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Nippon is the Japan analogue of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe. It is near Cathay.

Here the Skaven learned how to be ninjas. Except that they learned to be ninjas in Cathay.

This is literally everything we know about Nippon.

There are two known characters from Nippon: The Red Ronin and Lady Katsui, who lives in Marienburg. According to End Times, they've got the best fleet ever, but they don't do shit with it. It's the best fucking fleet in the world. That's right, not druchii black arks or asur dragonships, fucking Yamato-Class Battleships.

Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné went there once. Probably. If she exists. Honestly this wouldn't be worth mentioning except that we don't know shit about Nippon so it's like 5% of what we know.

There is also an autistic, weeaboo fan-made armybook for it with Oni, Lightning spewing dragons, ninjas and Samurai monks. The Norse armybook is better though, it would be even better if it weren't based on outdated, contradictory fluff.

Also, "Nippon" is literally the Japanese word for "Japan", because of course.

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