Necron Dynasty

A Necron Dynasty is a social division of the Necrontyr Empire, consisting of a ruling family (the actual dynasty, and the source of the dynasty's name) and the associated courts, lesser nobles, and serfs. When the Necrontyr were upgraded into Necrons, the Dynasties were retained and used as military divisions, enforced by the command protocols implanted in the biotransference process.



Each Dynasty is ruled by a Phaeron, who has a Royal Court of Crypteks and Overlords to advise him and to whom he can delegate tasks. Each Overlord rules a small collection of Tomb Worlds that belong to the Dynasty, and has a court of Crypteks and Lords, the latter of whom rule a single world each. The Lords may have courts of their own, consisting of even lesser nobles who may oversee particular aspects of a Tomb World's operation or its forces, and so on down the layers of nobility. Even the most minor nobles keep a few unusually bright Immortals or other servants on hand, though at this point the court is not very "Royal" at all.

The actual titles used vary from Dynasty to Dynasty (and even among the Houses within a Dynasty), though some are common across all Dynasties. For example, the overall commander on a battlefield will be called "nemesor".


Each Dynasty has a glyph used to mark nobles and vehicles belonging to the Dynasty. The most senior nobles bear the full mark, while lesser nobles and their war machines may only bear a part of it. Warriors and Immortals are not considered worthy of the honor of being marked by a house, being completely interchangeable and almost totally expendable -- they only get the Ankh of the Triarch and, optionally, may be painted in the colors of their house.

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Minor DynastiesEdit

  • Nekthyst Dynasty: A bunch of dishonorable dicks.
  • Khansu Dynasty: One of the few Dynasties which fully rejected the biotransference and revolted, minus a minor prince who the C'tan promoted to Phaeron. Because of this the Dynasty was used as cannon fodder during the War in Heaven until only the Phaeron remained.
  • Altymhor Dynasty: One of the few Necrons that keep non-necron slaves.
  • Charnovokh Dynasty: The ones that awoke to Tyranids rudely gnawing at their tombworlds.
  • Ogdobekh Dynasty: Good pals with the Crypteks, which helped most of their technology and war-machines survive the Great Sleep.
  • Novokh Dynasty: The ones that use the Galaxy's meat-races as face paint and blow up moons.
  • Nephrekh Dynasty: Photosynthesise gold from sunlight and are above all grossly incandescent.

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On the tabletop, a Dynasty is like a Space Marine Chapter: each has its own characters and color schemes, and with the advent of the 8e Codex, <DYNASTY> specific rules and abilities apply depending on your chosen characters and units.

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