Nuclear war


Nuclear War is a Card Game about well, nuclear war, players each have a hand of cards and a queue of cards face down on the table. Each turn a player draws a card and places another one face down, revealing the card furthest in the queue....... unless they draw a secret, if they do, they have to call out that they have a secret, players with spies in their hand can then choose if they want to steal the secret, but be careful, some secrets hurt the player who holds it, if no one takes the card, then it is played and the effect is activated. If it is taken, when the turn for the guy who took it comes around, he has to repeat the process from before. Along with their hands, each player has a population pile. The goal is to wipe out the population of every other player, while this sounds like a shitty last man standing game it actually turns out to be rather entertaining as players can lie to each other or steal from each other.