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Nahiri, the Lithomancer is a Kor Zendikari who along with Ugin and Sorin, trapped the Eldrazi on her own plane.

Have you ever wondered how you could drive a white mage to destroy your plane (and by extension, every sentient creature that lives on it and cant escape) in an act of revenge? Well Sorin managed to find the answer. If you want to do it too, here's a step by step guide on how he did it:

  1. Be her mentor and make her consider you her friend and ally (you can't make someone feel betrayed if they didn't trust you after all)
  2. Put that mage's world at risk, with her consent, by re-assuring her you'd come to her aid if problems occur.
  3. Accidentally not receiving the mage's call for aid due to an oversight in a security measure that you set up to protect your own plane
  4. Flat out reneging on the agreement when the oversight is discovered
  5. Tell her you don't owe her jack-shit and that you just wanted her to be your puppet. Also call her a child after she declares she now considers herself your equal. That last part probably isn't necessary, but you never know.
  6. Don't kill her even though you have the chance. She's not willing to destroy your plane yet after all. Instead, 'mercifully' trap the mage for over 1000 fucking years with nothing but her thoughts in your special demon-containment device, forcing her to nurture her grudge to stay sane.
  7. Let her get accidentally freed from your demon-containment device
  8. Allow her to conclude her world is doomed from what you were explicitly supposed to protect it, which she couldn't defend herself, because you trapped her.

Congratulations, you now have a White Mana planeswalker with stone-shaping magic so unbelievably pissed that she will use her powers to erect magical totems that will draw the Eldrazi to your plane, resulting in the devastation of the angels you created to keep humanity from being wiped out by gluttonous vampires and ravening monsters, and the near-extinction of everything. Great job, jackass.

If she hadn't gone mad, Avacyn and Nahiri could probably have a good talk about their respective daddy issues.

In GameEdit

Nahiri has had a decent collection of 3 Planeswalker cards thus far.

Her Core Set 2014 card, "Nahiri, the Lithomancer", can create 1/1 white soldiers and attach an equipment to them for +2. For -2, she takes an equipment from your hand or graveyard and throws it into the game without you having to pay its mana, and finally, if you can get her to the point where you can afford to pay a whooping 10 loyalty, she can create an indestructible equipment artifact that gives +5/+5 and double strike and costs nothing to equip! For 5 total mana, Nahiri should be in any white equipment-based deck. Too bad it's illegal in almost everything. Can still be your commander, though.

Her Shadows over Innistrad card, "Nahiri, the Harbinger", is more about getting the right cards and control. Like before, it's white, but with a red mana in there, likely because she's fucking pissed. Like before, she has a +2, a -2 and a slightly cheaper than before -8. Her +2 lets you discard a card and draw a card, allowing you to get ahold of those precious specific cards. It says you may do this as well, so it's good to activate even if you wanna keep all your cards. Her -2 allows you to exile an enchantment, or a tapped artifact or creature. Finally, her -8 lets you pick an artifact or creature from your deck, throw it onto the board with haste for one turn, and then take it back to your hand.

"Nahiri, Storm of Stone" from War of the Spark is a bit of a downgrade, like most minor planes walkers in that story. As long as it's your turn, she gives your creatures first strike and your equipments cost 1 less mana to activate. She can also deal X damage to a tapped creature for -X, but only has 6 loyalty, and no way to increase it. Useful if you're the aggressive sort, we suppose. Would've been more useful if there was any equipment in the set.

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