" character, Ivan, is an apprentice to a sorceress who rules an empire as a skimpy evil-overlord through brutality, very sexy brutality. However that story line seems abandoned.

It can be found here.

Content Warning

Recurring AdventurersEdit

  • Ivan the Slut: Last seen in the hands of the Yuan-Ti Nurses after going on his first magical adventure. Rest In Peace, you're not actually dead.
  • Kronar the Barbarian: A mighty and powerful warrior, feared for his prowess with sword and cock. Born to a race of gay barbarians who breed only with one another to keep their line free of "woman's taint." Gave birth to a daughter, to his initial shame, though he later accepted her as his son when the newborn infant killed a bunch of wolves with her bare fucking hands.
  • Vanka of Brogoria & Friends: A bodacious, curly-haired thief who goes around fucking the guardians of ancient temples in order to loot their treasures during the post-coitus glow, and her band of merry sluts who alternate between using sex to steal treasure and having sex for pleasure. Replace sex with killing for their 3rd-most enjoyed activity.
  • Greir: A mercenary adventurer sometimes nicknamed 'Stiffy the Joyless.' One of the most competent murderhobos in the comic, she is strengthened by her inability to perceive or enjoy "fun."
  • Morrag the Immortal: Blessed with immortality for all eternity by the dead god Sithrak, Morrag possesses a great body of experience earned in her centuries of monster-hunting, demon-slaying, and god-killing. Unfortunately, the last god she faced ripped her head from her body and consumed the rest, leaving Morrag a bodyless head. What will happen when she meets the last two clerics of Sithrak is anyone's guess.

Recurring NPCsEdit

  • Sorceress
  • The Labyrinth King
  • The Dwarves
  • Sandoval, the Xoan Ambassador
  • Lizard of Guilt: A tribute presented to the Sorceress by one of her many subjects. Directly responsible for the "death" of Ivan the apprentice.
  • "Doctor" Navaan: A vampire thief turned "doctor" who treats most of her patients with leeches (to suck their blood) and sex. One of the wackier characters in a wacky comic, Navaan seems to spend a lot of time with the Monks of Luck, either fucking them while drinking their blood or using them in hare-brained medical scams.
  • Monks of Luck: The world was created by chance, thus Chance is the ultimate God. So goes the logic behind the Monks of Luck, which seems to be made up entirely of beardless boys who are easily decieved and rather lucky.
  • Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer: Two clerics of Sithrak, a skull-faced God. Their holy text is Sithrak's angsty teenage diary, The Book of Dismay, written with the blood of his enemies on the skins of his friends. They firmly believe that Sithrak hates all people, alive or dead, unconditionally. Life may suck, but it get's even worse after.
  • Mistertique